NZ Macka!
4,197 Posts
4.6 years ago
Just wondering what some good arcade games from the marketplace were, no genre in particular just really fun, time-wasting games, because I'm pretty sick of Black Ops to be honest..

Also I've noticed Hexic HD and Doritos Crash Course are free, are there any other free games? - League of Legends Boosting & Coaching - Request gosumacka!
AU Impulse
4,558 Posts
4.6 years ago
Full house Poker !
AU Truz'
1,732 Posts
4.6 years ago
definitely geometry wars. very fun and a good addicting game.
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NZ Carterr
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4.6 years ago
~Moved to arcade discussion.
NZ Diamond
1,953 Posts
4.6 years ago
feeding frenzy 2
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