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COD4 today seems to be in decline, with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops splitting the Australian community between two games. Although the competitive side of Black Ops could well be one of the best ever in competitive Call of Duty, mod tools are yet to be released. So we seem to be hanging in between games and seasons. With no leagues underway, I am not talking about upcoming leagues, i'm talking about the huge gap between seasons of COD4 > BO in the past few months.

Having recently read an article on the fnatic gaming website. The article had a paragraph in it concerning the future of COD4, and reason's why it is steadily declining, although it is referring to European COD. Which I agree has a much higher player base it can still be used as reference for Australian COD. The writer expressed about how COD4 isn't declining because the higher tiered players are leaving for new games, and/or quitting. It's declining because new players coming into the community are now given the choice of a new COD titles and the community has split, the newer COD titles offer more enjoyment for casual players. For players wanting to play competitively, MW:2 was lacking. And as mentioned above so is Black Ops at the moment. Currently Australian COD does not have a very good system for newer players to improve, with new players not utilizing the PUGbot system, and in rare cases I have seen newer players been kicked from these pug bots because of a lower tolerance towards them by more experienced players.

Competitive Australia COD4 has no allure to it at the moment, the only league up is an inactive CGo ladder with no highlight when reaching the top. I believe if we had a better system to attract newer players and ways to help those new players improve within the community would be a really great addition to AUSCOD.

Some ideas for this could be:

    Some server's dedicated to hosting call of duty aim maps. For the extremely new players.

    Some serious thought on CyberGamer forum rules and admin's stances to trolling, or perhaps a better reporting system to ease up the strain on current forum moderators and admins.

    A better league system and some goals for people to achieve to attract newer teams and give them incentive to improve. For example, the current CGo/a/m/i system but a longer running without breaks in between seasons. Or perhaps a trial version of this between seasons with little to no prize money.

    A better community willing to help improve lesser and newer players so as a whole the community can grow, and in the mean time completely obliterating the still present stereotype that you had to play in the first few seasons to still be good today. Many of those players have moved on now and we have seen the appearance of some very good new teams.

    A well advertised IRC for finding scrims and players to fill in gaps in your roster for scrims and a look at the current COD4 pugbot and ways it can be improved.

    People willing to input to the community and get newer players into the game.

    Keep the CGo ladder clean with no clutter of unused teams sitting 150+ on the ladder so it feels more important to new teams coming into the ladder

With a new promod on the shelf with some long awaited fixes, people are starting to take an interest in COD4, with a very successful CGa/m/i season last year I believe with proper encouragement COD4 could once again be what it used to be. Especially if newer players are given incentive and help within this site to improve and play COD4.

Some helpful discussion on this would be nice, without input from trolls.

This article could also used as a reference in Black Ops if it kicks off competitively.

~ Sammyy

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[21:52] SEQUENTIAL Sno. RAZER: gunna go beat my meat [21:52] SQL glock RAZER: will beat mine also ~ TEK9 Cinema -
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Quote from Me:
I am not talking about upcoming leagues

Yeh I was aware of that but mainly I want to see more things to attract newer players. I'm as keen as beans for that
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sammy i require something from you next lan

in addition to setting up my autograph stand i will also need

[18:32] gat: i have been greatly deceived
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You're the one giving me a gobbie bro
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excellent writeup sammy, bouncing this one to the frontpage
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Looks of CoD4 is better than BlackOps atm, i think black ops is a joke personally
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Quote from sammyy1 on the 16th of January 2011:
A well advertised IRC for finding scrims
good luck with that. already attempted couple times
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Great idea,

Bring back the off season competition, you don't war for a prize you war for rep and also the chance to change leagues, giving all teams within the game a chance to make it to the top 8 CGi.

*General idea*

competition for prizes & money happen when available but to remain in there league (CGi, CGm, CGa) they must defend there position while in the off season, giving other teams the chance to advance into a higher skilled league, maybe consider updating the leagues every 6-8 weeks during off season, moving the lowest 2 teams down a league and bring the top 2 teams up from the lower leagues.

Not only would this keep the competition booming it would also allow admins to keep track of the top teams within the game, and create a better reason to play the open league, as it would allow your team to represent in CGa, and maybe further down the track CGi.

Personally i dont think people want to win because of the 100 dollars they get, its more the ability to say your one of the top teams within australia.

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Quote from ATES on the 16th of January 2011:
Looks of CoD4 is better than BlackOps atm, i think black ops is a joke personally

cod4 was always a big joke so i dont see the difference
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Quote from Framed. on the 16th of January 2011:
what a dumb thread.
Shutup idiot. Nice writeup sammyy. [sm-love]
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Sorry won't happen.

When you require the community to be less retarded, it simply won't happen.
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solid writeup sammy, except as others have outlined, the community is way too hostile and that will always hold it back.

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