AU Mr Mashu
1,208 Posts
4.8 years ago
Hey guys,
Im new to the banner and logo making and i want to start getting into it. I was woundering what is the basic program for need to start making them?
And if you guys has any pointer or anything like that?
US Sem.
2,773 Posts
4.8 years ago
Photoshop cs5
AU Mr Mashu
1,208 Posts
4.8 years ago
Alright, thanks guys.
AU Randygade.
3,406 Posts
4.8 years ago
Photoshop or Gimp
Photoshop cost money
Gimp is free
Photoshop is Better though

Ps: i do tutorials on my youtube channel for photoshop and C4D so if you would like to learn a thing or two click the link
AU FinnSanity
PS Graphic Designer
2,779 Posts
4.8 years ago
yere photoshop cs5 is best but its very expensive there is a 30 day free trial though if u go to and download it
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AU ~dalla.
9,833 Posts
4.8 years ago
ITT: People who don't know what Illustrator is. It's much better for designing logos over Ps, and Fw to that extent. Photoshop and Fireworks can both be used, but Illustrator is much better for creating vectors.
NZ Le Fiend
1,469 Posts
4.8 years ago
is gimp better that PDN??
AU Crow.
5,499 Posts
4.8 years ago
Dalla to the rescue.
Go Illustrator.
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AU ACL Darkside
445 Posts
4.8 years ago
get photo sho and if you a noob watch chrome designes rather easy to follow.
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AU Aeks.
422 Posts
4.8 years ago
photoshop cs5
AU *Swarm
824 Posts
4.8 years ago
GIMP is freee
Drop the Bass.
AU qFreD
34 Posts
4.8 years ago
derp yafet bic boii
AU Anzak
7,067 Posts
4.8 years ago
Dost thou even hoist?
2,220 Posts
4.8 years ago
I can't say illustrator is "way easier to design logo *BUT* surely the if graphic is going to be used anywhere outside computer like printing on shirts etc illustrator is a must due to it comes up blurry if its not done in illustrator. Photoshop is good at tweaking the sections of logo not actually drawing i ll agree with that bit too.
AU Supreme.
1,124 Posts
4.8 years ago
illustrator and photoshop, nuf said it does not need to be cs5..
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