NZ Blain
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4.8 years ago
Teams: Mindfreak.RAZER vs Effectz
Score: 15 - 9 (Mindfreak.RAZER's way)
Date: 8:00pm Wednesday the 10th of August 2011
Map: Karachi
CyberGamer Competition: Modern Warfare 2: Pay to Play League - View Match Details

Bartel. // Benjos // Blain // Denz // Fallen // Wild


Delish // Friskk // Hasheyy // Jml // Ml219 // Pokid

Mindfreak rushed for the plant, however we baited them with given skills from the frenchayy. Effectz got dommed.
Denz carrying the score board from the bottom.

Mindfreak take out Knife round.

First Half

Mindfreak choosing to take attack out of the blue.

Starting of with confidence behind our backs; Hitting up B constantly pulling rounds every so often, most of it was round for round with effectz grabbing a few extra rounds from some awesome plays.
Scores: 7 - 5 Effectz's way

SPOILER: Click to view

Second Half

Bartel gets on after a fap session...
With some successful Strats and nade spots for this side, we had it in the bag.

With Effectz starting to rush B and trying to constantly hit into Mindfreak's defence line it was looking all high and mighty for them, however with some lucky defuses,clutch's and comeback's mindfreak still stayed on top... with the help of denz being a mad cunt and going awfffff. - Fallen getting a mint clutch and defuse as well for the Mindfreak team.

YeYeYe bartel is apparently to good for cod and should be stopped from playing

Mindfreak taking the second half: 10 - 2
With a comfortable win of: 15-9 MF's way.

SPOILER: Click to view

Thanks for the game Effectz, hope to see you guys soon in the finals!

Edited twice, last edited 11/8/11 - 10:46am.
AU saysia
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4.8 years ago
If you read this you have said the word penis.
AU Aeks.
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422 Posts
4.8 years ago
nice win MF unluck effectz
AU Jimmyyy_11
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679 Posts
4.8 years ago
well looked like a very gg, congratz mindfreaks and unlucky effectz
No Jimmy = No Win
AU Monks
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1,234 Posts
4.8 years ago
GG MF, Unlucky Fx (:
AU Turtllez
1,579 Posts
4.8 years ago
good win MF Bol next time effectz
Cazzette & ZOMBOY & Joel Fletcher <33 '' Platinum smurf bro let me mid ''
AU Friskk
1,570 Posts
4.8 years ago
GG MF I played so bad couldn't stop yous at B btw score was 15-9 because 15+9 = 24
you all suck
US 'rusty
1,558 Posts
4.8 years ago
well done MF... bad luck Fx

GG's all round
what a fucking sig steal cunt
NZ Frenzy.
1,195 Posts
4.8 years ago
Good win MF Bad loss Fx.
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AU Scrum.
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4.8 years ago
Bl Fx
AU Naked
12,622 Posts
4.8 years ago
yee yee MindG33K's. Keep winning.
AU Denz26
4,889 Posts
4.8 years ago
Ummm BlaiiN I bottom scored knife round but I can't wait for screenies Did you get the first 3 rounds too?

Bartel is too good for cod. Should be banned.

Good game Fx.
AU sitdown_fool
3,461 Posts
4.8 years ago
nice win mf
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AU Dylan
7,109 Posts
4.8 years ago
Pokid's nade went off
AU Fallen`
1,167 Posts
4.8 years ago
good games Fx,

there was two nade team kills in one round by Fx and benjos tried to claim a team down lol

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