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Rocket League PC Season 1 - Open New!
in PC by Moarphine - 7h 54m ago
Rocket League is booming and the community has been asking for the open ladder to commence - so we plan on doing just that. At 5pm AEST on Friday the 7th of August the first season of the CyberGamer AU PC Rocket League 3v3 Open Ladder will begin.

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Oceanic SMITE Pro League
in PC by Knightfall - Jul 29th 2015
Over the next 7 weeks these teams will be battling it out to see who will rise to the top and make it to the regional LAN which will be held at PAX Australia in October and November!

Stay up to date with the latest CyberGamer Smite news at @cgsmite

[PS4] AW: Season 3 4v4 Professional Ladder -...
in PS by HerniBrah - Jul 28th 2015

It has come that time again when we the Call of Duty Admins unveil the 4v4 CGp selections. This was already shown on our live stream which you are able to rewatch or watch for the first time if you have not done already right on

Please see below list of selected teams to compete in this seasons 4v4 CGp League.

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[PS4] AW: Season 3 - 5v5 CGp Predictions
in PS by Mxracles - Jul 27th 2015

Hello Everyone,

With Season 1 and 2 finished it comes to that time of the year where Season 3 is about to commence. On behalf of the CGPS Content Team, we would like to bring you the 5v5 CGp predictions for this upcoming season. This thread will outline what placings the CGPS Content Team thinks each team will place for Season 3 along with some reasoning behind those placings. During this season you can expect to see league reviews, live streams and all new YouTube content. Enjoy!

Let the banter begin! :)

Tainted Minds

Spoiler: Click to View

auRa eSports

Spoiler: Click to View

Rival eSports

Spoiler: Click to View


Spoiler: Click to View


Spoiler: Click to View

Rohan Organisation

Spoiler: Click to View

Suit Up

Spoiler: Click to View


Spoiler: Click to View

We hope you have enjoyed reading through these 5v5 CGp predictions and are happy with what the CGPS community thinks you will place. Feel free to provide some feedback regarding our predictions! Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know! Good luck to all competing teams this season and may the best team win!

Many Thanks
PS Content Team

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[PS4] AW: Season 3 5v5 Amateur League - Regis...
in PS by Uncle Drew - Jul 27th 2015
Hola waifus and weaboos!

With registrations closing tonight for the Cybergamer Amateur 5v5 Search and Destroy league, the admin team would like to remind those who have not registered and intend to, to register now or forever wither away in the CGo cesspool.

Rando Further Information

  • Registrations will close tonight at 11:59 pm, and this thread will be updated accordingly as any newly registered teams register in this thread.
  • ATLAS GORGE will not at this time be apart of CGa, what this means is, we don't trust you unorganised heathens to get that shit bought and downloaded
  • This league is non-discriminate to thumbless derps, even seekya is welcome to compete, so don't be frightened
  • Pay your fees as early as possible, as this payment period won't be too long as we gotta get this shit done
  • Yannick Bolasie

Yannick Bolasie.
PS Administration Team

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4's Leagues Recruitment
in PS by Proverb - Jul 22nd 2015
With 4's leagues rego closing soon, figured a Recruitment Master Thread might help players find teams and stick with them and a few of you guys liked the idea on twitter and I don't mind making a bread or two. This is only for 4's players who want to participate in leagues this season.

Leagues Rego. thread -

Basically post below if you are LFC or LFM and I'll edit it into this post. Should serve as a nice central point for players and I'll offer my opinion (if needed) on what teams could work, as everyone else is welcome to as well.

When you post, include your role, e.g. Subby OBJ or AR Anchor to refresh my memory and a link to your LFC thread if you have one.



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[PS4] AW: 5v5 CGp League Selections
in PS by Shadz - Jul 22nd 2015
The CGPS COD Admin Team are proud to announce our 5v5 CGp selection stream on tonight (sorry this wasn't announced last week). We'll be going live at around 7:30 (ish) on our MLG channel and will have some information on things we have discussed recently about CGa and the 4v4 leagues for next season!!!

Make sure to jump over to twitter and @CGPSAU and hit us with who you think will be in our 5v5 CGp leagues! Whoever guesses correctly will go into the draw to win a prize ;)


The stream will be brought to you tonight by HerniBrah with an appearance from Shadz as well as *hopefully* appearances from some other admins and some of the members of our CGp teams this season!

Many Thanks
PS Live Streaming Team

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[PS4] Rocket League ONC #2 - Registration
in PS by Travalord - Jul 22nd 2015

Next ONC: Friday 24h July 2015

The Rocket League Admin team would like to present our second ONC for the community's enjoyment. As per usual this event will be single elimination and sure to provide some high octane fueled fun whilst being competitive nature. This event will also be open to all CG users that register.

How to Register

A Rocket League ONC ladder page has been setup and is now ready to accept teams. Create a team. The system will place you into the ODC "Waiting Pool" from where you will be processed.

Step 1: "Create a Team" - Your team has now been moved to the "Waiting Pool" and will remain there until all of your players have accepted their invites to the team.
Step 2: "Registration" - You will have to post in this thread using the template below to show that you want to participate in the ONC.
Step 3: "Competing League" - Your team has agreed to the Terms and Conditions and are now registered and eligible to compete.
Quote from Registration:
On behalf of [insert team including a link] we wish to play in the next Rocket League ONC. We are ready to compete on the scheduled date and accept responsibility for any breach of the rules or other actions that may occur during the event.

Event Details

Date: 24th July 2015
Time: 6:30PM AEST
Registration Closes: 6:15PM AEST
Competition: 3v3 Rocket League ONC
Team Sizes: Teams must consist of a minimum 3 players and maximum 5 players.
Matches: All matches will be best of 3 Series. Team setting up the match can choose the arena
Ruleset:The ruleset to be used throughout the day is the CGPS 3v3 Rocket League Ruleset in conjunction with the standard CG match guidelines.

Terms and Conditions: Click to view

That's about it, of course if you have any problems or queries contact us using the CyberGamer Support System.

Many Thanks
PS Rocket League Admin Team

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Introducing CGIncredible
in PS by Swak - Jul 22nd 2015
Hello and Greetings Cybergameians,

Without further ado; I have been picked up for the content//youtube team and want to bring my editing skills into the Cybergamer Community. My goal is to get as many edits/gameplays out to the CGPS YouTube that my internet can handle. With the community's help it will be worthwhile. Lordsome was the original editor of this series on Xbox but he stopped the series a long time ago. Shoutout to him though, excellent idea.

Straight to it then. I will be re-booting a series an editor and former site admin Lordsome started over on Xbox during MW3 named CGincredible, I will be bringing out a new CGincredible once every 2 weeks bringing out the top few minutes clips of those past 2 weeks with no commentary just plain old music and some horrible editing by myself. Personally I don't see YouTube as a way to get famous, I see it as creating memory's of your gaming past, so if you want to enter please PM ME here if you would like to submit a clip for CGincredible.
CG incredible will be a 5 Episode series and then we will review the success of the series and whether or not we should do more or continue with some other projects!

What do you get from entering CGincredible?
There will be Prizes for the best 2 Clips included in CGincredible, judged by the Viewers who they will vote for their favourite clips!

1st. SquidGrip: Sony PS4 & 1 Month of Premium! (will be great for those prem only tourneys!!!)
2nd.SquidGrip: Sony PS4!

What clips are we looking for?
- 5v5 & 4v4 Clips will both be included.
- 4/5 Downs
- Clutches
- Triple kills / Quad Kills / Penta Kills
- Anything that you're impressed about and think people will want to see that will make the cut.

Previous Episodes of CGincredible!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Thanks Guys!
Remember to PM Swak with any entries!!!!

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[PS4] Tournament Schedule
in PS by HerniBrah - Jul 20th 2015
With the successful launch of Cybergamers new tournament system, the heads of the website in partnership with the CGPS admins are very proud to present an extended schedule of competitions for your enjoyment. Please note, competitions will continually be added so make sure to keep checking in the find one you'd like to play

How to Register

Tournament Schedule
Click the link above and it will take you through to the schedule page.
Step 1: "Select tournament"- Select the competition that is a best fit for you and your team
Step 2: "Join Tournament"- Select this option and enter in your desired team name. Please note that at this stage team names cannot be changed.
Step 3: "Add Players"- Before you can add a player to the team you must first be friends with them on CyberGamer. Once this is done you can add them to your team by typing in their username as you usually would.
Step 4: "Select Core Players and Subs"- Select the "Edit Team" button select who are your designated sub players.

CyberGamer Premium Support

If you enjoy these competitions and the continued effort to make your gaming experience a more enjoyable one, please help out by purchasing "Premium" here. All of the money goes into developing the website and more F2P competitions with cash prizes in the future.

You will also gain exclusive access to the tournament system over the coming months as it's development is finalised.

Some of the future competions will be "Premium Only" competitions. This means there will be prize money in numerous upcoming competitions. For only $5 a month you get access to these

Weekly Schedule







CoD:AW - 2v2 S&D
CoD:AW - 4v4 1nD S&D [P]

CoD:AW - 4v4 Objective [P]
CoD:AW - 4v4 Uplink

CoD:AW - 3v3 ProMod S&D
CoD:AW - 4v4 Objective [$5]

CoD:AW - 5v5 S&D [P]
CoD:AW - 1v1 Face Off

3v3 Rocket League
CoD:AW - 2v2 S&D [P]

CoD:AW - 1v1 Face Off [P]
CoD:AW - 4v4 Objective

CoD:AW - 5v5 S&D
3v3 Rocket League [P]







[P] = CG Premium users only eligible to compete in this tournament.
[$5] = $5 entry fee per player to compete in this tournament.

For future Competitions

If you have any ideas for new competitions, feel free to message any game admin or leave a post below. We are here to make your gaming experience a better one.

Terms and Conditions: Click to view

That's about it, of course if you have any problems or queries contact us using the CyberGamer Support System.

Many Thanks
PS COD Admin Team

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[PS4] AW: CGPS 4v4 League Registration
in PS by Jake. - Jul 17th 2015
Good evening,

Following on from the debacle that was the Pro Circuit discussion, we as an admin team have decide to resort back to our roots.

This thread will detail the selection and invitation process and the registration process. It is important to read through the selection and invitation information as this is very much what relates to your team receiving an invitation to compete.

Throughout this registration period the Administration Team will not be answering questions regarding whether your team is a 'chance' of being selected, you will not receive any special treatment to indicate whether your team will be invited.

It is important to read and understand the Terms and Conditions for this competition as they directly relate to how the competition is run.

Invitation Selection Process

Please make sure that before registering you read the selection considerations located below. In some circumstances it may be possible for teams to receive exemption (or deter slightly away) from the following considerations; this will be based on the COD Admin Team's discretion.

Performance during previous League Seasons - In particular Season One and Two of Advanced Warfare (if applicable)
Performance during CGo Seasons (if applicable)
Performance during other notable competitions on CyberGamer PS (if applicable)
Achievable skill level

Registration Process

To register, please fill out the template below with all required information. Please use the same format. You do not choose which league you apply for, you will be placed into a league based upon the consideration's outlined above.
Keep the details as up-to-date as possible. If changes need to be made, edit the same post, don't create an entirely new post.

Your team agrees to pay entry fees by a date given by the COD Admin Team: (Yes/No)
Your team agrees to all Terms and Conditions and that their leagues position will be determined based upon the given considerations: (Yes/No)

Terms and Conditions

League Conditions

Team Conditions

Match Conditions

Media and Marketing Conditions

Administration Conditions

Many Thanks,
PS Administration Team

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[PS4] AW: 4v4 Leagues Announcement
in PS by Shadz - Jul 17th 2015
Tonight the PS Administration Team are proud to announce the next season of our traditional 4v4 Leagues competitive environments on Advanced Warfare.

Please read all the information below carefully, there have been some major changes from last season. Some of these changes may be familiar to those previously experienced in competing in our Invitational Leagues on other title, but also some of the changes will be new to all players.

If you are unfamiliar to what our Invitational Leagues are about, please read as much of this info as you can handle then ask any admin for direction or explaining if you need it!!!

Competition Structure

The competition structure for Season 3 does differ quite drastically from Season 2 and any other league season offered previously on CGPS. For the up coming season, we will be making a big change in CGa in particular whilst CGp will remain mostly the same as it is our most prestigious competition.

As admins, it is important to separate teams into the various brackets wisely so as to provide a challenge whilst not overwhelming them with a skill level which is either too high or low for their ability. As such, our invitational leagues are separated into the following divisions;

CyberGamer Professional - 8 Teams
CyberGamer Amateur - Open to all teams (8 team minimum)

Regardless of the number of teams that are interested in competing, we will not be opening up a third league as has been done in the past. Instead all teams are able to apply for CGa and compete in that if they wish.
If the minimum number of teams to fill both leagues has not been met, the amateur league will fold and only one league of 8 teams will run (CGp).

Competition Format

The season will be broken down into two separate phases, as reflected in the schedule further down in this announcement. There will also be rules and regulations on recruitment to be noted later on.

Phase 1: Pool Play
Pool play will consist of all 8 teams playing each other once over a seven week period. These pool play fixtures will be randomised from the teams invited to each respective league.

This format is identical for both the Professional and Amateur divisions however pending the amount of teams for CGa the format may change significantly.

Tied Placings
If there are two or more teams who are seeded the same after the conclusion of the round robin phase, their seedings will be based on their Head to Head result against all tied teams.

Playoffs will only be used to determine placings if teams are still unable to be separated by the above criteria. An extra week will be amended into the schedule before the commencement of the finals period. More information regarding playoffs will be released if required.

Phase 2: CGp Finals
At the conclusion of the round robin phase of the competition the 4 highest seeded teams will progress into the finals bracket. The finals bracket runs under the format of a 4 team double elimination bracket. An example of the format can be seen in the spoiler below.

Final Bracket Exemplar: Click to view

Phase 2: CGa finals
Again, pending on the amount of competing teams CGa finals may be open to 4, 6 or even 8 competing teams to allow for a more competitive league as well as a chance for all teams to play more games.

Finals for each league will be conducted as such:
  • 4v4 Will consist of Best of 5 Maps with no continuation (Double bo5 in grand final if the teams have played each other previously)
  • This format will be identical for both CGp and CGa
  • All Leagues will use a Veto system to determine finals maps

Recruitment Drive
Normally, during the competition a particular week during the schedule is designated as recruitment week. This week is an opportunity for teams to remove and invite new players to their roster to compete for the remainder of the season. This however, has been changed to a more team centred approach. During the season every team will have a limit of 2 team changes. This means you can pick up 2 players and remove 2 players at any time during the season as long as it is cleared by the COD Admin team. Most of the terms of recruitment has not changed however and they are as follows:
  • In order to recruit a player, they must not be competing in leagues already. i.e must be playing in CGo, or nothing at all.
  • Players who are recruited must pay the full entry fee respective to the league and division they intend to compete in.
  • Players who are currently participating in leagues** may leave their team, however, are not permitted to join another competing leagues team - whether it be CGp or CGa. It is CGo or nothing.
  • Players who leave their team as apart of Recruitment Drive are not entitled to a refund of their entry fee.
  • Players who do decide to leave a team who forfeits a league's game because of a lack of players will share the punishment of their former team-mates.
  • Before removing a player from their roster team captain's must first consult the COD Admin team via Support Ticket and provide valid reasons as to why they wish to remove a player.

**Participating in leagues refers to a player who is in a team post Registration close. Any player who registers with a team but wishes to leave afterwards is only allowed to play in CGo. Leaving a team after Registration closing will count as a roster change for the team in question. Each team is limited to picking up 2 players and releasing 2 players however special considerations can be made for teams based on circumstances after deliberation by the COD Admin team.

Prize Pool

The prize pool for each individual league and division is calculated through the combination of player entry payments, social media revenue and CyberGamer contributions. All money that is paid by the players goes directly back into the prize pool for their league and division.

Please note that the calculations below are only estimations based on the average number of players per team and their entry fees. These values will change before the end of the season however an announcement will be made when they are final.



Note: These dates are examples only and will no doubt change before the end of the season.
Announcement: 17th July 2015
Registration Opens: 17th July 2015
Registration Closes: 24th July 2015
Payment Period: 24th July 2015 - 2nd August 2015
Competition Commences: [i]4th August 2015

Competition Concludes: 26th October 2015

Round 1: 5th August - 11th August
Round 2: 12th August - 18th August
Round 3: 19th August - 25th August
Round 4: 26th September - 1st September
Round 5: 2nd September - 8th September
Round 6: 9th September - 15th September
Round 7: 16th September - 22nd September

Playoffs*: 23rd September - 29th September

Preliminary Finals: 30th September - 6th October
Quarter Finals: 7th October - 13th October
Semi Finals: 14th October - 20th October
Grand Final: 21st October - 27th October

*Playoffs: Playoffs will be scheduled for one week between round 7 of round robin and the preliminary finals. In the instance that a playoffs week is required, all finals rounds will be pushed back one week to accommodate the change.

Team Invitations

Each team will be required to register their interest in a designated registration forum thread which is released prior to the commencement of the competition. From this registration, teams will be selected by the administration team and invited to compete in the competition with a relative division.

The team invitations are judged on a number of criteria set by the administration team and are invited in competition with the other registered teams. The criteria is set to encompass a variety of team aspects reflecting on everything on team ability to team integrity. Although criteria is used in assisting to determine the invitational teams, the end selections are based on the thoughts and views of the administration team.

Entry Fee & Payments

Upon invitation to compete in the invite league, each player will be required to pay the designated entry fee relative to their invited league. This payment is made through CyberGamer's secure payment portal and all fees go back directly into the prize pool. The entry fee's for Season 2 are as follows:


Please note that these payments are per player.

Also, if you're a top bloke or have some extra change lying around, it is possible for a player to pay the entry fee on behalf of a team mate, this can be organised through the designated payment portal.

Once the payment is processed, you have joined the league. You now agree to and accept all terms and conditions of the competition. If you have played a match for your team and then wish to quit and be refunded; you will not be refunded but instead be faced with removal from the site for a duration determined by the administration team. You may leave your team as apart of recruitment drive, however, you will again not be granted a refund.

Terms and Conditions

Some of the T's & C's have changed so please read them, otherwise you may miss some of the changes that have occurred within the basic CGPS rules.
League Conditions

Team Conditions

Match Conditions

Media and Marketing Conditions

Admin Conditions

These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change up until the registration period commences. Once this time comes the Terms and Conditions will be finalised and required to be followed for the entire season.

Many Thanks,
PS Administration Team

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