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On the right is the CyberGamer Wall. This is site-wide and allows users to interact with one another in a dynamic and simple process. Don't be afraid to post, it is there for your enjoyment.

    Before using the CG Wall please remember:
  • Avoid posting scrim or looking for clan/team/member/scrim topics on the wall. There are forums and the Match Finder for that.
  • Abusive topics/comments aren't tolerated.
  • Don't post 'like for tbh/rate' topics on the wall. Use your personal wall for that.
  • Topics that lack ANY substance (e.g. single word posts, smileys, etc) will be removed. If it's not informative or interesting it won't generate discussion.
  • Don't spam the hashtag system on the wall; it ruins the experience for everyone.
  • Use the search feature before posting to ensure you aren't repeating old content; no one likes a copy-cat.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike being given to the offender.
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Submitted 6:57am 29/9/14. by ReloadedChaos
EA Severs for FIFA 15 are currently down, or experiencing issues. It is happening to me and others as we speak. Read more
Submitted 8:37pm 28/9/14. by wizYq
Submitted 7:45am 26/9/14. by Scarffyy
Submitted 10:28am 27/9/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 7:02am 24/9/14. by Zoqwa
Submitted 6:35am 25/9/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 4:16pm 23/9/14. by Malefic
What's a better processor AMD or intel? Not really the computer expert pretty much clueless Read more
Submitted 1:45pm 24/9/14. by <FiSH><
Official Ghosts ODC Registration for PS3 - 28th Sept. 2014 Hosted by ZytexIV. Information: 28th Sept. (AEST) 10AM (Sunday) 4v4 Objectives. 4-8 players per team. Registration closed 27th Sept. Double Elimination All games are BEST of 5 except Grand Fi... Read more
Come Check Out Some Awesome Plays in bronze League Moving up the solo que Ranks In League of Legends!! Read more
Submitted 1:39pm 24/9/14. by Sharpy!
Submitted 10:26am 24/9/14. by Rigzyyyyy
Someone host a ODC for black ops 2 it is good practice for Advance Warfare Read more
Submitted 9:12am 22/9/14. by zoza
Submitted 2:46pm 23/9/14. by Bennysimm
Pre-order Price for FIFA15 is $55 (includes up to $15 worth of FUT Gold Packs), contact me if you want to more details, my FB name is ruigang wu, cheers :? Read more
Submitted 8:04pm 21/9/14. by kazar77
Submitted 5:24am 19/9/14. by s a b e r
Submitted 10:34am 22/9/14. by Teddy_Balaba
Submitted 12:55pm 21/9/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 2:13am 21/9/14. by Desolate-
We should change or make a new 1v1 ladder and make it Search and Destroy 4's rules i think it would be alot more active and get more attention Read more
Submitted 2:40am 20/9/14. by Bennysimm
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