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[PS4] AW: CGPS 4v4 Pro Circuit Registration New!
in PS by Shadz - 15h 37m ago
Good evening,

Following on from the AW CGPS 4v4 Pro Circuit announcement, registrations are now open! Registrations and just the general structure of our prestigious 4s competitions has changed drastically so make sure to read the the original announcement thread!!!

This thread will detail the registration process as well as how to pay for your entry fee into the competition. It is important to read through the information as this is very much what relates to your team being able to compete. If you do not know what the Pro Circuit is or are unsure of the structure etc please do not hesitate to contact a COD Admin or make a Support Ticket.!

Registration Process

To register, please fill out the template below with all required information. Please use the same format.
Keep the details as up-to-date as possible. If changes need to be made, edit the same post, don't create an entirely new post.

First, make a team here and then follow the quote below for how to register on this thread.

Your team agrees to pay entry fees before competing: (Yes/No)
Your team agrees to all Terms and Conditions for this Series: (Yes/No)


The CGPS Pro Circuit payment portal will be available throughout the season. This is where things got a little complicated for people and they are even more complicated now. This is a quick rundown. If you do not understand please contact any PS Admin or make a Support Ticket.!

-The fee is a one time payment of $40 per player. This will cover your entry as a Pro Circuit player to all ONCs and ODCs throughout the season as well as being eligible for the monetary prizes as well as a few other prizes in the works.
-There is no indefinite payment time, this means all players are free to pay whenever they wish, however they will not be included in the circuit without paying the fee beforehand.
-Players are free to leave a competing team in the Pro Circuit and join a new one as apart of the Recruitment Drive however if they wish to compete again they will need to pay the entry fee again to be allowed to compete once more. The regular rules in regards to team take-overs and such will be enforced as per usual.
-There is no payment closure, the portal is open for the whole season which means any player or team will be able to sign up midway through the season and compete once they pay the fee.
-Fill ins (maximum 4 for the full Circuit) do not have to pay the entry fee, but they cannot be competing in the Circuit as a paid member for another team at that time.
-Players are limited to being in one team during the Circuit but they are allowed to leave as apart of recruitment drive however if this happens they must pay the entry fee every time they want to join//make a new team. Players who were in a Pro Circuit team but left are allowed to become a 'fill in' for another team however they cannot be an official member unless their entry fee is paid. Hopefully this will mean some serious team stability as allowing players to chop and change teams without paying again would cause many teams to lose too many players rapidly leading to teams forfeiting etc etc.

  • Payment Portal opens: 7th July 7 pm.

The entry fees for each player will be as follows. Please note, a 15% Administration/Tax fee is included within your payment.

4v4 Pro Circuit
$40 per player

[b]Pro Circuit Payment Portal

If circumstances arise out of your control which result in you being unable to pay or any other issue, please make a Support Ticket.

Please Note: If your team has less than 4 paid players at the time of competition start, the entire team will be removed for that ONC//ODC for placing the competition into jeopardy.

Payment Refunds: Click to view

Prize Pool

The prize pool for the CGPS 4v4 PRO CIRCUIT will involve cash prizes for the weekly events and a large prize pool to be competed for at the conclusion of scheduled weekly events.

Please note that the calculations below are only estimations and can increase or decrease depending on the number of competing teams. These values will change before the end of the season however an announcement will be made when they are final.

Finals ODC

DISCLAIMER: The above prize pool is an example of how the money will be spread and is subject to change due to certain factors such as number of competing teams, injected prizes cash or not and other factors aswell.

As an extra, bonus prizes for the Circuit MVPs will come in the form of Merchandise and hardware to further your gaming experience. There will be at least one brand new headset available courtesy of Turtle Beach as well as some other potential prizes up for grabs!!!

Terms and Conditions

1. League Conditions

2. Team Conditions

3. Match Conditions

4. Media and Marketing Conditions

5. Administration Conditions

Many Thanks,
PS Administration Team

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Path to Dirty Bomb Pro Series
in PC by neg - Jul 1st 2015
Today we are please to announce your chance to compete in the CyberGamer Dirty Bomb Pro Series. Only the top 8 teams in the region will be invited to play, and have the chance to be crowned champions. Along with being crowned champions, teams with be fighting for a share in cold hard cash. keep reading to find out how to get your team invited.

Stage One - ODC Qualifier

With the first ODC results in, another ODC qualifier will be held, using the combined results to determine the first 8 teams to be invited.

Tournament Information
Date: Saturday 11th July 2015
Team Cap: 24 team limit
Registration Thread : Register your team HERE
Start Time: Round 1 to commence at 12pm AEST
Bracket: HERE

1st Place - 50k in game credit
2nd Place - 25k in game credit
3rd place - 10k in game credit
*credits codes only available to the 5 core players

Other prizes on the day include Ultimate Starters packs, Sparks, Kira and Rhino unlock codes.

Stage Two - Invite and Open Ladders

Once the top 8 teams have been invited they will battle it out playing each other over a 7 week period. After the 7 week round ronib, the top 4 teams proceed to the finals, and the bottom 3 teams will be dropped into a regulation play off.

Invite Pro League Information
Start Date: Sunday 26th July 2015
Finals Date ODC : 20th September 2015
Season Completed : 21st September 2015
Entry Fee : $100 Per Team
Prize: Crowned Champions , 1st - 300 , 2nd - $200 , 3rd - $100
Please note , sponsors will be added closer to the date and prize pool will be increased.

During the same period of play, teams in the open ladder will be battling it out each week to make the top 5 cut. Teams from the top 5 will be joined with the bottom 3 Pro League teams to fight for an invitation back into the Pro Leagues.

Open Ladder Information
Start Date: Sunday 26th July 2015
Finals Date ODC : 20th September 2015
Season Completed : 21st September 2015


Coverage on the day will be provided by TeamDownTV. All match VoDs will be available once the tournament has completed. Live streaming your own matches is not permitted.
Stream Link:




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[PS4] AW: 5v5 One Night Competition #1 - Regi...
in PS by Uncle Drew - Jun 26th 2015
The COD Administration team have decided to keep you entertained with a Traditional One Night Competition or 'ONC'. This will be your standard single elimination ONC and a gold tier competition with plenty of CGPS Points up for grabs!

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[PS4] Battlefield: Hardline Ladder Opening
in PS by Travalord - Jun 24th 2015
The CGPS Admins would like to announce the opening of our very own 5v5 Rescue Battlefield: Hardline ladder. As always this will encompass the essence of CGPS competitions and aim to be one of the most competitive and enjoyable ladders yet. With your help one of the most active.

This thread contains a comprehensive breakdown of the ladder including basic rules, challenges, terms and conditions, etc. You may be tempted to just tl;dr this but it is important to note that you understand the information provided in this thread to help ensure that no hiccups arise later on.

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[PS4] AW 4v4 One Night Competition #4 Registr...
in PS by Shadz - Jun 23rd 2015
Anyways, the CoD Administration team have decided to keep you entertained with a Search and Destroy One Night Competition or 'ONC'. This will be your standard single elimination ONC and a gold tier competition with a tonne of CyberGamer PS Points up for grabs as well as a chance to put your strats to the ultimate test!

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[PS4] AW 4v4 One Day Competition #4 Registrat...
in PS by Jake. - Jun 23rd 2015
The COD Admin team is holding another 'ODC' or One Day Competition for your enjoyment; being a diamond tier competition there will be a load of CGPS Points up for grabs. As per usual this will be your standard double elimination ODC. The more teams that register for the competition the greater the experience and fulfillment come game day so grab some mates and get registering!

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[PS4] AW: 5v5 ProMod ODC - 5th July
in PS by Shadz - Jun 22nd 2015
The new [and improved ;)] COD Admin team is presenting the first 5v5 ProMod 'ODC' or One Day Competition in which you can gain CGPS Player Points from. This ODC will be on the 5th JulyThere will be an added rule implemented however which allows us to see some fully sick 13337 (extra 3 to show how elite this will be) quickscopes and montages but, down to business.

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in PS by Uncle Drew - Jun 19th 2015
Strap in guys, this is one gigantic read but I'll do my best to keep it interesting!

Anyways, Tonight the PS Administration Team are proud to announce a big change in how we approach our 4v4 competitions. Firstly 4v4 Invite Leagues have been replaced by a 4v4 PRO CIRCUIT. This change is to create a 4v4 schedule which will hopefully keep the competitors entertained through a plethora of ONCs and ODCs each week. In addition this new structure will hopefully successfully cater to the possible increased demand from the recent announcement of Sony's partnership with the Call of Duty franchise as we hope to welcome a lot of new faces to our competitions from the XBOX side.

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Night Competition #4 - Game...
in PS by Fushan - Jun 18th 2015
Welcome to another One Night Competition presented to you by the COD Admin team. Tonight's competition is a full rotation of the modes available with HardPoint, Uplink and SnD. We have a variety of CGPS Points up for grabs as well as $40 cash for first place. Please make sure you read all the information in this thread and enjoy the night.

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[CGPS] MLG Team Streaming License
in PS by DSav - Jun 15th 2015
Over the past week we've had a few ideas floating around in regards to the channel. We believe its not being used to it's full capabilities! So with that being said we are looking to shake things up from the normal streaming side of things.

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Night Competition #4 - Reg...
in PS by Travalord - Jun 15th 2015
We will be adding a $40 cash prize for first place as an incentive, if we have 16 teams register for the competition tonight.

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Day Competition - Gameday #3
in PS by Imagine. - Jun 14th 2015
Today, teams will have the chance to compete in a 4v4 format under a competition, earning player points. This should be a fun experience while bettering your selves as players, and as a team. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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