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Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike being given to the offender.
pc pay to play competitions
Title Prize Pool
Logitech CGPL Season 2 Champi...$4,300
Call of Duty 4: MWAVE Leagues$1,700
Logitech CGPL Season2 Champio...$1,100
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Submitted 10:53pm 26/11/14. by ImPaynehh
Why has the Ps3 CG community gotten so bad i thought it was about having fun. Now if a team loses its because of net or they blatenly abuse you Read more
Submitted 3:02pm 26/11/14. by RichoMan
Submitted 4:39pm 23/11/14. by Qwazy
Submitted 3:05pm 23/11/14. by iRoyalzs
Submitted 2:36pm 23/11/14. by iTzHaZarD
Submitted 12:11am 23/11/14. by Dr___JuMpShoT
Need Team mates for 4v4 OBJ. Ps4 Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Apply here- Thank You. Read more
Submitted 5:05pm 23/11/14. by iTzHaZarD
Submitted 8:34am 23/11/14. by Rilnx
Submitted 8:03pm 21/11/14. by AquaTHEboss
aye guys i have a youtube channle and i want a guy who is really good with his designing, sorry there's going to be no payment right now but in the future there is i need help now MSG me on CG or send me a msg on PSN Aqua---117 Read more
guys im really looking forward to making my youtube channle big, and for me to do that i need subscribers so can u all do me al little favour and head over to my channle and subscribe it will be greatly appreciated. Read more
Submitted 8:36am 23/11/14. by Rilnx
Submitted 5:19pm 19/11/14. by Shadowz_
Submitted 10:42pm 18/11/14. by Demoniqss
Enjoy! I'm sure you have never heard it. Read more
Submitted 12:03am 17/11/14. by Reppin23
Submitted 10:39pm 10/11/14. by Beastly
Submitted 8:17pm 9/11/14. by Rilnx
Submitted 1:21am 9/11/14. by Beastly
Submitted 8:40pm 9/11/14. by Qwazy
Submitted 1:10pm 9/11/14. by ItzCorstic
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