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Title:Mouse Rate Checker
Origin: Australia
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Description:This little program measures and displays the sample rate of a mouse,
i.e. how often the mouse sends information to your computer.
It just measures the time between two "WM_MOUSEMOVE" messages
and calculates the frequency.
There are programs to increase the sample rate of PS/2 mice to
make the cursor movement smoother.

To check your mouse's sample rate, just move the mouse quickly over
the Mouse Rate Checker window until the average rate stays constant.

It's possible that the rate is a bit inaccurate, especially at
high rates (>=100 Hz). Try to uncheck the "show current rate" checkbox,
which should lower CPU usage and close all other applications.
If it's still inaccurate, blame Windows, not my program. ;-)

Tested on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 but of course you
use this program on your own risk.
Mouse Rate Checker 1.1b is Freeware.
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