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[PS] Looking For All Staff

in PS by Jiszmik - Jul 21st 2017

Hello everyone,

Today we open the lines to everyone in the community to apply for staff positions from cod admin all the way through to making herni's coffee. I have attached below the generic criteria that we usually follow when we are looking for staff. The only thing we are going to be looking for is activity and commitment.

The people who think they don't have a chance to work in the staff because they think another current member in staff does not get along with them can still apply, and I encourage those people to do so, if they are active and committed.

Just to let you all know what positions are currently available to everyone and applications we are hoping to find are:

  • PS COD Admin
  • PS Tournament Admin
  • PS Support Admin
  • PS YouTube Team
  • PS Shoutcasting Team (Streamers and Casters)
  • PS Media Team

Please if you are looking to apply, we do not need a 5000 word essay, but we do expect you to put some effort into your application, someone who applies with 'yep me' will automatically be declined.

Who Should Apply?

This role would be suited to persons/players who can attribute to most (or all) of the following;
  • Active daily on CyberGamer.
  • Familiar with the system/area you wish to apply for.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a time critical environment.
  • Ability to make unbiased, timely decisions.
  • Dedicated to improving CyberGamer.
  • Active on CGPS4
  • Knowledgeable of the ongoing competitions and their participants
  • Mature and responsible
  • Able to give constructive input into discussions
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Ability to access Discord/Skype regularly for collaboration

Requirements listed in bold are key areas you must be able to fulfill

How to Apply?

Applications are to be created and submitted through the Staff Application System. The following steps will assist you in creating the application.
  • Load the application page -
  • Enter your name
  • Under platform select, "PS4"
  • Check the box next to "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3". If you choose to apply for ONLY a Game Admin role, select "Game Admin" from the drop down box. If you wish to apply for a Tournament Admin role or both roles, select "Other" from the drop down menu, and fill in the role(s) you wish to apply for.
  • Write up your application in the provided textbox.
  • Click submit

If you are unable to lodge an application for whatever reason, create a Support Ticket with the information listed above. If you would like to know more information into any of the unlisted roles please feel free to contact myself.

If you have any further questions regarding the position or anything from the thread, feel free to post below!

Thank you,
CyberGamer PS Administration

Premium price changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Jul 18th 2017

Hello everyone, a lot has changed in the 9 months since we made CyberGamer Premium mandatory for most competitions.

Our running costs have greatly risen since then, mainly due to our new studio in Adelaide which costs $9000+/month to run.

As such, the premium pricing structure will change on August 1st to the following:
Monthly: $14.95 per month
Quarterly: $13.95 per month ($41.85)
Biannual: $12.95 per month ($77.70)
Yearly: Will be removed due to lack of use.

CyberGamer is a small company, we are essentially run entirely by volunteers. Changes like this are not to increase our "profit" (there is none), but truly to cover our running costs. I hope most of you can understand.


AOC CGPL Winter CSGO Spectator passes now ava...

in PC by Cyanide. - Jul 5th 2017

Cybergamer Premier League Winter (CGPL Winter) Finals
The Cybergamer Premier League Winter (CGPL Winter) Finals will celebrate the conclusion of our Counter Strike Global Offensive competition in Australia.
This will be a major esports broadcast event, featuring the regions best four teams.

AEM Season 2 late regos close in 48 hours

in PC by Asterix - Jul 4th 2017

Hi everyone, late regos for season 2 are open now and will close this Thursday at 8pm (July 6th).

AEM Season 2 starts tonight

in PC: General by Asterix - Jul 2nd 2017

Hello everyone, just posting here for visibility:


AEM Season 2

in PC: General by Asterix - Jun 15th 2017

Season 2 is brought to you by Origin:

Signups for season 2 are open now and will close on July 3rd at 8pm. Late regos will be open for 48 hours.

The LAN finals is scheduled for September 23rd and 24th in Adelaide at the CG Studio, 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA.

Click read more for full info.

Overwatch on CG

in PC by Asterix - Jun 14th 2017

Hi Overwatch players, I thought i'd make a quick post to let you guys know our plans for overwatch for the next few months.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came out to the finals on the weekend, it went very smoothly and we were happy with the turnout. Photos for the event can be found here:

For the future Overwatch on CG, we intend to add Overwatch to the next season of CGPL, which will start sometime in August and have LAN finals in late October, this will have a $10,000 prize pool.

In the mean time we'll be running weekly $180 overwatch tournaments and a monthly one with a larger prize pool. Hopefully this will help build the scene up a bit leading into CGPL.

Assuming CGPL goes well we'll likely have Overwatch be a regular game for it throughout the CGPL year.

The next weekly tournament is here:


CyberGamer League of Legends Open Ladder 2017

in PC by FlyingFinn - Jun 11th 2017

Cybergamer would like to invite all teams to compete in an upcoming ladder aimed at growing our community at a grass roots level. Whether you're in it for fun, or reckon you're the OCE Faker, get your mates together, think up a team name, and take on some of the best amateur LoL players in the region.

Mobile & Menu Changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - May 29th 2017

Hello everyone, i've updated the site to be a bit more mobile friendly. This includes the top menu of the site, and the main page content.

There will be a few style issues that i'll be sorting for the rest of the day, if you have any issues that persist beyond today, open a support ticket.


Portal Knights giveaway

in PS by Asterix - May 19th 2017

Hi PS4 guys, i've been sent 5 PS4 promo codes for Portal Knights, if you're interested send me a PM. I know it's probably not really aimed at the typical CG PS user, but who knows.

Click read more for more information.


Competitive ANZ Xbox Returns

in XBOX by McDeeze - May 12th 2017

Good Evening all,

It brings me great pleasure to officially announce three big game titles we will be supporting in hope we can reach more of the Xbox competitive community. Our initial aim is to supply players with active ladders and free-to-play weekly tournaments which will provide a structure for each game. All ladders will be run on a seasonal basis and have finals towards the end of every season (further information on the specific game is listed below). The three titles we are proud to present are Rainbow 6: Siege, Smite and Halo 5: Guardians. These three game titles have their own ladders and forums which are free to use for all CyberGamer users. The forums are a great place to post for recruiting purposes, match result write-ups and general discussion of mostly anything. Although only three game titles have been mentioned, we are always looking to extend our reach and support further competitive communities.

[PS4] MWR 5v5 Leagues Season 2 Further Inform...

in PS by FastFeet__ - May 12th 2017

Hello everyone,

It's time to announce Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RM 5v5 Invitational Leagues Information!

The best teams and players on the platform will battle it out over several weeks of intense competition for the distinguished title of league champions, as well as a slice of the illustrious prize pool up for grabs.

This thread contains a comprehensive breakdown of the competition. Although this thread may be extensive and exhausting to read, we cannot stress to you enough that each section is read carefully if you are considering competing in leagues, as it all is extremely relevant to the overall operation of the tournament.