AU Dazz..
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5.6 years ago
We are a group of guys that played L4D2 competitively for a number of months and with the game dying we moved onto a new game of which we have chosen BC2. We are still reasonably new but looking to improve.

We are looking for two more players (and possibly a backer) that must be friendly and have a good sense of humor (we often idle in vent taking the piss out of each other)

Skill isn't incredibly important, we are looking to have a good time and see how we can go on a ladder.

Anyone interested add me on Steam:, Steam ID: sickdaza or just post on here and we can figure something from there.
AU paKzilla
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5.6 years ago
Sorry to break it to your moving on from a dead game to an even deader game.
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AU Dazz..
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5.6 years ago
We've all played L4D2 way too much, need a new game anyway so this will do until the next Battlefield comes out.
AU Shopi
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5.6 years ago
Still looking for 2?
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5.6 years ago
Quote from Shopi on the 2nd of January 2011:
Still looking for 2?

So are you still looking
AU Dazz..
218 Posts
5.6 years ago
Yes we are still looking for a couple of players. Add me on steam and lets work it out

Steam ID is SickDaza if the link I posted in the OP didnt work.

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