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CG 5v5 Leagues Payments New!

in PS by Etri - 15h 13m ago
CG 5v5 Leagues Payments
BO3: Leagues Payment Reminder

Welcome all,

With leagues commencing next week, excitement levels are building. With this however, many teams have not signed up &/or paid for their respective league. This must be done before the commencement of the league or severe consequence will be handed out for those who care to disregard multiple warnings. For the ease of all who may not have done either of the above actions, here are some quick and easy links to help gets you organised.

Step One: Team Creation

For those of you who are yet to be placed in their respective leagues, this is your first step. Some of you may have already established CGo teams, and other may not have one at all. For both instances the below links will help you get on your way to competing. Once you have registered your team and are in the waiting pool, please create a Support Ticket to notify admin and get you placed in your respective league so you can be on your way. Below are the links you will need.

Note: You must be placed in your league to pay your fees. Please contact admins ASAP so you can have the maximum time to pay your fees

Step Two: Payment

Now onto the most important part of the process, payment. For any person to compete in a leagues match, it is MANDATORY that they have paid the required fee. For anyone looking to pay their fees, it is quite a simple process, just follow the prompts and you should be fine. For anyone who is having troubles however, feel free to contact us via Support Ticket and we will assist you as soon as possible. Below are some helpful links for teams that are already in their league.

All fees are due by the 11:59 PM6th of September and the league will commence on the 6th of September. On behalf of the Admin Team we wish all competitors the best of luck.

Many Thanks,
PS Admin Team

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CG 5v5 Leagues Season 3

in PS by Etri - Aug 30th 2016
CG 5v5 Leagues Season 3 Hello everyone,

It's time to announce Season 3 of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 5v5 Invitational Leagues Information!

The best teams and players on the platform will battle it out over Eight weeks of intense competition for the distinguished title of league champions, as well as a slice of the illustrious prize pool up for grabs.

This thread contains a comprehensive breakdown of the competition. Although this thread may be extensive and exhausting to read, we cannot stress to you enough that each section is read carefully if you are considering competing in leagues, as it all is extremely relevant to the overall operation of the tournament.

Now before we get into it, I think the 5s community deserves a special thanks from the admin team, the interest shown by the community at this point of a cod is the best we have seen, because of this we are proud to announce that we will be running 4 leagues this season. As mentioned in our registration thread we only have enough time for 6 teams per league, so overall we will be accommodating 24 teams interest to play Season 3.


  • Registration period (21st August - 28th August)
  • Admin Selection Process (28th August - 30th August)
  • Payment Period (30th August - 6th September)
  • 4 week Pool Play period (6th September - 27th September)
  • Playoffs if required (27th September - 2nd October)
  • 4 Week Finals Period (3rd October - 31st October)

Note: Week 5 challenge will be sent out on the 6th of September, you will have until 27th of September to play this match


The season will be broken down into two separate phases, as reflected in the schedule further down in this announcement.

Phase 1: Pool Play
Pool play will consist of all teams playing each other once over a four week period. These pool play fixtures will be randomised from the teams invited to each respective league.

5v5 Matches will consist of 1 match per week, with a floating challenge that can be played anytime throughout pool play period. Each match in the Pool Play season will be a single map.

Tied Placings
If there are two or more teams who are seeded the same after the conclusion of the round robin phase, a playoff will occur where their seedings will be based on their Head to Head result against all tied teams.

Playoffs will be used to determine placings if teams are still unable to be separated after the seven week pool play. An extra week will be amended into the schedule before the commencement of the finals period. More information regarding playoffs will be released if required.

Phase 2: Finals
At the conclusion of the round robin phase of the competition the 4 highest seeded teams will progress into the finals bracket. The finals bracket runs under the format of a 4 team double elimination bracket. An example of the format can be seen in the spoiler below.

Final Bracket Exemplar: Click to view

Finals for each league will be conducted as such:
  • They will consist of Best of 3 Maps with no continuation using the veto system.
  • This format will be identical for both CGp, CGm, CGa and CGd

Recruitment Drive
During the season every team will have a limit of 3 team changes. This means you can pick up 3 players at any time during the season as long as it is cleared by the COD Admin team. Most of the terms of recruitment have not changed however and they are as follows:

  • A roster change is defined as a team picking up a player. A player can only leave a team when they will be left with 6 players in the team. Players who wish to leave a team must comply with this and provide a support ticket with a reason applied in order to leave a team. When leaving a team both the captain and the player must make a support ticket, and all the criteria s met before the admin team will remove the player.
  • Rosters will be locked immediately following the closure of registration for leagues. This means that any roster changes made after this will require admin notification and will use up ONE of the team changes for a team.
  • Players will now have the ability to move inter-league until the conclusion of week 2. Once week 2 has finished, no player(s) will be able to move to another team within the same league they were originally given.This INCLUDES players who have left their team in hope of finding another but were unsuccessful in their attempts. Players will then either have to participate in a higher league (if applicable) or continue the remainder of the season in CGo. Players who left their league team before playing a game, will be permitted to continue to look for another team within the same league or higher until the end of regular season.
  • Players WILL NOT be permitted to move down leagues at any time after league selections. You either compete at the level you are placed to compete in or higher (If applicable).
  • Players can move up leagues at any time if all the criteria are met. This will use ONE team change for the team receiving the player. Please note that no team changes are possible once pool play has been completed.
  • If a player is to leave their team, in which case causes a flow on affect of the team disbanding, the original player to leave will be held responsible for the team disbanding. This means that players should be very mindful when switching teams mid league.
  • Players who are recruited must pay the full entry fee respective to the league and division they intend to compete in.
  • Players who leave their team as apart of Recruitment Drive are not entitled to a refund of their entry fee.
  • Players who do decide to leave a team who forfeits a league's game because of a lack of players will share the punishment of their former team-mates.

**Participating in leagues refers to a player who is in a team post Registration close. Any player who registers with a team but wishes to leave afterwards is only allowed to play in CGo. Leaving a team after Registration closing will count as a roster change for the team in question. Each team is limited to picking up 3 players and releasing 3 players however special considerations can be made for teams based on circumstances after deliberation by the COD Admin team.

5v5 Invitational League

Empyre Esports
ColdWar Soldiers
Clutch Fraggers
DaGod Squad

'Seeds' have been randomly generated and do not indicate predicted performance.

# of Teams
Entry Fee
Age Restrictions

Map Rotations: Click to view

Spawn Choice, Hosting & Knife Off Rules Click to view

Fixtures CGp/a/d: Click to View

Terms and Conditions

League Conditions

Team Conditions

Match Conditions

Media and Marketing Conditions

Administration Conditions

Many Thanks,
PS Administration Team

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CGPS Looking for Content Team Members

in PS by HerniBrah - Aug 25th 2016
CGPS Looking for Content Team Members Hello everyone,

Due to the recent interest from a few people within it is time for the rejuvenation of the content team. We are looking for a team to get this project up and running

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Platform Admin Changes

in PS by HerniBrah - Aug 25th 2016
Platform Admin Changes Hello everyone,

Unfortunatly Kickass has decided to leave our little community after 3 years of great service to Cybergamer. As one chapter closes it means another opens. Over the last few months everyone should of noticed the tireless efforts of Jiszmik in the day to day running of everything. So as a reward for efforts he will be taking up the role of PS Platform Admin from now and for the forceable future. Join with me in making him welcome

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[PS4] 5v5 Leagues Season 3 - Registration

in PS by Jiszmik - Aug 24th 2016
[PS4] 5v5 Leagues Season 3 - Registration Hello everyone,

Welcome to the registration thread for Season 3 leagues, we understand this is outside of our usual structure as we are still finishing off Season 2, but due to extreme time constraints we need to get the ball rolling for Season 3. Below will give you an overview with all the important information you will need for Season 3. We will release another thread with alot more information in it at a later date.

# of Teams
Entry Fee
Age Restrictions
Pending Interest

  • CGp (Professional) = Finals played online with no age restrictions,
  • CGa (Amateur) = Finals played online with no age restrictions,
  • CGd (Development) = Pending the amount of interest,

Season overview

  • ALL Teams selected by admins unless otherwise necessary
  • Registration period (21st August - 28th August)
  • Admin Selection Process (28th August - 30th August)
  • Payment Period (30th August - 6th September)
  • 5 week Pool Play period* (6th September - 27th September),
  • Playoffs if required (27th September - 2nd October),
  • 4 Week Finals Period (3rd October - 31st October),
Top 4 finals bracket

It is important to read and understand the Terms and Conditions for this season.

*Pool play will run for a period of 4 weeks, with 5 games being played in that time, the 5th round game challenge will be sent out the same time of the first round, this challenge can be played out at any agreed time throughout the pool play period.

Selection Process

The 6 spots in each league will be selected within a few days of registrations closing. Teams will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Performance during previous recent League Seasons (if applicable)
  • Performance during Black Ops 3 tournaments (if applicable)
  • Performance during CGo/League Seasons (if applicable)
  • Performance during other recent notable competitions on CyberGamer PS (if applicable)
  • Achievable skill level
  • Reliability

Registration Process

To register, please fill out the template below with all required information. Please use the same format. You do not choose which league you apply for, you will be placed into a league based upon the consideration's outlined above.
Keep the details as up-to-date as possible. If changes need to be made, edit the same post, don't create an entirely new post.

Team Link:
Your team agrees to pay entry fees by a date given by the COD Admin Team: (Yes/No)
Your team agrees to all Terms and Conditions and that their leagues position will be determined based upon the given considerations: (Yes/No)

Registrations close Sunday 28th August at 11:59pm.

Terms and Conditions

League Conditions

Team Conditions

Match Conditions

Media and Marketing Conditions

Administration Conditions

Many Thanks,
PS Administration Team

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Experience Rankings

in PC by Asterix - Aug 10th 2016
Experience Rankings Hello everyone, i've added an XP rankings leaderboard to the website: - AU - EU

On your profiles there's a section that displays the XP you gain from completing various things on the site, the majority of them are related to completing ladder/league/tournament matches, as well as anything that awards you a trophy (winning tournaments etc).

At the end of each month the top 10 users (per site, AU/EU/NA) will receive a month of free CG premium. If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know.

Have fun

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Overwatch Weekly Tournament [Free Entry+Prize...

in PC by Haydz - Jul 29th 2016
Overwatch Weekly Tournament [Free Entry+Prize Money] Changes to the Overwatch tournaments. Now once a week each Tuesday night, free entry with $120 up for grabs.

Check out the full thread for all details.

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SMITE OPL Split 3 Announcement/Split 3 Challe...

in PC by HughZ - Jul 29th 2016
SMITE OPL Split 3 Announcement/Split 3 Challenger's Cup Update! With Split 2 drawing to a close, the time has come to announce the third and final split of the year for the SMITE Oceania Pro League! With the largest prizepool of the year and a trip to the SMITE World Championships in January on the line, this promises to be the most intense and competitive time in Oceanic SMITE history. Running for 8 weeks, 6 teams will play each other twice beginning the 10th of September and ending the 30th of October. Check out the official Hi-Rez Announcement!


Our stance on Match Fixing & Cheating

in PS by GIBERER - Jul 26th 2016
Our stance on Match Fixing & Cheating
Match Fixing & Cheating

Welcome all,

As we have seen over recent days, much controversy has been held surrounding the 4v4 CGi ladder, including results and the subsequent actions of users. Make note of this as a warning for EVERY USER, if you are found to have cheated or attempted to, you will be given subsequent consequences. This cheating includes the influence of any match result, which includes all leagues, ladders and tournaments officially run by the PlayStation side of CyberGamer. To many, these actions may seem harsh, swift or unjustified, however, with these actions, we hope to spread awareness about a rising issue throughout all leagues. With this decision, we aim to provide all CyberGamer users with a fair, competitive playing experience. For any incidence of cheating, which includes but is not limited to, attempted bribery, unsportsmanlike conduct causing an influence on results, etc. please contact staff via Support Ticket and every occurrence will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

This thread will not be a name and shame thread and those who have offended will be contacted and dealt with accordingly. These processes are not for public entertainment and will be dealt with in the manner they should be with professionalism. For any looking for an explanation, this is it. No admin will further comment on the situation beyond what is placed here.

For every case of misconduct on CyberGamer we approach the PS Anti-Cheat for the appropriate action to be taken against the user. For those looking for an explanation of bans placed today and for future occurrences, you can read under Category 3 of the anti-cheat which applies to the use of Match Fixing. For those who wish for quick explanation, you can find them below. All cases of cheating are meet with the same punishment which is:

  • 3 Month Match Ban from all Ladders and Leagues
  • 1 Month Global Forum Ban

Match Fixing

For those who have been affected by the actions of those who have offended, we are deeply sorry and will work with you in order to best minimise the affect of this event on you. Again, if you wish to contact any admin if you are concerned about the actions of another user or in order to report an offence, please contact us via Support Ticket. With finals fast approaching for all leagues, we would like to take a positive turn and wish all those competing or fighting for their spot the best of luck over the coming weeks.

Many Thanks,
PS Admin Team

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Looking For Tournament Admins

in XBOX by vizzN - Jul 23rd 2016
Looking For Tournament Admins
XBOX Tournament Administrator

Good evening all,

As you should all be very well aware the tournament system is continually growing in popularity which is producing more tournaments, more players and more prize money on a daily basis!

To be able to run these tournaments efficiently and effectively for the players, a handy and proficient staff team is fundamental to it's success. As such, the Platform Administrators have deemed it necessary to introduce a new staff role - XBOX Tournament Admin.

Essentially what this introduces is an improved level of support and dispute resolution to our daily tournaments, allowing the competing players to concentrate solely on their upcoming matches.

We are currently looking for a number of members from the community to take on this role and responsibility, information regarding the role and who should apply can be found below.

Who Should Apply?

This role would be suited to persons/players who can attribute to most (or all) of the following;
  1. Active daily on CyberGamer.
  2. Familiar with the Tournament System.
  3. Ability to work under pressure in a time critical environment.
  4. Ability to make unbiased, timely decisions.
  5. Dedicated to improving CyberGamer.
  6. Interested in COD Administrator in the future.

Role Responsibilities

A member who is assigned to this role will have the required tools at their disposal to conduct the following tasks as their responsibility;
  1. Resolve tournament match disputes.
  2. Access and answer tournament related support tickets.
  3. Admin adjustments to tournaments where necessary.

How to Apply?

Applications are to be created and submitted through the Staff Application System. The following steps will assist you in creating the application.
  • Load the application page -
  • Enter your name
  • Under platform select, "XBOXONE"
  • Under game select, "Black Ops 3 - Other"
  • Write up your application in the provided textbox.
  • Click submit

If you are unable to lodge an application for whatever reason, create a Support Ticket .

If you have any further questions regarding the position or anything from the thread, feel free to post below!

Thank you,
CyberGamer XBOX Administration Team

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Plantronics and CyberGamer Event Partnership

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Jul 20th 2016
Plantronics and CyberGamer Event Partnership We are excited to announce our event partnership with Plantronics throughout the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Plantronics is a global leader in all aspects of audio communications through all industries.With a number of planned live events remaining in 2016 and early planning for 2017 we are thrilled to have Plantronics by our side.

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Announcing New Tournament Schedule

in XBOX by vizzN - Jul 14th 2016
Announcing New Tournament Schedule

Hello everyone,

With the recent influx of new players to CyberGamer, we wanted to implement a schedule that was consistent - as a result, we have decided to opt for a schedule that will provide the same game types at the same time every day. This will allow our players to get into a routine of knowing what time they expect to see their favourite tournaments.

It will also allow players to think ahead and lock in tournaments they wish to participate in a lot sooner. You and your friends will know what tournaments to expect and have the time needed to plan your participation in whatever tournament you choose.

How to Register

Tournament Schedule
Click the link above and it will take you through to the schedule page.
Step 1: "Select tournament"- Select the competition that is a best fit for you and your team
Step 2: "Join Tournament"- Select this option and enter in your desired team name. Please note that at this stage team names cannot be changed.
Step 3: "Add Players"- Before you can add a player to the team you must first be friends with them on CyberGamer. Once this is done you can add them to your team by typing in their username as you usually would.
Step 4: "Select Core Players and Subs"- Select the "Edit Team" button select who are your designated sub players.

For more info check out the How To Tournament System.

CyberGamer Premium Support

If you enjoy these competitions and the continued effort to make your gaming experience a more enjoyable one, please help out by purchasing "Premium" here. All of the money goes into developing the website and more free to play competitions with cash prizes in the future.

You will also gain exclusive access to the tournament system over the coming months we add in more prized events.
Some of the competitions will be "Premium Only" competitions. This means there will be prize money in numerous upcoming competitions. For only $5 a month you get access to these.
Weekly Schedule


CoD:BO3 1v1 S&D
CoD:BO3 2v2 S&D
CoD:BO3 3v3 S&D
CoD:BO3 2v2 SND
CoD:BO3 4v4 Objective
CoD:BO3 4v4 S&D [P] [$]
CoD:BO3 2v2 S&D

[P] = CG Premium users only eligible to compete in this tournament.
[$] = Prized event tournament.
Good luck.

For future Competitions

If you have any ideas for new competitions, feel free to message any game admin or leave a post below. We are here to make your gaming experience a better one.

Terms and Conditions: Click to view

That's about it, of course if you have any problems or queries contact us using the CyberGamer Support System.

Many Thanks
XBOX COD Admin Team

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