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CS:GO Events
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Oceanic CSGO Event Calendar
Started by: Division Gaming Network, Thu, Jan 14th 2016(12)
Posts: 19
Views: 3,962
Thu, Jan 21st 2016
[QLD] BrisVegas LAN - 29th April - 8 Teams
Started by: mavrick, Mon, Mar 27th. 2:16pm(123 ... 91011)
Posts: 160
Views: 18,302
3 Hours ago
ESGO-RtG (Road to Glory) Season 1: $3500 prize pool confirmed and rising | Read More Inside
Started by: esgo, Sun, Feb 5th. 4:49pm(123)
Posts: 35
Views: 3,964
3 Days, 6 Hours ago
Triggered Gaming ODC #3
Started by: SpakAttk, 4 Weeks ago(1234)
Posts: 50
Views: 9,110
3 Days, 11 Hours ago
Registrations OPEN today for PGL Asia Minor Championship: Oceania Qualifier (April 28-30)
Started by: Flam3z, 12 Days ago
Posts: 10
Views: 1,363
4 Days, 7 Hours ago
Congratulations to Krater Gaming White in ESGO Round 2 Qualifier
Started by: esgo, 11 Days ago
Posts: 12
Views: 991
6 Days ago
[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V19.0 [April 8]
Started by: nukecoder, Thu, Mar 16th. 10:22pm
Posts: 7
Views: 460
Fri, Mar 17th. 10:26am
Gigabyte AORUS CS:GO March 11-12th Information Thread
Started by: Karath, Thu, Mar 2nd. 5:47pm(123)
Posts: 33
Views: 2,004
Sun, Mar 12th. 7:41am
Gigabyte AORUS CS:GO LAN Sydney March 11-12th
Started by: Karath, Sat, Feb 11th. 12:45pm(123 ... 91011)
Posts: 157
Views: 12,358
Sun, Mar 12th. 4:04am
[$20,000AUD] WPGI teams up with Copenhagen Games to offer first Oceanic female international qualifier
Started by: pgtvofficial, Thu, Mar 2nd. 10:37pm(1234567)
Posts: 98
Views: 5,401
Fri, Mar 10th. 10:59pm
CoppaHead's ODC #1 - Information
Started by: CoppaHead, Mon, Jan 23rd. 7:46pm
Posts: 8
Views: 680
Sat, Feb 18th. 1:13am
[Sydney] Throwdown Grand Final Tickets and Information
Started by: ThrowdownEsports, Fri, Feb 17th. 1:02pm
Posts: 5
Views: 500
Fri, Feb 17th. 11:06pm
FragZone Gaming [WA] TeamLan # 5 // Partnered With Streamline/Moushn
Started by: FZG - Mahbod, Tue, Feb 14th. 4:14pm
Posts: 7
Views: 765
FZG - Mahbod
Fri, Feb 17th. 2:40pm
WAGamers CS:GO League Season 1
Started by: Ixz, Thu, Feb 9th. 4:43pm(12)
Posts: 23
Views: 1,205
Wed, Feb 15th. 4:08pm
Back To School CS:GO Tournament - Brought to you by #Huntingbros
Started by: Simmons2.0, Wed, Feb 1st. 9:36pm(12)
Posts: 17
Views: 945
Fri, Feb 10th. 5:07pm
Looking for Teams to enter Tournament
Started by: Lucifer1337, Tue, Feb 7th. 4:16pm
Posts: 6
Views: 390
Thu, Feb 9th. 2:26am
Cybergamer "The Big One" Tournament $$ 1 hour!
Started by: 1ukeyboy, Wed, Dec 7th. 6:25pm
Posts: 4
Views: 395
Wed, Feb 8th. 5:42pm
WAGamers & Fragzone TeamLAN #8 - Powered by STREAMLINE (New Thread)
Started by: Ixz, Sun, Jan 8th. 3:44pm(123)
Posts: 38
Views: 2,554
Mon, Feb 6th. 3:53pm
CoppaHead's ODC #1 - Registration
Started by: CoppaHead, Fri, Jan 20th. 2:27am(123)
Posts: 36
Views: 3,364
Mon, Jan 30th. 2:01pm
30/01 - Throwdown Esports' CS:GO Pro-Am - Community Night #1
Started by: Flam3z, Sun, Jan 29th. 9:31pm
Posts: 4
Views: 430
Mon, Jan 30th. 9:30am
FFYI CGm Qualifiers - fReaks v Beyond BO3
Started by: ajm, Wed, Jan 25th. 8:02pm
Posts: 0
Views: 165
Wed, Jan 25th. 8:02pm
CS: Global OffZENsive LAN
Started by: iNSANITY^, Wed, Jan 18th. 12:41pm(1234)
Posts: 49
Views: 3,136
Wed, Jan 25th. 5:16pm
E-Sports Gaming Organization: Oceanic Launch League
Started by: esgo, Tue, Dec 20th. 1:32am(123)
Posts: 36
Views: 2,127
Tue, Jan 24th. 1:53am
C7 Squad ODC Partnered With PES!
Started by: Rel1ic, Fri, Dec 23rd. 4:47pm(1234567)
Posts: 96
Views: 5,017
Sat, Jan 21st. 7:12pm
[REMOVED: Authors Request] C7 Squad ODC Partnered With PES! UPDATED!
Started by: TheLastHydra, Wed, Jan 18th. 11:12am
Posts: 5
Views: 100
Thread Removed
Authors Request
ESEA league S24?
Started by: vax28, Tue, Jan 3rd. 11:47pm
Posts: 5
Views: 835
Tue, Jan 17th. 9:12pm
[NSW] Res5Lan ~~ Information Thread
Started by: Fluffer, Sun, Aug 28th 2016(123456)
Posts: 76
Views: 5,737
Tue, Jan 17th. 5:38pm
[LOCKED] Australia's FIRST Female Only CSGO League - WPGI League
Started by: pgtvofficial, Fri, Jan 13th. 5:31pm(123 ... 8910)
Posts: 139
Views: 8,517
Sat, Jan 14th. 9:29pm
[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V18.0 - New Format
Started by: nukecoder, Sun, Dec 4th. 3:02pm(123)
Posts: 38
Views: 1,924
Mon, Jan 9th. 2:55pm
WAGamers & FragZone TeamLAN #8 - Powered by Streamline
Started by: XPL-, Mon, Dec 12th. 12:25am(12)
Posts: 19
Views: 1,317
Sun, Jan 8th. 3:38pm
The Tendencies 1v1 ODC 28th Jan
Started by: ThePendant, Wed, Dec 28th. 10:12pm
Posts: 6
Views: 390
Tue, Jan 3rd. 3:56pm
Audio-Technica M50x/AKRacing give away!
Started by: MackRo, Sat, Dec 17th. 8:58pm
Posts: 2
Views: 370
Wed, Dec 21st. 10:38pm
E-Sports Gaming Organization: Oceanic Launch League
Started by: esgo, Fri, Dec 16th. 11:16pm
Posts: 9
Views: 635
Tue, Dec 20th. 9:05am
C7 Squad ODC Partnered with PES!
Started by: Srix, Fri, Dec 16th. 7:11pm(12)
Posts: 22
Views: 1,190
Mon, Dec 19th. 5:48pm
[QLD] The Battle 4 Brisbane 2016 - Qualifier 3 - Registration
Started by: mavrick, Mon, Oct 3rd. 5:24pm(12345)
Posts: 64
Views: 3,452
Thu, Dec 15th. 5:57am
The Tendencies 5vs5 Tournament
Started by: Dewlight, Mon, Nov 28th. 8:17pm(1234567)
Posts: 95
Views: 4,002
Wed, Dec 14th. 2:17pm
Adelaide - ARENA GIGABYTE $3000 LAN (Dec 10th-11th)
Started by: vDeadline, Sat, Nov 12th. 8:50pm(1234567)
Posts: 91
Views: 9,777
Sun, Dec 11th. 5:24pm
Vector 5v5 Time/Entry suggestions
Started by: You_N_Me, Sun, Nov 20th. 7:48pm
Posts: 11
Views: 460
Fri, Dec 9th. 10:57am
ZEN Esports Network League - Open Online Qualifier
Started by: kmando, Wed, Nov 30th. 2:41pm(12)
Posts: 15
Views: 1,582
Sun, Dec 4th. 10:11pm
Started by: swede:), Sat, Oct 29th. 4:17pm(1234567)
Posts: 98
Views: 7,042
Sun, Dec 4th. 8:42pm
Triggered ODC #2 Clarity post
Started by: SpakAttk, Sun, Nov 20th. 10:32am(123 ... 8910)
Posts: 139
Views: 5,902
Tue, Nov 29th. 3:42am
WAGamers & FragZone TeamLAN #7 - Powered by Streamline
Started by: XPL-, Mon, Oct 17th. 5:40pm(1234)
Posts: 52
Views: 3,782
Tue, Nov 22nd. 2:08am
Vector eSports 2v2 Tournament
Started by: You_N_Me, Mon, Oct 24th. 9:17pm(123)
Posts: 40
Views: 2,257
Sun, Nov 20th. 7:48pm
Triggered Gaming ODC #2
Started by: SpakAttk, Sat, Oct 15th. 12:05am(123456)
Posts: 82
Views: 4,772
Sun, Nov 20th. 10:32am
TWENTY E-SPORTS LIGA first Adventcup!
Started by: MADSTEVE, Sat, Nov 19th. 9:30pm
Posts: 1
Views: 470
Sat, Nov 19th. 9:32pm
Register for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas - Oceania Qualifier
Started by: Flam3z, Mon, Nov 7th. 1:01pm(12)
Posts: 29
Views: 2,802
Fri, Nov 18th. 3:37pm
1vs1 Tournament
Started by: Dewlight, Wed, Nov 16th. 7:35pm
Posts: 7
Views: 345
Thu, Nov 17th. 9:08pm
Ator eSports 1v1 Tournament #1
Started by: ZapiX, Sun, Nov 13th. 5:08pm
Posts: 4
Views: 350
Mon, Nov 14th. 12:13pm
Innervate Esports 1vs1 Tournament
Started by: Dewlight, Wed, Oct 26th. 9:17pm(123)
Posts: 33
Views: 1,747
Sun, Nov 13th. 8:59pm
CG Monthly Final Tonight
Started by: 1ukeyboy, Sun, Nov 6th. 5:15pm
Posts: 4
Views: 550
Sun, Nov 6th. 11:45pm
Peanut Gallery's WPGI 2 Tonight at 5PM AEDT
Started by: pgtvofficial, Sun, Oct 30th. 3:27pm
Posts: 0
Views: 720
Sun, Oct 30th. 3:27pm
CG CSGO Tournament The Big One Tonight
Started by: 1ukeyboy, Wed, Oct 26th. 12:54pm
Posts: 6
Views: 715
SKiD ^
Wed, Oct 26th. 4:03pm
Weekly ODC?
Started by: inforM, Mon, Oct 24th. 2:54pm
Posts: 9
Views: 535
Mon, Oct 24th. 8:56pm
Mavericks ODC #1
Started by: inforM, Mon, Oct 3rd. 10:00pm(12345)
Posts: 66
Views: 6,297
Sun, Oct 23rd. 6:04pm
Alchemy League Season 1
Started by: Aizaak, Fri, Oct 14th. 3:33pm
Posts: 9
Views: 715
Sun, Oct 23rd. 1:27pm
2016 Reload eSports CSGO Spring Cup
Started by: nAni?, Mon, Oct 17th. 7:19pm
Posts: 11
Views: 590
Tue, Oct 18th. 9:22pm
WAGamers & Fragzone TeamLAN #6 - Powered by Streamline
Started by: Ixz, Fri, Aug 19th 2016(12)
Posts: 29
Views: 3,157
Tue, Oct 18th. 2:53pm
Vector eSports 1v1 Tournament
Started by: You_N_Me, Sat, Oct 8th. 9:38pm(123)
Posts: 39
Views: 2,197
Mon, Oct 17th. 10:39pm
Alchemy Esports presents The Alchmey League Season 1.
Started by: Aizaak, Thu, Oct 6th. 9:15am(12)
Posts: 25
Views: 2,257
Wed, Oct 12th. 10:12pm
[QLD] The Battle 4 Brisbane 2016 - Qualifier 2 - Registration
Started by: mavrick, Sun, Aug 28th 2016(12345)
Posts: 69
Views: 4,097
Mon, Oct 10th. 9:24pm
Respawn LAN v35: Rocktober October 15-16
Started by: iNSANITY^, Fri, Sep 30th 2016
Posts: 8
Views: 365
Mon, Oct 10th. 2:32pm
[VIC] RespawnLAN v35 CS:GO (October 15-16) BYOC
Started by: FISHY-, Mon, Oct 3rd. 10:52pm(12)
Posts: 24
Views: 1,155
Mon, Oct 10th. 6:03am
ZEN Gaming CS:GO Event - Melbourne
Started by: vex, Fri, Sep 2nd 2016(1234567)
Posts: 100
Views: 8,867
Sun, Oct 9th. 11:54am
WAGamers & Fragzone 1.6 LAN - Powered by Streamline.
Started by: Ixz, Mon, Oct 3rd. 7:02pm
Posts: 5
Views: 745
Thu, Oct 6th. 10:15pm
[POLL] Poll: How much are teams willing to pay to enter an Online event?
Started by: Aizaak, Mon, Oct 3rd. 9:05pm
Posts: 8
Views: 360
Thu, Oct 6th. 6:18pm
Started by: VerK0, Wed, Sep 28th 2016(123)
Posts: 38
Views: 2,337
Mon, Oct 3rd. 12:01am
[QLD] The Battle 4 Brisbane 2016 - Qualifier 1 - Registration
Started by: mavrick, Sat, Aug 13th 2016(123)
Posts: 42
Views: 2,927
Sun, Oct 2nd. 8:27pm
[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V17.0 - September 24-25
Started by: nukecoder, Fri, Aug 26th 2016(123)
Posts: 35
Views: 1,927
Mon, Sep 26th 2016
[REMOVED: Unverified] CSGO Tournament
Started by: aidanrav, Sat, Sep 24th 2016
Posts: 5
Views: 115
Thread Removed
Kronik-Tournaments Free Entry Tournament *CANCELED*
Started by: HiddenVariable, Wed, Sep 14th 2016
Posts: 6
Views: 625
Sat, Sep 17th 2016
Kronik-Tournaments Teams Required
Started by: HiddenVariable, Sun, Sep 11th 2016(12)
Posts: 16
Views: 1,200
Tue, Sep 13th 2016
[NSW] Res5Lan ~~ Registration thread
Started by: Fluffer, Sun, Aug 28th 2016(12345)
Posts: 68
Views: 5,222
Mon, Sep 12th 2016
LFT Battle 4 Brisbane
Started by: Linstar, Tue, Sep 6th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 120
Fri, Sep 9th 2016
WAGamers & Fragzone TeamLAN #5 - Powered by Streamline
Started by: Ixz, Mon, Aug 8th 2016(12345)
Posts: 67
Views: 5,962
Tue, Sep 6th 2016
WA Gamers fragzone LAN tomorrow - need 5th asap!
Started by: -MenacE-, Sat, Sep 3rd 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 170
Sat, Sep 3rd 2016
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