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PC: PC: CSGO off-season series #3
Status: Running - League Format - Groups of 6 - top two...
Prizes: $1,640.00
PC: CSGO Wednesday - The Big One
Time: 7:20pm 29/3/17
Prizes: $120.00
PC: Wednesday Rocket League 3v3
Time: 7:30pm 29/3/17
Prizes: $120.00
PC: CSGO Thursday Free Tournament
Time: 8:00pm 30/3/17
Prizes: 160 days of premium
PC: Friday Rocket League 3v3
Time: 7:30pm 31/3/17
Prizes: 25 days of premium
PC: CSGO Friday Free Tournament
Time: 8:30pm 31/3/17
Prizes: 75 days of premium
PC: CSGO Sunday Night Tournament
Time: 7:30pm 2/4/17
Prizes: 120 days of premium
PC: $10k Overwatch: Cybergamer OCE Circuit Presented by A...
Time: 7:30pm 3/4/17
Prizes: 30 days of premium
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$11k Overwatch: Cybergamer OCE Circuit Presen...

in PC by Cyanide. - Mar 24th 2017

Overwatch: Cybergamer OCE Circuit Presented by AOC
Cybergamer has been proud supporters of Overwatch since release, today we are exhilarated to announce in partnership with AOC and AMD the Overwatch: Cybergamer OCE Circuit. With $11,000 cash and LAN finals at the brand new CG Studio we just cant wait to get started. Kicking off on the 3rd and 4th of April teams across the region will have a chance to qualify for the exciting 7 week series to find out who will be invited to the LAN finals.

CSGO off-season series #3 information thread

in PC by Asterix - Feb 26th 2017

You can sign up here:

Hello everyone, we're running a 3rd off-season. It has the same format/rules as the first one.

- Groups of 6. You will play everyone in your group once (5 matches). Group stage is BO1, map chosen by VETO.
- The top two teams from each group proceed onto a single elimination final, with matches being BO3. Finals maps chosen by: VETO, VETO, PICK PICK, VETO, VETO, Remaining Map.

Click read more for more information.

Seagate FireCuda Cup

in PC, PS by Cyanide. - Feb 12th 2017

Welcome Back in 2017
We are excited to get things started again in 2017 Rocket League on CyberGamer. To kick things off we have teamed up with Seagate to bring in the first seven week pro league.
More Info: FireCuda Cup landing page

Acer CGPL Autumn 2017

in PC by defcoN - Jan 19th 2017

A new year means a new year of CGPL, we are excited to be back bigger and better. We are kicking off with providing teams with the best chance for competing in each divisions with three GSL style Fight For Your Invites (FFYI) for teams to earn their spot.
We wanted to make up for last years lack of national finals so this year we are also excited to have not just three CGPL events with Autumn, Winter and Spring, but also for the fist time invite the top two teams from each CGPL to the first CGPL Championship in November. Whilst we recognise that teams may win more than one championship we will also be holding a wildcard qualifier to make up the remaining places.

Click read more for more information!

[PS4] MWR 5v5 Leagues Season 1 Further Inform...

in PS by Jiszmik - Jan 18th 2017

Hello everyone,

It's time to announce Season 1 of [b]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RM 5v5 Invitational Leagues Information!

The best teams and players on the platform will battle it out over several weeks of intense competition for the distinguished title of league champions, as well as a slice of the illustrious prize pool up for grabs.

Rocket League Return 2017

in PC, PS by Rocket League Admin - Jan 15th 2017

With the recent announcements for 2017 we want to make sure we have the best esports titles supported this year. Rocket League with out a doubt deserves its place in the mix. To kick things off, we have brought back three tournaments as week for Rocket League on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights that are catered to PS and PC cross platform. This will help get teams warmed up and ready for the Pro Leagues starting mid February.

[MWR] S1 Registration Thread

in PS by Etri - Jan 14th 2017

Hello everyone,

COD-RM Invitational Leagues Season 1 registrations are now open for the next exciting installment of leagues with the first ever Season on the new COD4-RM and hopefully many more to follow.

For detailed information about the structure of this season we have linked the announcement thread above or you can simply click here. There is some major changes for this season, and we will outline key points below, along with a detailed selection and invitation process and the registration process. It is important to read through the selection and invitation information as this is very much what relates to your team receiving an invitation to compete.

PUG, Play and Win Crystals With Paladins

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 11th 2017

Today we are excited to announce that moving forward every time you play pugs and win, you will rank up and climb the leader boards. At the end of every month, the top 5 players will earn themselves a 400 crystal code courtesy of Hi Rez Studios and Double Jump Communications. Cybergamer will be hosting PUG matches for Paladins. These PUG matches will earn players points. At the end of every month the top 5 players will receive awesome prizes.

IW: CGp Team Invite Announcement

in PS by GIBERER - Jan 11th 2017

Welcome all,

Today it brings us much pleasure to announce the four teams we have invited to compete in the CyberGamer Professional league for the Autumn season of CGPL. Much debate went into the teams who would be invited, so this thread will not only address the invited teams, but also the selection process.

Find a Sponsor!

in PC: General by Asterix - Jan 5th 2017

Hello everyone, today we're starting an initiative to help players, streamers, teams and organisations find sponsors. eSports and CyberGamer are starting to become more mainstream and we've started to receive a lot more interest from companies that approach us wanting to get in touch with reputable gamers/teams.

In order to do this properly we've created an applications system here:

If you are an individual or a team/organisation that has some reasonable exposure please put in application. Applications with popular twitter, twitch or youtube channels are likely to be the most sought after. It is important you list all the areas that you are able to offer branding to a sponsor as some companies will only be interested in applications that offer a particular medium.

Click read more for more information.

IW: CGPL Autumn Qualifier Information

in PS, PC by GIBERER - Jan 4th 2017

Welcome all,

It brings us all great pleasure to be able to bring more information regarding the first season of Infinite Warfare leagues. With the announcement of the CyberGamer Premier League, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for Call of Duty on CG. Before we kick off the league however, we have plenty of competition leading up with FFYI's.

CSGO off-season series #2

in PC by Asterix - Jan 2nd 2017

Hello everyone, if you're interested in playing in a smaller/quicker CSGO off-season there is a sign-up page for season 2 here:

Start date:
Sunday 6:00pm January 8th 2017
Your first match will be within the first 7 days.

Groups of 4:
The top team from each group qualifies into a single elimination BO3 finals bracket.

Click read more for more information.