DOTA2 Recruiting
DotA 2 Recruitment Templates
LFP in melb
Looking for a team. pos 3 - Offlane
Looking for Final player, Pos1 for New Pro Dota 2 Team
D o M - LFT
Dota 2 Career Focused Team
Serious Team looking for Players!! High 4k (4.7k+)
4.3k mmr carry/mid player looking for team to play often :)
Pos 4/5 LFT
Looking for 3 players
[Perth] Looking for two 4k+ players to join our team!
POS 4/5 Looking for a team 3k-4k
Fever Clan - Recruiting Dota 2 Members!
LFT 5k+ pos 1/3/4 looking for 5k+ average team Melbourne
LFP pos3-2
LFP: 4-5k MMR Perth Team
LFP vietnamese ~5k team
The Last Spartans Looking for Players
4K Safelaner Looking for a stable team to play in
Team Raaz is recruiting!
looking for 5k+ players, can possibly go for 4k
LFT 4K player
looking for 5k + team
recruiting for this weeks bukkakecup and championscup
LF team
Looking for 2 players to make team 3-4K mmr
Looking for a serious Position 4/5 Player
LFP 4.5k+ Pos 4/5
Need Positions 5,3. 4k Team ( 18+ )
Looking For Team
LFP Vietnamese 5k > team
Serenity Esports looking for a competitive Dota 2 Team
Looking for pos2,4,5 Mmr-4.5+
LFT pos 3
LF 5.5k+ pos 3 player
Made a Oceanic Dota Discord channel, come join and make it grow!
Tsunami "Miracle" swept all away..
Dota 2 ? Sumail - Lear to play and buide Tiny with Sumail..
Looking for Players in Sydney. Going to make a team.
5k player looking for a team
LFT 3.5K pos 1/3
LFT 4.5k will play any position :)
LF committed 5k + offlaner
LF a preferrably 5k+ offlane or support player
LFT 6k pos 1
LF pos4/5 support player and mid player for 5.5k plus team
Fever Clan - Recruiting
LF 4-5k support player
Looking to pick up a team
LFT Position 5 Support Player.
AUS - LFT to play casually with 2.5 - 3.2k
[LFM] * Team Reticent Recruiting 4.5k MMR+ (Fresh Team)
Looking for Pos 1 Player for a serious team!
Looking for Team. Pos 4/5
Starting New Team 4K+
LFT 4K mmr (pos 1)
DrinkBeer Open Requitment !
Looking for Team 4.9k Melb Player
Looking For Player's Pos 3 4k
LF Mates/Team
LFT with serious, committed players 4K [Pos. 1/2/3]
looking for scrim
2k looking for semi casual team
3.5k + Looking for solid active team
Lf position 4/5 player 4k+
LFP 5k+ pos 1
Looking to pick up a team.
Looking for a team with serious players minimum 2k maximum unlimited Cheers
LFP 5k offlane and mid
LFP 4k+ players
Australia's newest team is in search of 2 more players.
4k5+ LFP (vietnamese team)
Looking to make or join a team.
LF2M - 3k+
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