AU scaff
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4.9 years ago

Playing EoS and it came down to the last flag cap.
In the end, Alliance won literally half a second before we capped our flag for the win.
Obviously not the closest score wise, but the match was determined in a split second.

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AU Ray™
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4.9 years ago
Since when did you play WoW? What realm you on?
AU Predatah
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4.9 years ago
What server you play on scaffa?
I used to play cod. I still do, but I used to too.
AU scaff
3,633 Posts
4.9 years ago
AU Curley
2,260 Posts
4.9 years ago
what a terrible voice
AU Healy
3,521 Posts
4.8 years ago
Quote from Curley on the 4th of July 2011:
what a terrible voice
^ agree lol
so Hot today like a sunrise

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