AU Smythe
8 Posts
4.9 years ago
smythe/smith lf1.6 team.

played several seasons of source (main multiple times)
played ipgn consistently for a while and have played 1.6 ODCs.
can LAN sydney and have multiple times (can travel interstate if it's within reasonable driving distance eg. 5hrs or so)

i generally play decent cs, looking for a decent bunch to play with.

steam : smythe1993

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AU imabeast
1,042 Posts
4.9 years ago
Not many 1.6 teams recruiting bro, look around tho is where its at ;D
AU tayy_
921 Posts
4.9 years ago
smythe is a mate, pick him up if there are any teams... pity there's not more, 1.6>source.
AU Smythe
8 Posts
4.9 years ago
i didn't know if dice was still going or not, was down last time i looked.
AU fishballz
916 Posts
4.9 years ago
seem like a keen player gl with finding

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