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Quote from iCaL* on the 11th of September 2011:
@Shock20. You obviously have a very low intellect, either that or your blind. Learn to read.

your site is shit and a waste of time.
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Guys this is not a troll thread, he is just trying to start something he believes is beneficial. Just give him a best of luck and unsubscribe from thread.
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iCaL, I don't know you, and I also don't know anyone else on this thread, as I don't even play counterstrike, just like to browse forums
But from what I can see from viewing this thread only, is that iCaL seems willing to and has put a lot of time into this, and if he was a hacker, it looks like he's learnt from his mistakes, and seems to want to work extremely hard on this website. If it works, which it should with the right amount of persistence, then I think that it would be a great addition to the game.
Basically, if you don't think it's a good idea, then there's no need to make harsh accusations which may/may not be true, and not even worth it unless backed up with evidence.
BoL with your website iCaL, I hope it all works out for you.
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@-Dusk. I love people like you. If the world were filled with people like -Dusk the world would definately be a better place!
Also thanks for your support mate! I really want this to work out, I am sick and tired of the cheaters in 1.6 and I rarely play source but they are in there aswell. I just don't want CS: GO to turn out to be the same, I want to know when I play that every single person I am playing with is legit and isn't using any cheats. It's alot more fun that way.

Thanks again mate!

iCaL* (gotBUSTED? Administrator).
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Sounds good and its always great to have more people watching out for the community, however as Cybergamer maintains its own anti-cheat panel import bans will always come down to our discretion following a secondary review.

I do wish that all the organisations can work together to try an maintain a cheat free community. I do hope you are able to maintain a copy of every demo as with AusPB they had them on gmail accounts AFAIK which made some difficult to track down
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what happened to the match create project?!

It looked so promising and i was looking forward to it becoming popular.
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@defcoN. Thanks for the support buddy! I hope it works out!
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Quote from jakr on the 8th of September 2011:
Quote from Andyz0r on the 8th of September 2011:
Quote from scream on the 8th of September 2011:
just a warning, wouldn't trust this guy, bought a new steamid and changed alias because he was a known cs 1.6 cheat, he will constantly deny.
gl hf

Being the developer & a demo reviewer for the cheatyG website, I can confirm that this guy is a cheat and has gone through many accounts (denies it).
100% would not trust

Quote from iCaL* on the 8th of September 2011:
@whitestar2h. CheatyG hasn't been active for some time now. Also we are not including any ban list, the database will start fresh and clean (maybe a few legits on the list).
Starting "fresh" because you had many accounts listed as cheat?
Confirm with Andyz0r
@ iCaL / Luke
First up not only does a small part of the community know you, But for all the wrong reasons.
That's common knowledge, and you still make me laugh
This guy should not be trusted.

I laugh at how apparently you have a 100mbps connection ( i don't think Wantirna gets that ADSL brah )
I laugh at how you both same the same ( As listed in yours and Blazed's / iCal's steam profile )
I don't really care its just you keep poping up.. Please cease

Oh and btw he came 13th out of 200 at the parra 1.6 WCG apparently ...wd

Yours Lovingly.
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He makes pointless threads in order to gain reputation, this is the second website project hes announced on CG, none will ever lift off.
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lolwhat when I went to sign up for your site, it said I had already created an account.

tried logging in, said password was wrong.

sent a reset password, and logged in.

thing is, ive never even been on/registered/herd of this site before, so...

What?!?! O:
4.9 years ago
let the thread die!
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Quote from iCaL* on the 9th of September 2011:
Well when certain people spread rumours that are not true, and ask their mates to aswell, some fools believe it. Also it

treat it like this. Any publicity about this is good publicity. I think the site will be a success

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