AU zOnehaCk
821 Posts
4.8 years ago
Hey all, just uploading the recent email scam thats going around for your blizzard/wow account. This is to help prevent people and giving them a heads up so that they dont get their account stolen.

Even though its quite obvious that its a scam, people out there are still stupid enough to get their account stolen no matter how obvious it is.

Picture of Scam
AU naplm
119 Posts
4.8 years ago
I get about 10 of these a week and i don't even play wow.
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AU zOnehaCk
821 Posts
4.8 years ago
Quote from eztekk on the 19th of July 2011:
I get about 10 of these a week and i don't even play wow.
Ha yeah, i do too, but this time, i felt like telling everyone simply to help people
AU Mors
4,626 Posts
4.8 years ago
yea i quit and i still get about 10 a week aswell
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AU conkaa
1,900 Posts
4.8 years ago
I get these along with RS ones and I don't play either anymore, they look pretty legit too hahah
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AU zOnehaCk
821 Posts
4.8 years ago
What i find funny about this email scams, is that people are stupid enough to get fooled by them, blizzard will never ASK you to log into your account just for you to verify that its yours lol.
888 Posts
4.8 years ago
OMG THIS IS REAL, I JUST EMAILED THEM MY DETAILS!!!!!!!!...... jks im not that noob.
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AU Optiml
410 Posts
4.8 years ago
You play PV? What server?
CA Cataclysmic
18 Posts
4.8 years ago
I just got one of these for the first time this year. I had heard about them before, but never gave them much mind. My email even knew better and sent it to the junk folder. All the official blizzard emails just got to my regular unread folder. Funny how it knew.
AU 'rhys
1,479 Posts
4.8 years ago
Ive played since vanilla and ive never had one of these.

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4.1 years ago
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NZ Darthfishpaste
3,374 Posts
4.1 years ago
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