AU Jamiebra
21 Posts
5.1 years ago
just started playing sc2 couple months ago and just starting to learn play properly

lf any1 play/spar with on na or aus server pm me your in game name/code/server ^^
AU dutton2517
1 Posts
5.1 years ago
AU 3ncRypt-
15 Posts
5 years ago
hey add me if ur up for some prac games!

ZeRoDeaTH.125 = NA
ZeRoDeaTH.767 = SEA

AU EricZ0nia
505 Posts
4.9 years ago
since i cant be bothered making a whole new topic, ill just post on this.
I'm a noob and am willing to learn with other people.

LimaBeans.431 - SEA
the question isn't who will let me but who will stop me
AU DisaFear
142 Posts
4.9 years ago
Willing to help with the basics for people who have just begun
Find me on NA (DisaFear.797)

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