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MSI CyberGamer Premier League LAN Finals
in PC by Rogue - Sep 3rd 2015
CyberGamer and MSI are pleased to announce the CyberGamer Premier League Season 6 will culminate in an offline finals at PAX Australia 2015 featuring the top 4 teams from Division One playing for a $10,000 prize pool.

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SANDBOXR 3D Figures Sponsor SMITE Pro League...
in PC by Berzerk - Sep 2nd 2015
Rounding out the announcements for SMITE sponsors is the amazing SANDBOXR, who bring games to life as 3D Printed figures, using the actual in-game models directly from the game.

There's an amazing range of SMITE Gods to choose from and you can customise your chosen god into any pose you wish - the figure is then 3D printed to match.

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[CGPS] COD Admin Changes
in PS by HerniBrah - Aug 28th 2015
Hello everyone,

Since my rein of terror started, myself and the other admins have realized the lack of support regarding the 4v4 scene. This prompted us to start the search for a group of people willing to put in the work. That being said, we have come to the decision to add the following four people to the PS COD Admin Team. Please join with me in welcoming
We hope these four can help the scene move forward through the rest of Advanced Warfare and into Black Ops 3.

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Cybergamer Season 6 Division 1 Information
in PC by defcoN - Aug 27th 2015
After a long wait between seasons Cybergamer is pleased to announce the details for the upcoming division 1 season.


Division 1 will consist of one group of 8, teams will battle it out over 7 weeks with a weekly best of three. The scheduling system ustilised will be similar to the current leagues where one team sends times and the other accepts.

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ROCCAT Sponsors SMITE Pro League and Challeng...
in PC by Berzerk - Aug 27th 2015
We're pleased to announce a fantastic product sponsor, supporting the SMITE Pro League and Challengers Cup - ROCCAT!

Makers of fine PC accessories, ROCCAT are huge fans of SMITE and looking to support the scene for some time to come. The opening salvo involves this superb prizing for SMITE.

[PS4] AW 4v4 One Day Competition 30/08/2015 -...
in PS by kickass - Aug 24th 2015
Next ODC: 30th August 2015

Hey everyone,

The COD Admin team is holding another 'ODC' or One Day Competition for your enjoyment. As per usual this will be your standard double elimination ODC. The more teams that register for the competition the greater the experience and fulfillment come game day so grab some mates and get registering!

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Plantronics Sponsorship announcement!
in PC by HughZ - Aug 21st 2015
It is with great excitement that we announce to you that the SMITE Oceania Pro League is now being supported by the great folks over at Plantronics Gaming! Plantronics is supplying the on air casters of the OPL with some RIG surround sound headsets, as well as to the first place team of the Pro League. This awesome prizing and support continues to show the growth of SMITE and eSports at large within OCE.

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[CGPS] YouTube Opportunity
in PS by Mxracles - Aug 10th 2015

CGPS YouTube Opportunity

Good evening young CyberGamians,
I come to you with an offer that you wont be able to refuse.

With the upcoming release of Black Ops 3 the CyberGamer staff have deiced we would like to offer the community an opportunity to get their content out to a bigger audience.

What am i talking about?
We are offering you the chance to upload all the videos you fellas make to the CGPS YouTube channel which features a decent sized audience (based upon most of your sub counts) Don't forget to subscribe now so you can find the latest videos!

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[PS4] AW: Payment Reminder
in PS by Travalord - Aug 6th 2015
Good day everyone!

Further to the PMs your chosen captain has received with the commencement of the Season 3 Leagues, it is imperative that members of all teams complete payments otherwise you will not be eligible to play your scheduled matches and risk being removed from your team. For those who have yet to pay, head over to the respective portal as soon as possible!

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[CGPS] Platform Admin Changes
in PS by Voltris - Aug 5th 2015
Hello everyone,

Unfortunately PS Platform Admin Shadz has stepped down from all roles this morning. I'll let him explain his reasons for doing so below, however, we want to thank him for his efforts and especially for preparing CGPS for Season 3 of Leagues before announcing his decision.

With that said HerniBrah has now been appointed PS Platform Admin and will join DSav to guide CGPS into Black Ops 3.

Please join with me in congratulating Herni.

I am in no way coming back to the PS Platform Admin role and have only posted this due to DSav being busy with work commitments.

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 Gentlemans Rule
in PS by HerniBrah - Aug 5th 2015
With the recent calls for us to change the 4v4 rules, we the COD Admin team have a solution that should appeal to the masses. Since Black Ops 2, we have been dedicated to following the MLG rules and we do no not want to change that now or anytime in the future. Saying that, we realize the rules are made with the xbox one console in mind and there are subtle differences in the way the game plays. Saying that we are bring in the old Gentlemans rule that was a success at the start of the game. Each team for this to work must enter in the match chat that they are using the "Gentlemans rule" for their match. If they do this and don't abide by the ruleset they will be found to be breaking the match rules.
Example: We "team name" want to use the Gentlemans rule.
The rules will be the normal MLG ruleset but the following things will be banned:

Rocket League PC Season 1 - Open
in PC by Moarphine - Aug 2nd 2015
Rocket League is booming and the community has been asking for the open ladder to commence - so we plan on doing just that. At 5pm AEST on Friday the 7th of August the first season of the CyberGamer AU PC Rocket League 3v3 Open Ladder will begin.

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