AU OzFalcon
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8.3 years ago
I am lookng for a team!

My MSN is
Someone please make me a new sig lol <3
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8.2 years ago
hi all
8.2 years ago
hi there

mOo is a bit short of active players for the cg cod2/4 ladders.

We are by no means an active team. We don't prac. We basically rock up to ladder matches and have a bit of fun. So we're after somebody who is easy going, can make time to actually come to wars

send me a pm if your interested
AU Llama_Ops
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8.1 years ago
SoAF| Sound of Animals Fighting is Recruiting, please visit for more info
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8.1 years ago
subv looking for one more cod4 player to compete with us in cg
contact me on :
Xfire :2l33t
or on irc #subv
website :
AU Dmiiser
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8.1 years ago
iNsight Gaming is Recruiting.
Looking for players to compete in COD2/COD4/COH
(possibly more divisions with more players we get)
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AU Bully..
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8 years ago
hey my name is badbull 1 of the laders of the clan we are curreantly recruting add me xfire if u are interested
we like to scrim wen we got enuf members on we have funn all the time we do training reguly u can find us on the cod4 leadder pag aalso


thanks [61st]badbull:/
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8 years ago
Hey guys,

Team fatal are currently looking for members to join our team. We are looking to build a strong CG team aswell as have a fun War team for GA (depending on the number of members) for those members who like perks.
we have a few members, but we would like a some more, as most of us have jobs and school, inactive members have lead us to participate in 4 v 5 wars.
We really could use afew members willing to help out within the clan and be active for all wars, practices and scrims.

feel free to stop by our website or into speak if your interested.

My Xfire: reincarna

later dudes.

(btw i'm not rambo anymore, i'm rawwwrr! lol
AU Fasty
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8 years ago if your keen add me to x-fire : Fastmat
AU Phalanx
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8 years ago
After some bad experiences with fat chicks I no longer ask their ASL, i ask for there BMI.
AU striKe
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8 years ago
eradicate are currently recruiting, if you would like to join you can contact me on xfire: sofadmin
good luck
AU mickjager2
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7.9 years ago
-=AFF=- or Australian freedom fighters Is looking for any1 who is looking to compete in cg, we are also looking for normal members of the clan. add my xfire siren100 or go to our website for more info.
Click this Link
AU Prorage
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7.9 years ago
Rise | are recruiting dedicated and skilled COD4 players!
We're working on getting two teams up and running.
We are currently rank 58, we may be higher by the time you read this.

Contact xfire: panthera0101

Or visit our new forums at:

Fighting you is my duty, destroying you is my passion.
AU wut?
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7.8 years ago
I'm lookin' for a experienced clan for cod4 & 5

Hit me up on X-fire: 88jaxx88

Cheers 8)
i like turtles.

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