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Hey guys and gals,
Vague Designs are looking at hiring a manager, designer and/or animator to help keep Vague Designs running smoothly over the coming months/years.

Vague Designs is a well know, rapidly expanding business with clients in Malaysia, Australia, US and also the UK. We are recognized in all of these areas for our works in the design and animation field, along with web development. We currently sponsor several teams including Zenith Gaming, Parallel Gaming, Must Be Wheat, Emphatic Gaming and Here to Stay, along with sponsoring events such as the "RushLAN" events in North Queensland.

In regards to what we're looking for in a manager is someone who is able to take charge of situations when required. They also need to have people management and people skills, along with being able to communicate effectively with clients and other Vague Designs' personnel.
For designers, we're looking for people who know what they're doing and have some form of experience under their belt and are able to show us their previous work that they've done.
Animators will need to have experience in some form of editing/animating software. i.e. Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects etc. and are (once again) able to show us their previous work for review.

More details and an application form will be provided to all applicants when prompted. Please express your interest in a position by PMing myself or emailing

Thank you and good luck,
Dan Wiggins.

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