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DOTA2 Recruiting
4k5+ LFP (vietnamese team)
Looking to make or join a team.
LF2M - 3k+
Hey Everyone regarding dota 2 teams
Looking For Players 4k+ (pos 3,4,5)
3.5k player. im a good dota player looking for competent others.
3.5k mmr player looking for a team. also looking for pos 1 or 2.
looking for a team.
3.4 player looking for a team.
LFP 1 Role - Salty Stack
[3.5K+] Looking For Postions 1,4,5
Looking for Pos 1 or 4 Player for a serious team!
Looking for players 4.5k+ Pos 3,4,5
Riotous looking for a player that can play any role 1-5 4k plus
LFT 4.8k playing core but can change
5.8k LFT
Looking for SERIOUS team 4K
LF scrimming partner
4k player looking for serious team
LFT New To Competitive
WANG Esports looking for a team!
4.5k player just looking for a team with a brain.
LFP 3.5k Pos 1 and 3/4/5
LFT 4k pos 1/2/3
LFP - TI6 Open Qualifers/Anyother times
Looking for 3rd pos and 5th pos
LFT - TI6 Open Qual - 4.8k Pos 3/4/5
lookin for peeps to play with
LFT Amateur/open pos 1/2/3
LFT 4.6k can play any role
LFT pos 3,4,5
Team looking for Mid/Core player for CGa team ~4k
TEAM LADS - 17+ -------------------- 1 OPEN POSITIONS! updated 15/06/16
LFT 5.1k carry
LF Team ; 3.7k solo and 3.9k party MMR (NSW)
LFT #3
5.4k LFT
Support player looking for team
Dismay eSports Looking for Members.
Looking for proper competitive team (Melbourne)
LFT 4.5k pos1
LFT | Manager Position
#1 AUS Team LF Partnership
LFT 3.5k-4k mmr
5K Offlaner LFT
Dismay Esport is looking for pos 4/5 5k+ to play in CGp
[LFM] :: At`Ez eSports 4k MMR+
3.8k~ team looking for two dedicated players of any role
3 - 4k mmr team LF scrim !
hard carry 4K MMR here looking to join any team, mmr doesnt really matter
looking for support player 4kmmr +
Looking for 3-4k hard carry
Sapphire eSports LFM Postions 3 4 5
2ezy { Recruiting Dota 2 Players Any Mmr
LF3M for a team trying to get into the scene
[4k+] Looking for a pos 2 / 4 / 5
LF Position 4 Player 4.5k+
2 Members at 3K MMR looking for casual team
Looking for casual friends to play with (4.5k+)
Looking for positions 1,2 4k mmr +
Experienced player looking for team to grow with.
i[97] sister clan to be created
Team Aspyre Recruiting
Pure | eSports 3k+ looking for positions 2,3,4,5
Looking for 5k+ Carry and Offlaner
Strife LFM!
InVidious DotA 2 - Looking for Support Player
Looking for competitive dota team
LF Mid Player 4.4k+
Looking for position 5 player
Looking for a semi-pro team
Hi Guys ! New to the dota scene:)
looking for a team
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