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(SPOILER ALERT) Curious: Tokyo Ghoul Season 2
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Kiseijuu a.k.a Parasyte: The Maxim
Brotherhood - Resolution
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Under the Dog Kickstarter Anime Project
Sword Art Online
Free Fairy Tail Premium sig
Thoughts On Fairy Tail?
Need an Anime
Favourite anime character
Log Horizon
suggest anime please :)
Loving the games!
Where can I download these shows?
What anime are you currently watching?
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Where To Get Merchandise?
Yu Gi Oh
Suggestions to watch
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Code Geass [R1&2] opinions
lf new anime to watch
[Video] My First AMV video
Anime avatars (non gifs)
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Review on Steins;Gate
[Manga] Blade Of The Immortal
Music in Anime
Favorite Anime gifs
Berserk OVAs
trying to find an "experimental anime"
Anime Sigs
[POLL] Shingeki no Knyojin(Your Rating 1-10)
Favourite Animes?
[LOCKED] Good avatars/profile pictures
Atack on Christopher Walken (Shingeki no Kyojin \ Attack on Titan)
[Video] Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods full Dvdrip
CyberGamer Club
Does anyone know what anime this is?
[POLL] Anime - Dubbed vs. Subbed.
Sport Anime recomendations
Favourite AMVs
Anime: Winter 2012/13 Halfway Mark.
Are the final fantasy animes any good?
Just for anomaly
Recommended Anime
Best places to buy anime merch in Aus
[GUIDE] Setting up MPC-HC
Anime Screenshot Thread
[Image] Name these Characters from my Drawings :D
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