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  • Abusive topics/comments aren't tolerated.
  • Don't post 'like for tbh/rate' topics on the wall. Use your personal wall for that.
  • Topics that lack ANY substance (e.g. single word posts, smileys, etc) will be removed. If it's not informative or interesting it won't generate discussion.
  • Don't spam the hashtag system on the wall; it ruins the experience for everyone.
  • Use the search feature before posting to ensure you aren't repeating old content; no one likes a copy-cat.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike being given to the offender.
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Submitted 8h 48m ago. by crank
Hey guys, I whipped up a quick trailer I thought I'd link here. I'm very close to completion but I just need to make a few quick cameras, if anyone wants to help me by acting in the camera you will of course be mentioned in the credits. Send me a PM if you wan... Read more
Submitted 1:58am 22/8/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 12:04am 21/8/14. by bemzRR
Submitted 7:52pm 20/8/14. by Raffy2170
These are my specs for bf4 do I need to upgrade - Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ GHz, 3301 MHz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) - System Model Z68A-D3H-B3 (2011) - System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. - Installed Physical Memory (... Read more
Submitted 8:55am 19/8/14. by HeIIraiser
Submitted 3:09pm 21/8/14. by Reppin23
Submitted 2:10pm 19/8/14. by iTzHaZarD
Turbo match against R!0T in Blitz (ended up being a draw). 11 caps in 2:30. Read more
Submitted 2:28pm 16/8/14. by <FiSH><
Submitted 9:54am 14/8/14. by Holey
Hey guys, tonight at 6:50PM (approx) Vox Eminor will take on Fnatic in their first match @ ESL One World Championship @ Gamescom cologne You can tune in here: Read more
Need help. Message me, Thanks. Read more
Submitted 8:59am 13/8/14. by ASTROFL
I've just finished Bates Motel and haven't really thought about what to watch next, some of my faves are Breaking Bad, Vikings, House of Cards, Suits, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Orange is the New Black and Black Sails. no crime sho... Read more
Submitted 5:45am 15/8/14. by zoza
Submitted 1:45am 12/8/14. by s a b e r
Submitted 1:44am 14/8/14. by ArtZ vFuZe
please go subscribe to ArtZ we will sub back Read more
Submitted 12:42pm 14/8/14. by Reppin23
Submitted 6:27pm 9/8/14. by eRa_
Submitted 12:05am 9/8/14. by IVIalefic
This may be the last one guys because this game is pretty old now jump on your PS3 if you have one and join in, the more teams the more fun Read more
Submitted 3:58pm 11/8/14. by ImZipZap
Submitted 6:50pm 8/8/14. by alexKE
Submitted 9:59am 8/8/14. by Voltstriker
Submitted 9:23pm 8/8/14. by Sharpy!
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