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Submitted 3h 17m ago. by Cirenic
Is there any US servers on ps4? Read more
Submitted 10:51am 25/1/15. by Kryptic_hydraa
hey guys we are looking for 2 highly skilled players on playstaion 4 advanced warfare to enter the tournament with us send me a message if you guys are interested Read more
Hey Gamers, New Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer video up now. Accompanied by Mitchymus43 we fought through elven ruins and chatted about game related topics. So come on over and give it a watch. Cheers Read more
Submitted 7:57pm 21/1/15. by FM Movies
Submitted 6:31am 21/1/15. by Skitz!
Submitted 7:46am 22/1/15. by Cirenic
Hey guys just wondering if their is americans servers on ps4 cause i'm playing ps3 right now and joining americans all the time. Read more
Submitted 6:33am 20/1/15. by Mouze
hey, if you have time would you be able to vote for me Simply vote on the all 3 and then put name down bottom mouzemach1ne and click claim msg once done thanks!! Read more
Submitted 3:20am 20/1/15. by Nature_Fa
Hey,Im new to Cg and would like to know if there is any Good Teams i can join? I really need one. Ps3. Hopefully to Xbox soon? Thank you all! Read more
Submitted 10:25am 18/1/15. by BlazEffect
Submitted 1:06am 16/1/15. by <FiSH><
Already get access due to being an owner of L4D2 so thought someone might enjoy a chance to play the game 59880-M7AGA-MQJQH Read more
Submitted 8:03pm 14/1/15. by FM Movies
Submitted 4:09am 15/1/15. by Profex InVision
looking for a team to join. i know most call outs and i dont mind being a sub i am 13 MSG Profex InVision on xbox one if you are interested Read more
Tune in at 21:00 CET tonight for the 6on6 Division 1 Grand Final of CyberGamer EU Enemy Territory Season 2! This match features two of the best teams in ET and will be streamed live by MerlinatoR at Read more: Read more
Submitted 4:42pm 12/1/15. by lMt
Submitted 9:18am 14/1/15. by Wild Turkey
Submitted 11:18pm 11/1/15. by MoRRie
Does anyone know at all of when the registration for Counter Strike Global Offensive CGA opens? I try to create a team by clicking the tab found in the ladder & leagues but it gives me and error. Read more
Submitted 1:34pm 11/1/15. by yorken
Submitted 6:30pm 12/1/15. by inc7
Need two more black ops 2/AW COMPETITIVE PLAYERS Please will take anyone skype riley.jaen GT : HyBrid Wwwwiley Read more
Need two more black ops 2/AW COMPETITIVE PLAYERS Skype riley.jaen GT:HyBrid Wwwwiley Read more
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