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[PS4] AW: 4v4 CGa Announcement
in PS by kickass - May 20th 2015
Good evening,

Throughout Season 2 of our Invitational Competition, the CGa 4v4 team PS4 Rands broke a series of Terms and Conditions which they agreed to at the beginning of the season. Some of these are as follows:

[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Night Compeitition #1 - Reg...
in PS by Travalord - May 18th 2015
The COD Administration team have decided to keep you entertained with a Traditional One Night Competition or 'ONC'. This will be your standard single elimination ONC with prizes to be announced with the release of the gameday thread so keep your eyes peeled!

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Day Competition - Gameday
in PS by kickass - May 17th 2015
Hello everyone,

Today teams will play off in a 4v4 ODC that will provide some fun whilst being competitive in nature. There is still time to get those last minute entries or team changes. Enjoy the event and please provide us with feedback of how to make it any better.

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[PS4] AW: 5v5 CGp Report - Round 6
in PS by Pixell - May 14th 2015
Hello everyone,

On behalf of the Content Team I would like to bring you the 5v5 CGp Predictions for round 6, Season 2. This thread will wrap up last weeks matches as well as give you an insight into the communities predictions. Feel free to post your own predictions below. Enjoy!

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in XBOX by Asterix - May 13th 2015
Hello everyone, now that some time has passed from the recent closure of the XBOX section I wanted to make this thread.

If some competent admins ever want to start up this section again feel free to contact me via PM. The XBOX section will remain as simply a forum until such time.

If you have any questions let me know,


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CGPS: Improvements, Have your say!
in PS by kickass - May 11th 2015
Hey guys,

With CGPS undergoing a minor transition period we would now like to open it up to the community to let us know what you would like to see improved, changed or expanded upon in the coming months to further improve your experience on CGPS.

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[PS4] AW: One Day Competittion - Registration
in PS by Travalord - May 11th 2015
The PS Administration team are pleased to announce an upcoming PS4 AW 4v4 ODC coming up on Sunday the 17th of May 2015. The details of the event and how to register can be found within.

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CGPS: Looking for COD Admins!
in PS by Fushan - May 7th 2015
CyberGamer is always looking for volunteers in the community to help keep the cogs clicking over both on the front line and behind the scenes. As such, we need a couple more bodies to come aboard and make their mark on the CGPS Platform.

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[PS4] AW: CGi S2 5v5 Player Ladder - Week 4 U...
in PS by Fushan - May 6th 2015
The CGi player ladders allow for teams and players to analyse and review their individual statics throughout the season. This ladder has been updated as of 06 May 15 and includes all matches played in both Professional and Amateur leagues to this date.

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Closure of CyberGamer Xbox; Goodbye.
in XBOX by Lord - May 4th 2015
#GoodbyeCGXboxAU - 03/08/08 - 05/05/15

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in XBOX by Myksta - May 3rd 2015
Welcome to the CyberGamer Advanced Warfare ASTRO Championship Series FTP ODC #7 gameday thread. This thread will provide you with all the competition information relevant to this tournament. Please post all results in this thread.

Best of luck to all 20 teams competing in today's one-day-competition. If you are planning on streaming today's competition, please let us know so we can advertise your stream! Be sure to also stay tuned to our Twitter and pages for updates on the competition.
Format: One-day-competition - Double Elimination
Date: Sunday, the 3rd of May, 2015
Time: 10:30am AEDT

Round one:
Players will forfeit ONE game for every 10 minutes they do not show up. This will keep happening until enough games have been forfeited to cause the match to be lost.

Remaining rounds:
Once a match score has been recorded via official channels, that game will be official considered finished. Once a game has finished, both players have 15 minutes to enter a game lobby with their next opponent.

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[COD] CGAWCS - Midweek #20 - Registration
in XBOX by Myksta - May 2nd 2015
Continuing with our CyberGamer Advanced Warfare Championship Series, the Call of Duty Admin team are proud to present the twentieth midweek competition for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare! Please note that this competition is for the Xbox One only.

Format: One-day-competition - Single Elimination
Date: Wednesday, the 6th of May, 2015.
Time: 7:00pm AEDT

Please make sure you are able to compete for the entire day before registering; teams who show up late will forfeit matches and put themselves at risk of points deduction!

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