AU BlackCat`
2,248 Posts
5.3 years ago
Hello all,

Have not been doing much solid GFX for abit with school and work etc etc, so just throwing up some of my recent come back if you will work, not looking for CnC just displaying what i have done to the community. Thanks

SPOILER: Click to view

Thanks guys went for the dark look in these.
- bc gfx -
AU Electriks
194 Posts
5.3 years ago
they all look fucking amazing love your work
yeah milny
AU chreppin
38 Posts
5.3 years ago
Not bad bro! Some of them are a little over sharpened and this can look good but you need some areas more clean and crisp.
AU meady
2,441 Posts
5.3 years ago
fuck their sick the slash one is like omg
AU BlackCat`
2,248 Posts
5.3 years ago
the over sharpening is a result of the colour dodged layers i did not actually sharpen it, but yes i know some of them are over sharp
- bc gfx -
US Defuze
1,519 Posts
5.3 years ago
Nice work.
Defuse :D
AU memi
6,290 Posts
5.3 years ago
looks nice. i remember our first pieces :o
Best Snowboarder on CG.
AU Ennio
2,467 Posts
5.3 years ago
LOVE the spiderman one.

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