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Hardware Discus...Headphones/Sound Cards: The dos and do nots.
Started by: l_w_88, Wed, Apr 21st 2010(123 ... 424344)
Posts: 645
Views: 62,239
Sun, Apr 27th 2014
Hardware Discus...CyberGamer 3DMark11 Scoreboard
Started by: ska', Fri, Apr 13th 2012(123)
Posts: 39
Views: 6,851
Thu, Mar 27th 2014
Started by: matthew, Sat, Dec 21st 2013
Posts: 1
Views: 1,017
Sat, Dec 21st 2013
Hardware Discus...Lantern's Mouse Guide
Started by: Lantern, Fri, Sep 3rd 2010(123 ... 131415)
Posts: 217
Views: 42,099
Tue, Aug 13th 2013
Hardware Discus...Current hardware configs for gaming as of 19/09
Started by: Shieldeh, Wed, Sep 19th 2012(12)
Posts: 26
Views: 7,951
Sat, Jul 20th 2013
Hardware Discus...How to Properly Benchmark Your PC
Started by: grumpy, Wed, Jan 27th 2010
Posts: 7
Views: 3,291
Mon, Jan 14th 2013
Started by: kenji, Mon, Jul 4th 2011(123456789)
Posts: 122
Views: 24,664
Mon, Oct 22nd 2012
Hardware Discus...General Hardware News
Started by: grumpy, Sun, Aug 29th 2010(123 ... 101112)
Posts: 175
Views: 22,064
Mon, Aug 13th 2012
Hardware Discus...Welcome to the Hardware Discussion forum
Started by: Talnoy, Thu, Jun 18th 2009
Posts: 8
Views: 2,511
Tue, May 1st 2012
ADSl2+ (How to turn interleaving off)
Started by: CRUSADER, Tue, Oct 19th 2010(123)
Posts: 41
Views: 21,149
Wed, Feb 1st 2012
[TUT] How to get rid of viruses
Started by: Haydz, Mon, Aug 2nd 2010
Posts: 13
Views: 2,551
Fri, Jul 29th 2011
Basic PC Guide
Started by: BZERK., Sun, Nov 21st 2010(12)
Posts: 21
Views: 105,874
Sun, Dec 19th 2010
Hardware Discus...[HOW-TO] Fixing scroll wheel on Intellimouse 3.0
Started by: Lantern, Thu, Sep 2nd 2010
Posts: 11
Views: 20,804
Mon, Nov 1st 2010
Trojan Removal - Aster Can You Sticky?
Started by: chosen, Mon, Dec 1st 2008(1234)
Posts: 49
Views: 9,095
Wed, Aug 18th 2010
Hardware Discus...AMD Athlon II X4 620 Review
Started by: grumpy, Sun, Dec 20th 2009(12)
Posts: 22
Views: 13,169
Thu, Jan 28th 2010
Just a little bit thinner. ZenModz
Started by: ZenModz, 13 Days ago
Posts: 2
Views: 65
5 Days ago
DIY / Modificationspc build 2
Started by: Flyzii~, 16 Days ago(12)
Posts: 23
Views: 375
6 Days ago
Hardware DiscussionHeadset advice
Started by: Maka., 14 Days ago
Posts: 4
Views: 110
14 Days ago
Hardware Discus...DARK BASE PRO 900 [ORANGE] where to buy!?
Started by: SpotTheOzzie, 15 Days ago
Posts: 2
Views: 110
15 Days ago
Hardware DiscussionAMD Ryzen
Started by: s a b e r, 4 Weeks ago
Posts: 2
Views: 100
Gigabyte ANZ
3 Weeks ago
Hardware Discus...PC Build - Recommendations welcome
Started by: 3ss3nP, Tue, Feb 14th. 5:54pm(12)
Posts: 18
Views: 440
4 Weeks ago
DIY / ModificationsPC Upgrade help
Started by: PBucko, Sat, Feb 11th. 8:11pm
Posts: 3
Views: 270
Gigabyte ANZ
Wed, Feb 15th. 9:26pm
AIO Headphones
Started by: McDeeze, Thu, Feb 9th. 11:04pm
Posts: 1
Views: 130
Thu, Feb 9th. 11:30pm
Hardware DiscussionGood PC headset?
Started by: Swak, Thu, Jan 26th. 10:52am
Posts: 6
Views: 135
Fri, Jan 27th. 1:13pm
Gears of War 4 - ZenModz
Started by: ZenModz, Sun, Oct 2nd. 1:27pm(12)
Posts: 28
Views: 590
Wed, Jan 18th. 3:35pm
Hardware Discus...FTTN vs FTTH ping and latency
Started by: TAN_, Mon, Jan 16th. 3:24pm
Posts: 7
Views: 280
Mon, Jan 16th. 10:12pm
[POLL] Sound Card or DAC ?
Started by: ch00ka, Tue, Jan 10th. 11:22pm
Posts: 2
Views: 125
Wed, Jan 11th. 3:06pm
Best mic?
Started by: vadzor, Sun, Jan 8th. 8:47pm
Posts: 1
Views: 175
Sun, Jan 8th. 9:22pm
Hardware DiscussionOffice PC Build
Started by: GammaRayZeus, Sat, Jan 7th. 11:16pm
Posts: 4
Views: 220
Sun, Jan 8th. 4:04pm
Building new PC.
Started by: Maka., Wed, Dec 14th. 1:09pm
Posts: 7
Views: 240
Gigabyte ANZ
Wed, Jan 4th. 5:10pm
Just bought a Zowie FK1
Started by: slip*, Tue, Dec 20th. 6:19pm
Posts: 8
Views: 320
Fri, Dec 23rd. 2:07pm
Advice on PC Build
Started by: deanthegreek, Wed, Nov 16th. 9:24am(12)
Posts: 25
Views: 435
Mon, Dec 12th. 9:39am
Hardware DiscussionDual Monitor help
Started by: SPUDTASTIC, Sat, Dec 3rd. 9:09pm
Posts: 3
Views: 160
Gigabyte ANZ
Wed, Dec 7th. 4:42pm
NZ Desktop Build
Started by: McDeeze, Mon, Nov 14th. 1:04pm
Posts: 9
Views: 250
Gigabyte ANZ
Thu, Nov 24th. 7:25pm
Wireless help pls
Started by: McDeeze, Sat, Nov 12th. 1:11am
Posts: 10
Views: 325
Sun, Nov 13th. 1:44pm
Hardware Discus...Looking to Buy LGA 2011 Motherboard
Started by: ShaN1N, Thu, Oct 27th. 5:09pm
Posts: 3
Views: 155
Sun, Nov 13th. 12:25am
Hardware Discus...FINALMOUSE SCREAM ONE - First Edition
Started by: HydroxZ <3, Fri, Nov 11th. 3:40pm
Posts: 6
Views: 395
Sat, Nov 12th. 6:44pm
Hardware DiscussionPC Pre Built
Started by: moSdef, Wed, Oct 19th. 5:35pm(12)
Posts: 24
Views: 800
Thu, Nov 3rd. 10:19am
GTX980 or GTX 1060 6GB?
Started by: WallybR, Sun, Oct 23rd. 3:56pm(12)
Posts: 23
Views: 750
Tue, Nov 1st. 6:28pm
Hardware Discus...Estimated value of setup?
Started by: ArchieBRO, Mon, Oct 24th. 9:13pm
Posts: 5
Views: 295
Gigabyte ANZ
Tue, Nov 1st. 5:03pm
Hardware Discus...Best place to buy a keyboard
Started by: cens, Sun, Jul 10th 2016
Posts: 5
Views: 385
Wed, Oct 19th. 5:33pm
DIY / Modificat...1400-1500 PC Build help
Started by: DRK., Tue, Sep 27th. 7:15pm
Posts: 2
Views: 225
Gigabyte ANZ
Tue, Oct 11th. 2:34pm
Need Help Building Custom PC
Started by: Unknown Killa, Tue, Sep 13th. 9:50am
Posts: 5
Views: 160
Gigabyte ANZ
Tue, Sep 20th. 2:36pm
Hardware 3010 graphics card needed
Started by: pete123, Fri, Sep 9th. 10:38am
Posts: 4
Views: 245
Fri, Sep 16th. 12:38pm
Hardware Discussion970 Overclock?
Started by: Swak, Mon, Sep 12th. 12:37am
Posts: 8
Views: 435
Mon, Sep 12th. 9:00pm
help - new to PC (mouse and keyboard combo)
Started by: mrdch, Mon, Aug 8th 2016
Posts: 3
Views: 265
Gigabyte ANZ
Fri, Aug 12th 2016
Hardware Discus...Coming Soon: SteelSeries Rival 700
Started by: Mwave.ChrisD, Mon, Jan 18th 2016
Posts: 12
Views: 975
Sun, Aug 7th 2016
Need help with a gaming PC
Started by: Dougherty907, Mon, Jul 25th 2016(12)
Posts: 23
Views: 670
Gigabyte ANZ
Fri, Aug 5th 2016
Is this worth $500?
Started by: WallybR, Sun, Jul 10th 2016(12)
Posts: 19
Views: 2,042
Tue, Jul 12th 2016
Hardware Discussion1k pc build halp
Started by: firealien, Thu, Jul 7th 2016
Posts: 4
Views: 300
Fri, Jul 8th 2016
Hardware Discus...Computer won't boot after installing new power supply!?
Started by: Nikzzx, Fri, Jul 1st 2016
Posts: 1
Views: 315
Sat, Jul 2nd 2016
Hardware Discus...FPS Problem on all games.
Started by: Qwiskyy, Fri, Jul 1st 2016
Posts: 9
Views: 575
Fri, Jul 1st 2016
$2000 (give or take) PC Build
Started by: fvtaL, Thu, Jun 23rd 2016
Posts: 5
Views: 655
Fri, Jul 1st 2016
DOOM Cooler Master world series Case mod.
Started by: ZenModz, Sat, Apr 2nd 2016(123)
Posts: 36
Views: 3,757
Sun, Jun 19th 2016
What would change in this build?
Started by: deapthz, Wed, Jun 15th 2016
Posts: 4
Views: 550
Thu, Jun 16th 2016
FullHD Graphics card that won't be bottle necked?
Started by: WallybR, Wed, Jun 15th 2016
Posts: 7
Views: 670
Gigabyte ANZ
Wed, Jun 15th 2016
Graphics Card
Started by: Gamestah | Truc, Tue, Jun 7th 2016
Posts: 6
Views: 650
Gigabyte ANZ
Fri, Jun 10th 2016
DIY / Modificat...$1500-1700 pc build help
Started by: kevron, Sun, Jun 5th 2016(12)
Posts: 27
Views: 1,977
Tue, Jun 7th 2016
Best "Budget Graphics Card"
Started by: Gamestah | Truc, Sun, Jun 5th 2016
Posts: 3
Views: 300
Sun, Jun 5th 2016
Hardware Discus...Best displayport for 1440p res?
Started by: Nikzzx, Thu, May 26th 2016
Posts: 3
Views: 530
Sat, May 28th 2016
The Analog Mechanical Keyboard
Started by: VYYBZ~`,, Wed, May 25th 2016
Posts: 1
Views: 220
Wed, May 25th 2016
Hardware DiscussionBest Case To Get
Started by: mikeZy, Fri, May 20th 2016
Posts: 4
Views: 520
Mon, May 23rd 2016
CSGO Delay with movement/motion/mouse clicks
Started by: TAN_, Wed, May 18th 2016
Posts: 10
Views: 1,387
s a b e r
Thu, May 19th 2016
DIY / Modificat...PC Built - Custom Cooling Loop
Started by: vex, Wed, May 18th 2016
Posts: 5
Views: 465
Thu, May 19th 2016
Hardware Discus...Upgrading my GPU!?
Started by: Nikzzx, Tue, May 17th 2016(12)
Posts: 16
Views: 2,107
Wed, May 18th 2016
6700K or 5820k
Started by: TAN_, Sun, May 15th 2016(12)
Posts: 16
Views: 1,567
Mon, May 16th 2016
Hardware Discus...NVIDIA GTX 1080 Graphics Card - Request your Interest
Started by: Mwave.ChrisD, Mon, May 9th 2016
Posts: 14
Views: 1,155
Wed, May 11th 2016
Hardware Discus...Need a good Gaming Mouse help!
Started by: zekkii, Mon, May 9th 2016(12)
Posts: 16
Views: 1,215
Tue, May 10th 2016
[Question] Just bought a new pc - What next?
Started by: Bozsec, Sat, May 7th 2016
Posts: 5
Views: 760
Sun, May 8th 2016
Hardware Discus...Please recommend me some mechanical keyboards
Started by: dR., Wed, May 4th 2016
Posts: 7
Views: 820
Sat, May 7th 2016
Hardware Discus...Mechanical vs regular keyboard???
Started by: biggest_kid, Sun, Feb 14th 2016(12)
Posts: 18
Views: 2,647
Wed, May 4th 2016
BenQ 144hz DVI-D does not work
Started by: Richard "Gouche" Stacy, Fri, Apr 22nd 2016
Posts: 7
Views: 800
Richard "Gouche" Stacy
Sat, Apr 30th 2016
New CPU New GPU and still performing worse than before
Started by: HyperNut, Wed, Apr 27th 2016
Posts: 11
Views: 695
Fri, Apr 29th 2016
Hardware Discus...Seagate ST1000LX001 Review
Started by: SuperNova, Wed, Apr 27th 2016
Posts: 4
Views: 1,290
Fri, Apr 29th 2016
HDD selecting
Started by: VitaMinz, Fri, Apr 29th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 275
Fri, Apr 29th 2016
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