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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Discussion
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CGXbox - Black Ops 3 S&D Ruleset Update (v1.5)
Started by: vizzN, Sun, Jun 26th 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 755
Sun, Jun 26th 2016
Advanced warfare
Started by: Mutatiionz x, Fri, Nov 4th. 1:29pm
Posts: 0
Views: 40
Mutatiionz x
Fri, Nov 4th. 1:29pm
Looking For Tournament Admins
Started by: vizzN, Sat, Jul 23rd 2016
Posts: 8
Views: 915
Wed, Oct 5th. 3:27pm
Announcing New Tournament Schedule
Started by: vizzN, Thu, Jul 14th 2016
Posts: 1
Views: 520
Mon, Sep 26th. 3:56pm
[REMOVED: Inappropriate Content] How to Determine Whether Moving Business is True or Not
Started by: Devid007, Thu, Sep 1st 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 0
Thread Removed
Inappropriate Content
CyberGamer ladder!?
Started by: Zeuusy, Tue, Jul 19th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 235
Righteous XV
Thu, Aug 4th 2016
UMG Wagers
Started by: Omen xo, Wed, Jul 6th 2016
Posts: 4
Views: 550
Righteous XV
Thu, Aug 4th 2016
Complete Scrubs
Started by: SkooTeRRR, Thu, Aug 4th 2016
Posts: 1
Views: 165
Righteous XV
Thu, Aug 4th 2016
Started by: Electro Dubz, Tue, Jun 21st 2016
Posts: 1
Views: 205
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016
Black Ops 3 Ruleset Update (S&D/OBJ)
Started by: vizzN, Thu, Jul 14th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 500
Fri, Jul 22nd 2016
3v3 SnD Scrim GT:CIPHER Korupt
Started by: Blake324, Fri, May 27th 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 90
Fri, May 27th 2016
4v4 Scrim Xbox One
Started by: The ROYL Vortex, Thu, May 5th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 350
Thu, May 12th 2016
4v4 BO3 Xbox One scrim?
Started by: RVN Evolution, Mon, Feb 22nd 2016
Posts: 7
Views: 835
Thu, May 5th 2016
XB1 Pro Circuit Announcement
Started by: Cyanide., Wed, Jan 27th 2016(12)
Posts: 29
Views: 3,007
Tue, Apr 5th 2016
Anyone wanna scrim tonight? 4v4 HP, S&D and CTF
Started by: RVN Evolution, Mon, Feb 29th 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 200
RVN Evolution
Mon, Feb 29th 2016
Looking to Arrange a friendly match PS4
Started by: blackstealth, Mon, Feb 22nd 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 120
Mon, Feb 22nd 2016
Started by: Blayke, Sat, Feb 20th 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 125
Sat, Feb 20th 2016
Started by: SGTBUZZKILLA, Thu, Feb 11th 2016
Posts: 1
Views: 385
Fri, Feb 12th 2016
4v4 SnD Rules
Started by: rockstzR, Tue, Feb 9th 2016
Posts: 1
Views: 265
Tue, Feb 9th 2016
4v4 Maps
Started by: JHS Fweb, Sun, Feb 7th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 315
JHS Fweb
Sun, Feb 7th 2016
Started by: vRexn, Fri, Jan 8th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 445
Mon, Feb 1st 2016
4v4 SND Ladder is here
Started by: Cyanide., Sun, Jan 17th 2016
Posts: 6
Views: 435
Wed, Jan 20th 2016
Looking for scrims.
Started by: xStymie, Sat, Jan 16th 2016
Posts: 4
Views: 460
Wed, Jan 20th 2016
1v1 SnD
Started by: JHS Fweb, Mon, Jan 11th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 370
JHS Fweb
Tue, Jan 12th 2016
Tournament Schedule and Wager Matches
Started by: vizzN, Mon, Jan 4th 2016
Posts: 6
Views: 4,712
Moist Bandicoot
Wed, Jan 6th 2016
Started by: Revan17, Mon, Dec 21st 2015
Posts: 5
Views: 1,080
Mon, Jan 4th 2016
Looking For Tournament Admins
Started by: Cyanide., Mon, Jan 4th 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 470
Mon, Jan 4th 2016
2v2 Scrim
Started by: Incite BEEZx, Mon, Dec 28th 2015
Posts: 0
Views: 375
Incite BEEZx
Mon, Dec 28th 2015
XB1 BO3 2v2 SND - Thursday 9:00pm December 17th 2015
Started by: Revan17, Thu, Dec 17th 2015
Posts: 0
Views: 215
Thu, Dec 17th 2015
arena and looking for 2
Started by: zR LazzzY, Wed, Dec 16th 2015
Posts: 0
Views: 230
zR LazzzY
Wed, Dec 16th 2015
Anyone even play this game on here?
Started by: BlazinBra, Fri, Dec 11th 2015
Posts: 2
Views: 475
Wed, Dec 16th 2015
BO3 2v2 S&D ladder is here!
Started by: vizzN, Mon, Nov 30th 2015
Posts: 8
Views: 1,777
Sun, Dec 6th 2015
CGXbox - Black Ops III Tournament Scheduling Announcement
Started by: vizzN, Tue, Dec 1st 2015
Posts: 10
Views: 1,642
Sun, Dec 6th 2015
[REMOVED: Inappropriate Content] CBL 5v5 S&D $100 Tourny + $250 League!
Started by: Flufvy, Sat, Dec 5th 2015
Posts: 0
Views: 70
Thread Removed
Inappropriate Content
Started by: JHS Fweb, Fri, Dec 4th 2015
Posts: 1
Views: 450
Benny au
Fri, Dec 4th 2015
give us 2v2 on XB1 BO3!!!!!!!
Started by: Ronnie_512, Sat, Nov 28th 2015
Posts: 9
Views: 1,007
Sun, Nov 29th 2015
XB1 BO3 return?
Started by: Sullyboi, Mon, Nov 2nd 2015
Posts: 7
Views: 1,141
Sat, Nov 21st 2015
Is this shit gonna be worth coming back for
Started by: NEO JUNGLA, Sun, Oct 25th 2015
Posts: 2
Views: 465
Mon, Nov 2nd 2015
XB1 Black Ops 3 Discussion
Started by: Cyanide., Sat, Oct 10th 2015
Posts: 4
Views: 735
Wed, Oct 21st 2015
[Info] My YouTube Channel. Please check it out!!!!!
Started by: Son Of Nike, Sun, Oct 18th 2015
Posts: 1
Views: 210
Son Of Nike
Tue, Oct 20th 2015
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