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[PS4] AW: CyberGamer PS Points System New!
in PS by kickass - 10h 24m ago
It is with great pleasure that the PS Administration team have decided to implement a points system into our Advanced Warfare competitions. We have taken your feedback on board from the recent CGPS Improvements thread and hopefully this will satisfy your thirst and spice up the competition a little. The theory behind the player points system will be explained in greater depth below and we greatly recommend you read over the entire thread to understand the concept.

However, please understand that new coding has been administered to allow for integration of these points and due to this, we are still grasping the concept behind it as well, so please bear with us and hopefully this thread can clear up any questions you may have on them.

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Dirty Bomb Launch Tournament New!
in PC by Jyles - 12h 25m ago

Dirty Bomb is a new fps game that is currently in closed beta. With no controller support or aim assist Dirty Bomb requires you to rely on player skill to avoid certain death. This high-pace action shooter will bring the purest fps experience to your PC and will be a must be for any veteran of the genre. So to celebrate the partnership between Dirty Bomb and CyberGamer, there will be a massive launch tournament. Details below.


On the 6th and 7th of June at 1pm AEST there will be a Dirty Bomb tournament. This tournament will be a single elimination with each game being a best of 3. The gamemode will be 5v5 Objectives and will be limited to 32 teams (subject to change).

Plantronics Gaming headset prizes for winning team x5 GameCom788 7.1 PC Headset
Premium in game items for Dirty Bomb (TBC)

Post the following info in this post:

Team Name:
Team Contact:


Friendly Fire: On
Random Seedings
Highest seed will pick first map, lowest seed will choose attack or defend first, for second map, lowest seed will pick map and highest seed will choose attack or defend first. If a third map is to be played, there will be a coinflip on who gets to pick the map and who gets to pick side.
How to pick servers: TBA
No Exploitation of Bugs, cheating, or hacking.
Every loadout card is usable, there is no restrictions.
Servers may be used to scrimming/pugging outside of the cup. While the cup is going, we ask servers to be clear unless a match is taking place.
No Harassment/Abuse Policy (This can and will get you kicked out of future tournaments)

Additional Information:

Brackets: TBA
Rules and details are subject to change.

Live Stream
Live coverage on the day will be presented by TeamdownTV

Upon sign-up each player will be given a beta code to unlock the game on steam. Their is a limited amount of codes, so first in best dressed.

Good luck and have fun!
CyberGamer Staff

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[PS4] AW: CGp & CGa Season 2 - Finals Informa...
in PS by The-Proverb - May 26th 2015
As the title suggests, the pool play phase of the second season of AW leagues has come to close and we're heading towards the top end of the season with finals just a few days away. The remaining teams will now battle it out for the right to be crowned as champions and receive their share of the prize pool with this season the stakes being higher than ever with a combined total of over $6200 cash prize money up for grabs!

On behalf of the COD Administration team, we would like to congratulate the teams from CGp and CGa for both 5v5 and 4v4 Leagues for making it this far!

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Season 3 Start date
in PC by Cyanide. - May 26th 2015
Hello America's Army fans, Well another season has past and we are continuing strong. We would like to announce the launch of Season 3 of AA:PG. Click read more for more information.

[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Night Compeitition #2 - Reg...
in PS by Travalord - May 25th 2015
The COD Administration team have decided to keep you entertained with a Hardpoint/Uplink Variation One Night Competition or 'ONC'. This will be your standard single elimination ONC with the safety of keeping those SND strats hidden away.

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 CGa Announcement
in PS by kickass - May 20th 2015
Good evening,

Throughout Season 2 of our Invitational Competition, the CGa 4v4 team PS4 Rands broke a series of Terms and Conditions which they agreed to at the beginning of the season. Some of these are as follows:

[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Night Compeitition #1 - Reg...
in PS by Travalord - May 18th 2015
The COD Administration team have decided to keep you entertained with a Traditional One Night Competition or 'ONC'. This will be your standard single elimination ONC with prizes to be announced with the release of the gameday thread so keep your eyes peeled!

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 One Day Competition - Gameday
in PS by kickass - May 17th 2015
Hello everyone,

Today teams will play off in a 4v4 ODC that will provide some fun whilst being competitive in nature. There is still time to get those last minute entries or team changes. Enjoy the event and please provide us with feedback of how to make it any better.

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[PS4] AW: 5v5 CGp Report - Round 6
in PS by Pixell - May 14th 2015
Hello everyone,

On behalf of the Content Team I would like to bring you the 5v5 CGp Predictions for round 6, Season 2. This thread will wrap up last weeks matches as well as give you an insight into the communities predictions. Feel free to post your own predictions below. Enjoy!

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in XBOX by Asterix - May 13th 2015
Hello everyone, now that some time has passed from the recent closure of the XBOX section I wanted to make this thread.

If some competent admins ever want to start up this section again feel free to contact me via PM. The XBOX section will remain as simply a forum until such time.

If you have any questions let me know,


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CGPS: Improvements, Have your say!
in PS by kickass - May 11th 2015
Hey guys,

With CGPS undergoing a minor transition period we would now like to open it up to the community to let us know what you would like to see improved, changed or expanded upon in the coming months to further improve your experience on CGPS.

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[PS4] AW: One Day Competittion - Registration
in PS by Travalord - May 11th 2015
The PS Administration team are pleased to announce an upcoming PS4 AW 4v4 ODC coming up on Sunday the 17th of May 2015. The details of the event and how to register can be found within.

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