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PC: PC: CSGO off-season series #3
Status: Running - Finals in progress
Prizes: $1,550.00
PC: Challenger's Cup Split One Open Day 2
Status: Running - Single Elimination
Time: 12:00pm 23/4/17
Prizes: 15 days of premium
PC: CSGO Monday Tournament
Time: 7:30pm 24/4/17
Prizes: 125 days of premium
PC: Monday Rocket League 3v3
Time: 7:30pm 24/4/17
Prizes: 20 days of premium
PC: CSGO Tuesday Free Tournament
Time: 7:30pm 25/4/17
Prizes: 58 days of premium
PC: $120 Overwatch Weekly
Time: 7:30pm 25/4/17
Prizes: $120.00
PC: CSGO Wednesday - The Big One
Time: 7:20pm 26/4/17
Prizes: $120.00
PC: Wednesday Rocket League 3v3
Time: 7:30pm 26/4/17
Prizes: $120.00
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[IW] Season 1 CGp & CGm Relegation Info

in PS by GIBERER - Apr 20th 2017

Welcome all,

Today we are happy to begin the long awaited journey to the second season of CGPL. This weekend, 8 teams will battle it out to determine the final 4 teams in CGp as well as who will round out CGm for season 2. For some, this is just another step in the journey to finally playing at a LAN event, while others look to defend their crown. Also, as per the S1 FFYI's the relegations will require premium to compete as they are a league event. This is a non negotiable and must be purchased before competing.

We would also like to congratulate the following teams on being automatically invited to the compete in S2 of CGp due to their impressive performances in S1 which includes:

  • ChiefsESC
  • Tainted Minds
  • Validate
  • JJJM

Due to SYF Gaming not committing to S2, JJJM (One half of Validate from S1) was chosen to take their place.

CGp Relegations

The CGp relegation will take place this weekend and will feature some well established up and coming teams in the scene, as they battle it out to determine who will make the cut for S2 of CGp. On behalf of the entire CG admin team, we would like to congratulate all the teams selected and hope their hard work pays off for them.


Date: Saturday 22nd April
Tournanment Link:
Ruleset: 4v4 COD World League Ruleset
Format: Best of 5, Double Elimination
Entry: Premium is required as it is a league event.

The following are the teams that were chosen to compete in the CGp Relegation:

  • SSU
  • Rage Red
  • StompTheYard
  • macncheese
  • CCSI
  • Prodigy
  • Prodigy Blue
  • Get a grip

Order is indicative of seeding. Teams that qualified through CGp/m placings were given higher seeds and the wildcards were seeded among themselves.

CGm Relegations

For many, CGm is the pathway to CGp. For many teams who proved themselves in CGa, this is their shot at being able to compete in CGm and continue their journey to potentially competing in CGp as well as at a LAN final.


Date: Saturday 22nd April
Tournanment Link:
Ruleset: 4v4 COD World League Ruleset
Format: Best of 5, Double Elimination
Entry: Premium is required as it is a league event.

All of the teams invited to CGm relegation have either proven themselves individually or as a team during or after S1. The 8 teams invited to compete are:

  • Rage Black
  • Validate
  • TeamIrisGG
  • Empyre eSports
  • TBA {Rememzy | Fatal | Fraized | Rapids}
  • TBA2 {Muurphy | Fultless | Illxsionz | TemptsAu-}
  • TBA3 {Zolt_ | Blewka | Dazzinator | vZingg}
  • PreVail eSports

Order is indicative of seeding. Teams that qualified through CGm/a placings were given higher seeds and the wildcards were seeded among themselves.
Note: 'TBA' is a placeholder for teams who have not provided a team name upon registration. A team name must be provided before the league commences. For these teams to identify themselves, the lineups have been placed beside the team name.

Many Thanks,
PS Admin team

CGPL Winter 2017 CGp Relegations

in PC by Cyanide. - Apr 16th 2017

We have to start off with a BIG congratulations to all divisional winners for the Predator CGPL Autumn series.

CGp ( invited to championships )
Chiefs Esports Club - $5501
Avant Garde - $2500

Athletico - $1250
Funky Monkeys - $750

Australian E-Sports Masters

in PC, PS, XBOX: General by Asterix - Apr 14th 2017

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the Australian E-Sports Masters website.

In an effort to create accessible competitive LANs on a much more frequent scale in the Oceanic region, CyberGamer has launched our new sister site that will play host to these competitions.

To kick things off with a bang we are excited to announce the first competition the Australian E-Sports Masters will host, a $9,000 eight team CSGO event with an online qualifying process in the form of a mini league open to all. The online component will feature a best of three swiss format and run for approximately two months. There will be no skill bracket separation outside of the default swiss pairings.

Swiss format starts everyone at 0W - 0L and will pair you in a match with a team on the same wins and losses as you each round. All qualifier matches are BO3. The qualifiers will be roughly 7 rounds and will continue until the top 8 is known. To save you from wasting your time you will be eliminated from the qualifiers if you reach 4 losses. Your matches will be scheduled via offering/accepting times, similar to CyberGamer.

Signups are open now and will close on April 27th.

The LAN Format will feature two groups of four in a BO1 round robin competition with the top two teams progressing to the BO3 finals single elimination bracket on the second day. The LAN finals is scheduled for July 1st and 2nd in Adelaide at the CG Studio, 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA.

Please find the full details below.

Name: Australian Esports Masters #1

Format: Swiss online qualifiers into top 8 LAN

Entry Fee: $100 Per team

Prize Pool:
1st - $3000
2nd - $2000
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $500

Online Qualifiers: Starts April 27th, register here.

Lan Venue: CyberGamer Studio, Adelaide, July 1st + 2nd. 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown.

Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)

Expression of interest: new LAN competition

in PC by Asterix - Apr 10th 2017

Hello CSGO players, now that CG has a studio, we're considering starting up a new competition with LAN finals. This would be done as a new brand on it's own independent website, but run by CyberGamer.

The format I'm thinking of currently would run something like the following (ignore dates, they are just posted as a guide for season length for flights etc):

Entry fee per team:

Online Qualifier #1
Sunday May 7th: 10am-10pm - Double Elimination, top 4 teams make it to LAN

Online Qualifier #2
Sunday May 14th: 10am-10pm - Double Elimination, top 4 teams make it to LAN

LAN Finals:
Saturday+Sunday June 3rd-4th

Prize pool:
1st: $3,500
2nd: $2,500
3rd: $1,000
4th: $1,000
5th: $500
6th: $500
7th: $500
8th: $500

Total: $10,000

The alternative format would be a 4-5 week online season of some fashion, likely swiss format:

Anyway, the competition's aim is essentially for a LAN final to occur every 6-8 weeks with essentially zero down-time between seasons if possible.

Please vote in the poll above if you would be interested in something like this as i'm unsure whether the scene wants in an additional recurring LAN competition. I think it is only sustainable if there is at least 50 teams interested, and basically won't bother pursuing the idea any further if there isn't strong interest.

Any questions let me know. - BYOC LAN - April 22nd, 2017

in PC: General by taptapBOOM - Apr 6th 2017

Hey everyone!, Sydney's biggest BYOC LAN is back for its Autumn event, with 200+ seats available. We're in a shiny new venue with fibre internet, located in the heart of Chatswood - Chatswood Concourse (Civic Pavilion) - we're right next door to a Grill'd, Ben & Jerry's and a Westfield so there's plenty of food options this time around. There's on-site, underground parking with lifts that go straight into the venue room!

TOURNAMENTS on the day:

  • CS:GO (5 v 5)
  • 1st place: $750 cash ($150 x 5)
  • 2nd place: $500 cash ($100 x 5)
  • 3rd place: Free entry to WinterFest (July 8th)

  • Overwatch (6 v 6)
  • 1st place: $900 ($150 x 6) + AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU x 6!
  • 2nd place: $600 ($100 x 6)
  • 3rd place: Free entry to WinterFest (July 8th)

  • Rocket League (3 v 3)
  • 1st place: $450 ($150 x 3) + Corsair Sabre RGB Mouse x 3
  • 2nd place: $300 ($100 x 3)
  • 3rd place: Free entry to WinterFest (July 8th)

  • Street Fighter V (1 v 1)
  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $50



Just buy a ticket! We will be taking team signups on the day, unfortunately we're still building our team management/registration system but we don't want to release a buggy team system to you guys; so while there's a chance the system will be online in the next 15 days, it's slim. For now, if you have a whole team, we have a reservation system here that let's you reserve seats - please note you must pre-pay for seat reservation for your team; we do it based off ticket codes from our site.



Hope to see you all there, I'm the owner of, I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. Please note, my role in this is mostly organising the technical side of the event, and all the logistics, etc. So it may take me a little bit to reply to you here.

You can usually ask around or discuss on Discord (ping @jaytwitchGG - that's me)

Daylight Savings Over

in PS by Jiszmik - Apr 2nd 2017

Hey all,

Daylight savings time is now over, meaning all states are aligned to their standard times.

Reminder that CG runs off AEST meaning our friends in QLD are now on the same time as the rest of the Eastern states, while WA and SA come back an hour.

Please keep that in mind when you are setting your match times, most teams will be able to start earlier with the Western team members being on an hour earlier.

To break it down for you:


WA - 10am

SA - 11.30am

NZ - 2pm

Many Thanks,
PS Administration Team

$11k Overwatch: Cybergamer OCE Circuit Presen...

in PC by Cyanide. - Mar 24th 2017

Overwatch: Cybergamer OCE Circuit Presented by AOC
Cybergamer has been proud supporters of Overwatch since release, today we are exhilarated to announce in partnership with AOC and AMD the Overwatch: Cybergamer OCE Circuit. With $11,000 cash and LAN finals at the brand new CG Studio we just cant wait to get started. Kicking off on the 3rd and 4th of April teams across the region will have a chance to qualify for the exciting 7 week series to find out who will be invited to the LAN finals.

CSGO off-season series #3 information thread

in PC by Asterix - Feb 26th 2017

You can sign up here:

Hello everyone, we're running a 3rd off-season. It has the same format/rules as the first one.

- Groups of 6. You will play everyone in your group once (5 matches). Group stage is BO1, map chosen by VETO.
- The top two teams from each group proceed onto a single elimination final, with matches being BO3. Finals maps chosen by: VETO, VETO, PICK PICK, VETO, VETO, Remaining Map.

Click read more for more information.

Seagate FireCuda Cup

in PC, PS by Cyanide. - Feb 12th 2017

Welcome Back in 2017
We are excited to get things started again in 2017 Rocket League on CyberGamer. To kick things off we have teamed up with Seagate to bring in the first seven week pro league.
More Info: FireCuda Cup landing page

Acer CGPL Autumn 2017

in PC by defcoN - Jan 19th 2017

A new year means a new year of CGPL, we are excited to be back bigger and better. We are kicking off with providing teams with the best chance for competing in each divisions with three GSL style Fight For Your Invites (FFYI) for teams to earn their spot.
We wanted to make up for last years lack of national finals so this year we are also excited to have not just three CGPL events with Autumn, Winter and Spring, but also for the fist time invite the top two teams from each CGPL to the first CGPL Championship in November. Whilst we recognise that teams may win more than one championship we will also be holding a wildcard qualifier to make up the remaining places.

Click read more for more information!

[PS4] MWR 5v5 Leagues Season 1 Further Inform...

in PS by Jiszmik - Jan 18th 2017

Hello everyone,

It's time to announce Season 1 of [b]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RM 5v5 Invitational Leagues Information!

The best teams and players on the platform will battle it out over several weeks of intense competition for the distinguished title of league champions, as well as a slice of the illustrious prize pool up for grabs.

Rocket League Return 2017

in PC, PS by Rocket League Admin - Jan 15th 2017

With the recent announcements for 2017 we want to make sure we have the best esports titles supported this year. Rocket League with out a doubt deserves its place in the mix. To kick things off, we have brought back three tournaments as week for Rocket League on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights that are catered to PS and PC cross platform. This will help get teams warmed up and ready for the Pro Leagues starting mid February.

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