7.4 years ago
just wanted to thank Fags for an awesome game.


round 1 Fags[usa]

We stumbled out of the the blocks which cost us dearly. Fags had an awesome rollout out and had the pressure on 5-10 seconds into the match. Reeling from our stumble, we couldnt quiet get our feet, Fags showing their superiority, pinning us down and puninishing us at the kill.
55-0 to Fags.

round 2. OzForces[usa]

our rollout worked a little better this time.
capping the flags we wanted on rollout, we set down to business. An almight fight ensued. both sides, pushing back and forth. Pinning them down gave us a chance to attack a little more normaly.
yet again Fags had some deadly accuracy, keeping the game honest, with OzForces on the back foot, but fighting to the death, Fags took out the second round also.


final score 76-0 to Fags.

Thanks for a great game Fags, thourougly enjoyed it, and hope we have a channce to play you again in the future.
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7.4 years ago

AU Llama_Ops
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7.4 years ago
AU Hoges
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7.4 years ago
yeah was alot of fun, much thanks Fags. From my point of view i was in control of the APC which is not my preferred role, but had alot of fun with it (more so the 2nd round then 1st :P). First round our rollout went basically to the shitter, and me in particular should have done so much better on rollout. Had a good chance to take down there push from construction to market and missed everything I had like 4 or so enemy to aim at and i was like wtf who do i hit and ended up missing them all. lol epic failure only 1 minute into the game.

In the first round their APC did its job amazingly, pinned me down and kept me occupied in which i should have ignored it but i fell into the trap of trying to remove it and this just didnt happen. OzF basically only had a flag every blue moon during this first round and with the deadly aim of FAGS we were destined for uber rapage.

2nd round after reapplying the lube we actually nailed our rollout which was a suprise for all involved who had witnessed the first round. Held the 2 flags for majority of the round but the FAGS KD was so far superiour and thats what won them the round. At least we put up more of a fight this round as i think we were all very dissapointed after the first round shamozzle.

Anyway was still a very fun game and congratulate FAGS on the win. They have some amazing skill so good luck to them in the next season.
AU Crotchy
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7.4 years ago
Thanks for the game FAGS, your astonishing level of accuracy easily compensated for your very brief but relaxed time on the bleed.

AU Visual
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7.4 years ago
GG {F4GS} BL =|OzF|=
AU eggy
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7.4 years ago
GG OzF, was fun for a change

gl with nxt sesson

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