Smite Discussion
Challenger Cup Team discussion thread
Challenger Cup Brackets
Paragon eSports welcomes Lore Gaming!
Challenger Ladder Locked
SANDBOXR 3D Figures Sponsor SMITE Pro League and Challengers Cup
Competitive ruling - Chilled Ban
Competitive ruling - RussianPanda Ban
Smite Challenger's Cup Tournament and Open Ladder Announcement
ROCCAT Sponsors SMITE Pro League and Challengers Cup
[Image] SYF Gaming Smite Division
Plantronics Sponsorship announcement!
King of The Castle: 1v1 Tournament this friday!
Introducing Team InVidious
Chiefs ESC Smite Division
Oceanic SMITE Pro League
OPL Competitive Ruling - Citadel Gaming disbanding and Laney moving to Dire Wolves
Split 2 Kick Off tournament check in
Oceania Split 2 Kick-Off Tournament!
Giveaway & Team Annoucement
OPL Qualifier Day 2 Check-ins & Results
[REMOVED] Pro League Qualifiers Day 2 Match Result Submission
OPL Qualifier Check in
Pro League Qualifiers Details
[TeamDownTV] Presents Week 7 Invitational
Ladder Locked
[TeamDownTV] Presents Week 6 Invitational
TeamDownTV Presents Week 5 Smite OCE from 6:30pm
Avant vs Exhilarated decision explaination
Change of ruling within the Invitational League
OVERRULED - Change of ruling within the Invitational League
[LOCKED] Organising of the Open Ladder.
Week 1 Invitational VoDs
Sydney Lan Qualifiers
TeamDownTV Presents Saturday Night Smite
TeamDownTV Presents Silicon Sports vs Exhilirated OCE Invitational
TeamDownTV Presents AVANT GARDE vs Team Kamikaze OCE Invitational
TeamDownTV Presents Illustrious V VS Lore Gaming 8pm
Local NZ based Smite tournament! Anyone keen?
Invitational ladder qualifier: Report your results here
[LOCKED] Invitational Ladder Application Thread
Invitational Ladder Tournament Reminder
SMITE Oceania Esports Season 2015
Invitational League Ladder Tournament
The ladder is locked?
[LOCKED] Cyber Gamer Open Ladder 5v5 suggestion
[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V11.0 (Apr 11th 2015) SMITE Tournament
Season 2 Smite
[ODC] Smite Oceanic Combine Tournament
Incite joins Avant Garde.
Cybergamer Match Vods
Open Ladder Finals Tournament Stage 2 information
Smite Season 1 Finals Tournament
Official reply to the recent happenings of the Smite Oceanic Reddit
Smite Season 1 Ladder Ending and Finals
[LOCKED] Cybergamer challenge disappeared?
Smite Looking For Admin.
[Tournament] Cybergamer Conquest 5v5 (15th of February)
Mighty Nexus = Broken up bois
[ODC] 5v5 Ruleset
[Tournament] Cybergamer Conquest 5v5 (25th of January)
A New Year, A New Game
[Tournament] Cybergamer Conquest 5v5 (18th of January)
Smite 3v3 Tornement
Smite: 3v3 ladder (Request)
[Tournament] Cybergamer Conquest 5v5 (December 28th)
Smite Ladder Match Tonight at 7pm AEDT 9pm NZT - Mighty Nexus vs AU REG!
[Tournament] Cybergamer Joust 1v1 (December 27th)
[ODC] 1v1 Ruleset
CyberGamer SMITE Launch & Ultimate God Pack giveaway
Promoting Smite in AU/NZ - Cosmic Dawn Gaming
Patch and PTS News
VegiSmite Tournament 1v1 (Smite)
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