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DIY / Modifications - Sub Section of PC/Tech/Hardware Forum
Title Replies/Views Last Post By
pc build 2
Started by: Flyzii~, Wed, Mar 8th. 4:35pm(12)
Posts: 23
Views: 445
Sun, Mar 19th. 9:14am
PC Upgrade help
Started by: PBucko, Sat, Feb 11th. 8:11pm
Posts: 3
Views: 310
Gigabyte ANZ
Wed, Feb 15th. 9:26pm
1400-1500 PC Build help
Started by: DRK., Tue, Sep 27th 2016
Posts: 2
Views: 275
Gigabyte ANZ
Tue, Oct 11th 2016
$1500-1700 pc build help
Started by: kevron, Sun, Jun 5th 2016(12)
Posts: 27
Views: 2,112
Tue, Jun 7th 2016
PC Built - Custom Cooling Loop
Started by: vex, Wed, May 18th 2016
Posts: 5
Views: 475
Thu, May 19th 2016
Trouble building PC
Started by: BiG_ShredZ, Sat, Apr 16th 2016(12)
Posts: 17
Views: 1,777
Tue, Apr 19th 2016
Tips on pc Build
Started by: Flyzii~, Tue, Mar 22nd 2016(123)
Posts: 43
Views: 5,032
Tue, Mar 29th 2016
Need some help on my PC build...
Started by: DRK., Mon, Feb 29th 2016
Posts: 7
Views: 925
Tue, Mar 8th 2016
[REMOVED: Duplicate ] does this build work?
Started by: maroxy, Sun, Jan 31st 2016
Posts: 0
Views: 0
Thread Removed
Build thoughts?
Started by: defcoN, Fri, Jan 15th 2016(12)
Posts: 15
Views: 1,582
Mon, Jan 18th 2016
Need help building my pc
Started by: Kubix, Tue, Jan 12th 2016(12)
Posts: 19
Views: 895
Tue, Jan 12th 2016
$2000 pc build
Started by: Jokerz', Fri, Dec 11th 2015(12)
Posts: 16
Views: 1,422
Mon, Dec 28th 2015
Project Core XD
Started by: idpcmods, Sat, Oct 3rd 2015
Posts: 0
Views: 265
Sat, Oct 3rd 2015
Build V2
Started by: DerekGriggs93, Sun, Jul 12th 2015
Posts: 9
Views: 1,311
Wed, Jul 15th 2015
Build suggestions.
Started by: DerekGriggs93, Wed, Jul 8th 2015
Posts: 6
Views: 1,013
Thu, Jul 9th 2015
How should I upgrade my PC?
Started by: HPN.Destin, Mon, Mar 9th 2015
Posts: 12
Views: 1,245
s a b e r
Tue, Mar 10th 2015
New PC build
Started by: anton619, Sat, Nov 15th 2014
Posts: 4
Views: 890
Mon, Nov 17th 2014
Building my first PC, UPDATE
Started by: Smithy_947, Wed, Sep 24th 2014
Posts: 4
Views: 610
Thu, Sep 25th 2014
Building my first PC, HELP
Started by: Smithy_947, Sun, Aug 31st 2014
Posts: 3
Views: 515
Sun, Aug 31st 2014
Vox PC Build - Assembling the case
Started by: Talnoy, Mon, May 19th 2014
Posts: 14
Views: 1,537
Karma IT
Wed, May 21st 2014
Help me :D!
Started by: Grandma, Mon, May 19th 2014
Posts: 10
Views: 992
Mon, May 19th 2014
Started by: SuperNova, Sun, Apr 27th 2014
Posts: 3
Views: 635
Sun, Apr 27th 2014
Help with PC upgrading
Started by: Parkey, Mon, Apr 21st 2014
Posts: 7
Views: 940
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014
First Build <$3000 Help
Started by: Stoned CROW, Wed, Mar 5th 2014(12)
Posts: 27
Views: 3,111
Wed, Mar 5th 2014
Looking to get better cooling for my PC.
Started by: eXpire, Tue, Jan 21st 2014
Posts: 10
Views: 1,170
Tue, Jan 21st 2014
What should I add to my PC?
Started by: Balahke, Thu, Jan 16th 2014(12)
Posts: 25
Views: 2,106
Fri, Jan 17th 2014
PC build (updated)
Started by: AsX dominate, Mon, Aug 26th 2013(123)
Posts: 30
Views: 4,761
Sun, Jan 12th 2014
Custom PC Build 2014?
Started by: Taankie, Thu, Jan 2nd 2014
Posts: 5
Views: 1,185
Sun, Jan 5th 2014
Portable DVD burner
Started by: suboofa, Sun, Dec 15th 2013
Posts: 3
Views: 715
Sun, Dec 15th 2013
iTXosauras build log (1155 iTX dual loop build.)
Started by: natura, Sat, Dec 29th 2012(12)
Posts: 26
Views: 4,451
Sat, Nov 23rd 2013
New PC Build for a friend
Started by: BabieZ, Sun, Sep 22nd 2013(123)
Posts: 31
Views: 3,921
Tue, Oct 15th 2013
Please help me finish my build.
Started by: Ortsa, Tue, Sep 10th 2013
Posts: 3
Views: 1,015
Wed, Sep 11th 2013
[Help] Need Custom PC Build
Started by: Ritz., Sun, Sep 8th 2013(12)
Posts: 19
Views: 2,466
Wed, Sep 11th 2013
New PC Build
Started by: BabieZ, Tue, Aug 20th 2013(12)
Posts: 26
Views: 3,156
Thu, Sep 5th 2013
$2,200 PC build.
Started by: kouda, Tue, Aug 27th 2013(123)
Posts: 30
Views: 5,411
Wed, Aug 28th 2013
[HELP] Will this fit? What would I have to change to make it fit?
Started by: Muni, Sun, Aug 25th 2013
Posts: 10
Views: 1,035
Sun, Aug 25th 2013
Render rig for my bro (built)
Started by: Blaze182, Tue, Aug 20th 2013
Posts: 3
Views: 1,215
Wed, Aug 21st 2013
Build Ideas
Started by: NEO JUNGLA, Thu, Aug 15th 2013(12)
Posts: 21
Views: 2,631
Fri, Aug 16th 2013
Running both Headphones and Speakers
Started by: Sync., Thu, Aug 15th 2013(12)
Posts: 25
Views: 2,196
Thu, Aug 15th 2013
Victim of Ritmo Force 860 PSU
Started by: Wilson x, Sun, Jul 28th 2013
Posts: 12
Views: 2,256
Karma IT
Mon, Jul 29th 2013
corsair 650D powder coated
Started by: IXcrispyXI, Tue, Jul 16th 2013
Posts: 8
Views: 1,215
Wed, Jul 17th 2013
Minecraft Computer Build Help
Started by: -Nightmare, Sun, Jun 16th 2013(12)
Posts: 16
Views: 2,751
Wed, Jul 3rd 2013
Computer build
Started by: panthA, Mon, Jun 24th 2013(12)
Posts: 20
Views: 2,696
Mon, Jun 24th 2013
pc build help
Started by: Shriftyy, Fri, May 31st 2013
Posts: 11
Views: 1,716
Sat, Jun 1st 2013
Need help on $2000 PC Build
Started by: Dezibel, Wed, Mar 27th 2013(12)
Posts: 25
Views: 2,751
Mon, Apr 8th 2013
[POLL] custom build
Started by: Sean.PNG, Fri, Mar 22nd 2013(12)
Posts: 28
Views: 3,456
Karma IT
Sat, Mar 30th 2013
after some modding ideas.
Started by: GGEZLOL, Fri, Mar 22nd 2013(12)
Posts: 20
Views: 2,931
Sat, Mar 23rd 2013
Need help with a pc build
Started by: Mackkaa, Sat, Feb 16th 2013(12)
Posts: 15
Views: 2,856
Mon, Feb 18th 2013
PC Build Help/Suggestions
Started by: radie, Wed, Jan 30th 2013(12)
Posts: 26
Views: 2,676
Karma IT
Fri, Feb 1st 2013
What should I upgrade? [File Attached]
Started by: -Nightmare, Sat, Jan 19th 2013(12345)
Posts: 67
Views: 6,456
Mon, Jan 21st 2013
Overclock easily WITH...
Started by: B-Dragon, Tue, Jan 1st 2013
Posts: 11
Views: 1,597
dos equis
Tue, Jan 1st 2013
Budget $800 Gaming Computer Build
Started by: freaqzz, Thu, Nov 22nd 2012
Posts: 10
Views: 2,801
Thu, Nov 22nd 2012
Microsoft Keyboard Mod?
Started by: Cris!, Sat, Nov 10th 2012(123)
Posts: 30
Views: 3,621
Sun, Nov 11th 2012
Build me a PC.
Started by: dashwOw, Wed, Oct 10th 2012(12345)
Posts: 67
Views: 7,396
Sat, Oct 13th 2012
PC build
Started by: /Antje, Wed, Oct 10th 2012
Posts: 7
Views: 1,214
Sat, Oct 13th 2012
Build Log
Started by: GGEZLOL, Fri, Jul 6th 2012(12)
Posts: 22
Views: 3,096
Tue, Oct 2nd 2012
Need feedback on this case fan mod
Started by: emkLAD, Sun, Sep 9th 2012(12)
Posts: 17
Views: 2,606
Mon, Sep 10th 2012
PC Mod Log #2- Mini Mods
Started by: emkLAD, Fri, Aug 24th 2012(12)
Posts: 16
Views: 3,096
Fri, Aug 24th 2012
Corsair 500r full w/c loop 2011 socket.
Started by: natura, Sun, Jul 8th 2012(12)
Posts: 17
Views: 4,656
Thu, Jul 26th 2012
Gaming PC Help
Started by: Disciple v, Tue, Jul 24th 2012(12)
Posts: 20
Views: 2,766
Thu, Jul 26th 2012
Lian Li Q11R Joke build (Repost in right section)
Started by: natura, Sun, Jul 8th 2012
Posts: 6
Views: 1,289
Wed, Jul 25th 2012
New Computer: What should I use?
Started by: Techn0v0re, Wed, Jun 13th 2012
Posts: 13
Views: 2,376
Thu, Jun 14th 2012
Kinzuadder tutorial anyone?
Started by: nekzU, Sun, Jun 10th 2012
Posts: 9
Views: 3,051
Tue, Jun 12th 2012
[Info] How to install this CPU Cooler and how noisy is it?
Started by: PCTechGear, Sun, Jun 10th 2012
Posts: 2
Views: 1,140
Sun, Jun 10th 2012
[LOCKED] The ASUS Motherboard repair kit :D
Started by: KarlosGaming, Sun, Jun 3rd 2012
Posts: 8
Views: 2,231
Sun, Jun 3rd 2012
oMgBlood's Build Log +Phantom 410+
Started by: oMgBlood, Tue, Apr 10th 2012(1234)
Posts: 49
Views: 6,141
Fri, May 25th 2012
[Image] Just had this custom gaming computer built tell me what you think? [File Attached]
Started by: killer insticed, Mon, May 14th 2012(12)
Posts: 29
Views: 3,771
Tue, May 22nd 2012
Mouse feet/skates replacements in NZ?
Started by: chuckk, Fri, May 11th 2012
Posts: 7
Views: 2,001
Fri, May 11th 2012
Ska's new (sort of) build.
Started by: ska', Wed, Mar 28th 2012(1234567)
Posts: 97
Views: 9,436
Wed, Apr 18th 2012
pc build? (does it go here?) build log *2-3 weeks to go few parts to buy still
Started by: ScoTTy-, Wed, Mar 21st 2012(1234)
Posts: 48
Views: 5,826
Thu, Mar 29th 2012
Pc build number 2 fractal arc mid
Started by: ScoTTy-, Fri, Mar 23rd 2012
Posts: 1
Views: 1,259
Fri, Mar 23rd 2012
modding my spare mx518 <3
Started by: GGEZLOL, Tue, Mar 20th 2012
Posts: 6
Views: 3,036
Wed, Mar 21st 2012
New Section - DIY / Modifications
Started by: GGEZLOL, Wed, Mar 21st 2012
Posts: 10
Views: 1,387
Wed, Mar 21st 2012
Added SubSection: DIY / Modifications
Started by: Powered by: DoS, Tue, Mar 20th 2012
Posts: 2
Views: 1,140
Powered by: DoS
Tue, Mar 20th 2012
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