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[PS4] BO3: 4v4 Leagues Selections ~ Season One

in PS by Pagie - Feb 10th 2016
[PS4] BO3: 4v4 Leagues Selections ~ Season One

4v4 Leagues Selections ~ Season One

Welcome all,

We have reached one of our most anticipated times of the year, leagues selections. For some, relief will be had as the hard work and great results have paid off over the couple of months the game has been out, where others will be disappointed as they have barely missed out. For those who do not make leagues, you can still play on the CGo ladder, as well as our Pro Circuit tournaments, which we will use to see if you deserve a shot at leagues for Season 2.All teams selected here have until 11:59 PM on 14th Feburary to pay all their fees so they are eligible to compete. Without further adieu, lets jump right into the selections.


We kick it off with our CGi league, where you will get a taste of the best up-and-coming talent as well as some experienced players as well. With what is a stacked lineup of teams, expect CGi to be intense this season, as everyone fights to be crowned season one champions. Join the PS Admin team as we congratulate the following teams for making CGi:

  • Incept: Cruze / Sezleyy / Qwezey / Jaytex
  • Censor40: Luke / Swifty / Skrzm / Vrnzn
  • My First Pick: Advin / Potato / Lachy / Faded / Glodek
  • Happy To Be Here: Lakie / Wolfy / Jahzn / Pred / Beastn
  • Grudge Gaming: Enable / Brice / Rusiate / Resch / Setzy
  • VPFG: Vuqe / Perko / Forbzy / Gunzel

Note: Could all teams selected here go and make a team here.


With so many teams with great lineups, its hard to really choose who should round out CGi. We have decided to give the following teams a shot to prove their worth, as they compete in a Round Robin Tournament where each team will play each other once with the T2 teams going into CGi and the bottom two going into CGd. Wish the following teams the best of luck as the have one last attempt to reach CGi.

  • Overdose: Suttoh / Quizzeh / Haatez /Fayking
  • TBABRUV: Deadline / Rusty / Hamoza / Squntie / Lucks
  • Fury: Jultegra / District / Velznn / Blakey15 / Zym
  • Ronin: Iinx / nexis / metzRm / LF1 (Subject to change due to incomplete roster)

Any team found to have thrown a game will be disqualified from all leagues and subsequently banned from competing in all CyberGamer matches.
Note: Could all teams selected here go and make a team here.


With all the support from the community, the PS Admin team have decided to run two pools of CGd. We have picked the best 16 teams to compete in CGd, and wish all participants the best of luck. With the competition split, some adjustments have been made to how finals will work. Instead of the Top 4 going through, the Top 2 from each pool will move into finals, which will run in traditional format. With that said, join us in welcoming the following teams to CGd:

  • 4Not: Tearzy / Jolt / Stryde / Vio
  • Myth: Snopey / Smiley / Gus / Lyaah
  • Paragon Esports: Lynximal / Zeus_is_life / xTates / xxJulo
  • u3ESC: Stusyy / Vurk / Jangles / Infuze
  • Unforgiven: Aveerse / Riptal / Entice / Crimmzah
  • Deceptive: Mortar. / Jahovuk / Jazalinko / Dreamz.
  • Major Key: Lomax / Vadz / Fiberz / Jayzee / Afqi
  • Overload: Imagine / Tyson / Hazzy / Swak
  • Team Risen: Dynasty / Versn / Trimaq / Fallen / FrenzyGee
  • Arsenic: Kommbat / Lxthal / Cushite / Russell / Flixohh
  • Nova Red: JizkyGod / Krish / Shrimpy / Percussion / Rune x Scape
  • TBA: ItzCurry / Leeds / Zovak / Trent
  • TBA2: Rapids / SolomoneK / Askgy / LazyBully
  • TBA3: Strxfe / Flaxity / Shockz / /Mara / Hazard

Pool 1Pool 2
Loser 1 FFYI
Paragon Esports
Major key
Team Risen
Nova Red
Loser 2 FFYI

Note: Could all teams selected here go and make a team here.

That wraps up all the selections for Season One leagues. Another thread will be released closer to leagues commencing with fixtures, etc. for the entire leagues so keep your eyes out for that. Feel free to leave your thoughts and predictions on each league. For the FFYI we will be in contact with you ASAP in regards to matches. Finally, we would like to thank everyone for making this possible, with you continued support we will aim to bring you bigger and better competitions that everyone can enjoy. If you have any questions about leagues feel free to make a Support Ticket and we will get around to you as quickly as we can.

Many Thanks,
PS Admin team

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Rocket League - Mwave CGPL Autumn Week One

in PC by Cyanide. - Feb 10th 2016
Rocket League - Mwave CGPL Autumn Week One The wait is finally over, and we are now heading into the first weeks action of the Mwave CGPL Autumn 2016. Kicking off the launch for this season is Rocket League, and the action starts tonight. Three blockbuster games will be coming to you live from 8pm AEDST. Join the talented commentary line up for every heart pounding goal as all teams will fight against each other in 5 matches.

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CGPL Autumn Division placements

in PC by Brucy - Feb 8th 2016
CGPL Autumn Division placements With less than a week away the Mwave CGPL Autumn 2016 CG Professional, Intermediate and Main divisions teams have been selected and announced.

With the first CGp matches scheduled for Thursday next week this season shall deliver on being the biggest to date.

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XCOM 2 Giveaway with G2A.COM and CyberGamer

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Feb 6th 2016
XCOM 2 Giveaway with G2A.COM and CyberGamer Overview
Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces and XCOM, the planet's last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda below and eliminating all who dissent from their new order.Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to rise from the ashes, expose the insidious truth behind the occupation, and eliminate the alien threat once and for all.

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[BO3] 4v4 CGp League Cancellation - Season 1

in PS by Voltris - Feb 4th 2016
[BO3] 4v4 CGp League Cancellation - Season 1 Hello everyone,

Let me first start by saying this is in no means a bad thing at all and that only the CGp 4v4 league is cancelled, all other league divisions are still going ahead as scheduled. Please read further for details on how other League divisions are affected by this.

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Tournament Rules Reminder!

in PS by FastFeet__ - Jan 29th 2016
Tournament Rules Reminder! Hey everyone,

With the Tournament System having great turnouts over the past couple of months, we want to remind everyone about a couple of things and what NOT to do. Hopefully once everyone has seen this there wont be any more issues like these any time soon.

Just recently we have noticed players thinking its fine to enter incorrect scores while still playing the game or just being sore loser and trying to take the win after the match is finished. Let me remind EVERYONE this should not be happening and if any admin sees this again ban will be placed.

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Plantronics Join the Mwave CGPL Autumn team a...

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Jan 29th 2016
Plantronics Join the Mwave CGPL Autumn team as MVP sponsors Welcome Everyone,
CyberGamer is very happy to announce that Plantronics will be joining us this season for the Mwave CGPL Autumn as a MVP Sponsor. Previous seasons we have always recognized players who has stood above the rest with an outstanding performance. This season not only will they be recognized for excellence, but with the support of Plantronics will be walking away some with cool prizes as well.

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Rocket League - Mwave CGPL Autumn Talent Lineup

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 29th 2016
Rocket League - Mwave CGPL Autumn Talent Lineup Australia's best Rocket League teams will spend 7 weeks and 25 matches battling it out for a invite to the offline event in Sydney. Joining them will be Oceanic's best and leading commentary talent assembled from Gamestah TV and the best from the freelance world.

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XB1 Pro Circuit Announcement

in XBOX by Cyanide. - Jan 27th 2016
XB1 Pro Circuit Announcement Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce with the huge increase in site activity that we are now able to bring you the CyberGamer Pro Circuit! Every day there will be tournaments for the 4v4 game modes which will award Circuit Points. Each month there will be a final tournament consisting of the top 8 teams based on total Circuit points for that month. These 8 teams will playoff for a minimum prize pool of $1000.

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[PS4] CyberGamer Pro Circuit - Announcement

in PS by Fushan - Jan 27th 2016
[PS4] CyberGamer Pro Circuit - Announcement Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce with the huge increase in site activity that we are now able to bring you the CyberGamer Pro Circuit! Every day there will be tournaments for 4v4 and 5v5 game modes which will award Circuit Points. Each month there will be a final tournament consisting of the top 8 teams based on total Circuit points for that month. These 8 teams will playoff for a prize pool of $1,500 for both 4v4 and 5v5!

To participate in the CyberGamer Pro Circuits players must pay a base entry fee of $20 for the game mode they wish to participate in. You will not be able to earn Circuit Points without having paid this entry fee.

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CGAC - Version 2.1.0 Released!

in PC by miss - Jan 26th 2016
CGAC - Version 2.1.0 Released! As the title says, new version of our own anti-cheat has been released. Unfortunately everyone who has already been using it will need to install the program again. Reason for this are numerous backend changes and a new license agreement.

Been working on new update for last two months and not gonna bore you with technical details and things you don't need to know, so here are just the most interesting changes for public:

- Added Settings. From there you can reset config, change hotkeys, default server (before login) and behavior of the program after game closes.
- Ton of code optimizations. Fixed several important memory leaks as well.
- Site news will now load after the client interface has been initialized, startup time should be significantly reduced by this change.
- You can now open site news by double clicking them.
- Added support for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
- Client now supports Steam. Origin can be added in future as well.

Click on "Read more" to see the rest of the changes.

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CGPL Interview: Dexter from Chiefs.ESC

in PC by CSGO Content - Jan 26th 2016
CGPL Interview: Dexter from Chiefs.ESC Greetings, fellow CyberGamer users!

Tonight, I bring you the first piece of a new series called "Who's that player?" brought to you by the Content Team. We thought it was a good idea for the community to get to know the players competing at a high level in our scene, especially the newer members who have only picked up CS:GO as their first iteration of the Counter-Strike series. Another reason for these interviews, is to keep the community entertained for the largest season we've seen yet of the upcoming CyberGamer Premier League, which will be featuring over $18,000, split between CS:GO, CoD: Black Ops III and Rocket League. Of course, the Counter-Strike community obtained the higher stick of the straw with more than $10,000 spread out across our newly announced divisions.

First up, we have Chris "Dexter" Nong, also known as the "Dexturret" from our very own Chiefs eSports Club, to discuss on several things including their upcoming trip to IEM Taipei, their thoughts for CGPL and its changes for this season.

G'day mate, how have you been?

Dexter: I've been great man, been really busy lately.

Let's start off with you telling us a quick history of your career as a player and how it eventually led to you playing for one of Oceania's premier eSports organisations, Chiefs.ESC?

Dexter: Basically I started out playing CGa in 2014, where we dropped out in the groups sadly. I decided to start a new adventure with Nova Gaming, which later became SYF Gaming. We came 2nd in the CGPL Season 3 Division 2 Online Finals. Next season was the explosive one for me, as I got to play at ACL Melbourne where we came Top 4. After that, the team attended the largest CS:GO event in Australia, Crown's $55,555 Invitational . Unfortunately, we never got the chance to play the two international teams (Cloud9 and Virtus.Pro) that came over, since we didn't make it to the final stage. However, it was nice meeting them, especially n0thing (Cloud9) and NEO (Virtus.Pro). We came Top 4 in the Division 1 ladder stages in CGPL Season 4 straight after that. During the summer break of 2015, I was asked by Lightstep to join and help revamp the spirits and roster of Chiefs ESC. That's the quick history of me :D

So what did you think made it possible for your team to beat Team Immunity in the Grand Finals of the Invite Qualifier, arguably the No.1 team in our region? And what was going on in Teamspeak at that moment when your team won?

Dexter: We had a lot of experience from playing Team Immunity in the past. Zewsy, Lightstep and CHRiSOAOW knew how Immunity would play and the pace at which they played. We won the first map on de_cbble against them, I think it was partly because of my experience on how Team Immunity played after losing to them in overtime at CGPL when I was in SYF. We remembered how they played and just played to our strengths, because why would anyone change something when its been working for the last 6 months. On the final map, de_inferno, we discussed pre-game and agreed to use our HE grenades effectively. This is because Immunity are an extremely aggressive team, and will try to force us to use our nades early in the round. Following this plan, we were able to shut down two key rounds just using HE nades. Our overall communication and teamwork was on point, which was what we needed to beat Australia's No.1 team. When we won in the end, there was a lot of yelling going on in Teamspeak but I was distracted. That was because I accidentally knocked my knee into the wall and it started bleeding. Anyway, it was a great feeling overall!

Unfortunately, your teammate, CHRiSOAOW, tweeted on Twitter couple of days later that he couldn't attend due to visa issues. With some successful trolling from your team, I was fooled to believe that your coach, jimNeso was going to attend. Apparently, that is not the case. Who is the mysterious fifth person and why was he chosen as the replacement?

Dexter: Hahaha, sorry Flam3z :D . TopguN was chosen as our 5th for Taipei, not entirely because of his raw skill, but the attitude he would bring that would be missing when CHRiSOAOW couldn't play. That's what a team needs, positive attitudes going into the big games. It is what Azad brings to the team, he keeps everyone in the right mind set with his experience and I couldn't be more thankful for that. So the team will consist of me, TopguN, Zewsy, Lightstep and Burnruok. Tucks won't be with us because of his ESL ban, which will end in July this year.

Alongside your fellow countrymen, LA Renegades, your team will be playing against the best teams in Asia at the Minor. What are your expectations for this event and how are you preparing for it?

Dexter: We have looked at some games and analyzed our competition apart from LA Renegades. To be honest, after reviewing the competition, I expect us to come Top 4. Not that I'll be disappointed if we don't, but I truely believe that we are able to rise to the occasion. Four of the team members are bootcamping, and I need to skip because of work/travel issues. This means everyone else is currently in Brisbane bootcamping and I'll be the only one playing online at home. I will be trying to stay on as long as I can be, to follow any new developments.

In a recent article I've read about one of the Chinese teams attending, TyLoo, suddenly withdrew from the Rising Stars tournament that they were still apart of. As a consequence, they were banned indefinitely. Their reason was to save strats and prepare for IEM Taipei. How do you think the team will compare when you face them potentially?

Dexter: I think them saying "saving strats" as a team, is a bad idea. I'm going to assume now that their playstyle will be one "strat" orientated. My team will know how to use our utilities against them more effectively. I reckon when we face the team, it will come down to who is on point on the day individually, with communication playing a big part to it too.

What are your thoughts on the recent changes CyberGamer has made? Adding a new division, following the changes set by ESL and the new rumoured Anti-Cheat are some of the few examples if you've forgotten.

Dexter: I think the changes CyberGamer has made are awesome, with the gameplay, rule changes and a extra division. The lord and savior, defcoN and Brucy, have truely delivered this season with the new format along with adding e-bot to the servers. All the changes are great additions to keep the community alive and strong!

Last season of CGPL, you were seen playing for SYF Gaming in Division 1 qualifying for the LAN Finals at PAX Australia. Alongside Legacy eSports, your team was unable to attend. What happened?

Dexter: Because we were not 100% confirmed to be Top 4, and going to PAX, there was little preparation for the coming weekend that we as a team couldn't handle. Therefore, the team decided it was best to not attend, as it would be against our best interests financially.

Another similar situation occurred later too, but this time it was the organisers skipping you guys for Oceania's first season of the Counter Pit League. Did missing out the LAN Finals of CGPL contribute to this, and what were the (SYF) team's reactions when you all found out?

Dexter: I honestly don't know if missing CGPL Finals contributed to it. Suprisingly, I was not bothered by missing out on Counter Pit League because we would have been forced to rush into the season unprepared. The rest of the team was extremely disappointed and a bit angry if you remember back then.

Lastly, regarding the CyberGamer's Summer Slam II FFYI, who do you predict will be the final 6 teams to join your CGp division this season? And who are the threats to look out for this upcoming season, including the ones that have received an invite?

Dexter: I think for the Summer Slam II, the teams to go through are Alpha Sydney, Corvidae, Citadel, Sequential Gaming, Vital Gaming and Avant. It's difficult to predict because every other team is inconsistent in their results with the exceptions of Alpha Sydney, Vital and Corvidae. The threats I believe will be Legacy eSports, Vox Eminor and Team Immunity. They're the teams that can come out guns blazing and still stay consistent in their results. Alpha Sydney is another team to watch out for, if you're not use to their playstyle. I personally think the differences in playstyle from last year's Division 1 and Division 2 teams coming into CGp will be the main reason the Top 5 teams drop maps. That is because you would expect the top 5 teams to change things, and adapt or evolve, which makes mind games more prevalent. However, the other teams will sometimes refuse to change their set-ups, because of the lack of experience in dealing with the top teams. This is why I believe there are going to be major upsets in this coming season.

Thank you for giving up some of your time for this. Given the immense amount of support you received from the community, is there anything you would like to say to them? Also, any shout outs you would like to make?

Dexter: I would like to say a massive thank you to all the people I've met, and said hello to in the community servers who show their support for me and the team. I couldn't be more thankful for it. I want to also thank the Chiefs Organisation, the managers and our major sponsors (Logitech, Nvidia and Redbull) for all that they've done in making mine and Burnruok's transition into the team so smooth and enjoyable!

Good luck to the Chiefs.ESC this week at IEM Taipei! You can all come support them and catch the action live on stream against their first opponent, MVP.Karnal.

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