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On the right is the CyberGamer Wall. This is site-wide and allows users to interact with one another in a dynamic and simple process. Don't be afraid to post, it is there for your enjoyment.

    Before using the CG Wall please remember:
  • Avoid posting scrim or looking for clan/team/member/scrim topics on the wall. There are forums and the Match Finder for that.
  • Abusive topics/comments aren't tolerated.
  • Don't post 'like for tbh/rate' topics on the wall. Use your personal wall for that.
  • Topics that lack ANY substance (e.g. single word posts, smileys, etc) will be removed. If it's not informative or interesting it won't generate discussion.
  • Don't spam the hashtag system on the wall; it ruins the experience for everyone.
  • Use the search feature before posting to ensure you aren't repeating old content; no one likes a copy-cat.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike being given to the offender.
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Submitted 1h 1m ago. by voL Balado
add vaL Galado, or message me for a 4v4 scrims Read more
Submitted 15h 39m ago. by Stylisin
The topic pretty much speaks for itself. Basically what are your guys opinion on tournaments in which you have to pay a small entry feed to participate? Also if you are all for this what do you think would be reasonable price to pay, 5$, 10$ etc? (For me... Read more
Submitted 8:46am 14/4/14. by aacid
Submitted 10:53pm 13/4/14. by Curley
What to play? There's seven of us. So far this is our list. We're going for two nights, so, kinder want a big pool to play with. Hearthstone League of Legends Payday 2 Warframe DayZ Standalone DotA2 Age of Empires: 1/2/3/HD Age of Mythology GRID: 1... Read more
Submitted 7:27pm 13/4/14. by zoza
Submitted 3:34pm 12/4/14. by zoza
Submitted 12:33am 14/4/14. by WinQ_FReaK
teamelite187 youtube channel not bad for starters Read more
Submitted 6:15pm 14/4/14. by Pixell
selling intro's $15-$20 pm me for more info & previous work. chur Read more
Submitted 12:02am 13/4/14. by TheSmellyKoala
Hey guys. Does anyone know how to make a professional looking intro for youtube? I'm looking to get a simple intro for my YT channel Read more
Submitted 2:58am 14/4/14. by ProF Godz
looking for a ANCHOR and SLAYER must be good at them message me on xbox my GT is ProF godz Read more
Submitted 7:32pm 10/4/14. by # tweaK
So jumped on CG to find that profile on CG attracts the chicks... Hmm... Read more
Submitted 12:58pm 10/4/14. by Trill Qualm
Submitted 9:02pm 9/4/14. by CGS
Submitted 2:26am 11/4/14. by zoza
Submitted 6:47am 9/4/14. by aacid
We are happy to announce yet another drawing lot contest, brought to you by TEAM-PHASE! This month's prize is the PureTrak Talent Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad. Simply make sure you have an account registered on our website for a chance to win! The winner will be... Read more
Is this happening to anyone else? I'm connecting to games in CvC but they're all American? Read more
Submitted 4:18pm 11/4/14. by Terrific!
Submitted 1:41pm 11/4/14. by WinQ_FReaK
Submitted 8:06pm 10/4/14. by King Rapidsz
hey guys hows it going would anyone like to trial for my CGO TEAM MSG ME IF YOUR INTERESTED THANKS ADD neX Rapidsz Read more
Submitted 2:40pm 10/4/14. by nouse
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