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[BO3] 5v5 League Report: Finals Week 1

in PS by Richzy™ - Oct 13th 2016

Welcome all,

As final season of the Black Ops 3 Leagues draws to a close we now once again only have a handful of teams remain, having secured their spots through the shortened league pool play, These teams will now battle it out for the title of reigning champions of Black Ops 3 for their respective leagues. With things really starting to get interesting we look forward to bringing you an exciting insight to the competition in the weeks to come with detailed finals reports, highlights videos & Shoutcasted Matches.

On behalf of the media team, we would congratulate the teams from CGp, CGm, CGa and CGd who have made it into their finals brackets this season.

So in saying that, here is the finals week 1 report.

Cybergamer Professional

Finals Game 1v4

Finals Game 2v3

Cybergamer Main

Finals Game 1v4

Finals Game 2v3

Cybergamer Amateur

Finals Game 1v4

Finals Game 2v3

On behalf of the entire PS Media Team, we would like to wish every team competing in the Final BO3 Season finals the best of luck for the next coming weeks. We expect to see some intense competition.

[PS4] 5v5 Leagues Season 3 Finals

in PS by `Rage - Oct 9th 2016

Hi guys,

As the third & final season of the Black Ops 3 Leagues draws to a close we now once again only have a handful of teams remain, having qualified over the last 5 grueling weeks. These teams will now battle it out for the title of reigning champions of Black Ops 3 as well as their portion of the prize pool. With things really starting to heat up we look forward to an exciting conclusion to the competition in the weeks to come.

On behalf of the COD Administration team, we would congratulate the teams from CGp, CGm, CGa and CGd who have made it into their respective finals brackets.

Also a massive thank you to the community for the ongoing support towards our PS section.


Final Bracket Exemplar: Click to view

At the conclusion of the round robin phase of the competition the 4 highest seeded teams will finish the league off in the Double Elimination format in which the losing team will be given a second chance before they are knocked out of the competition. The finals bracket runs under the format of a 4 team double elimination bracket. An example of the format can be seen in the spoiler above.

Finals for each league will be conducted as such:

  • Will consist of the top 4 teams from each league being placed into finals in their respective leagues

  • Will consist of Best of Three series with the Grand final a Best of Five using the veto system.

Prize Pool



Black Ops 3 Leagues Finals Commence

  • Finals Round 1: 10th Oct - 16th Oct
  • Finals Round 2: 17th Oct - 23th Oct
  • Finals Round 3: 24th Oct - 30th Oct
  • Grand Final: 31st Oct - 6th Nov

Teams will be sent a challenge the same as pool play, challenges will be set up by the COD Administration team each Sunday, allowing teams to offer dates within the finals periods as specified in the above section.

Each team will have two (2) days to complete the veto process and offer three (3) times they are available to play the match. The full veto rules can be found in the veto process and conditions below.

If one of the two teams is ready and willing to partake in the veto process and has made a more significant effort to do veto's the admin team will allow that team to pick all maps for the current match, this will be done on a case by case system reviewed by the admin team.


Below are all the teams who made it into the finals. We congratulate all of them and wish the best of luck.

5v5 Invitational League

Empyre Esports
ColdWar Soldiers
Empyre Esports
Clutch Fraggers
Victrix Esports
Team Iris

Map Selection

Finals for each league will be conducted as such:

  • 5v5 will consist of Best of 3 Maps with no continuation using the veto system.
  • This format will be identical for both CGp, CGm, CGa and CGd

  • Stronghold
    Raid (Exodus)

5v5 Veto Process and Conditions

Knife Off

Prior to the first map, a knife off must be completed to determine who will choose their spawning side for each map. The winning team has a choice of which maps they want to choose their spawns for. They can decide to choose spawns for map one and three or map two only. The loser of the knife off will choose their spawns for map two or map one and three depending on what the winner chooses. In a best of 5 scenario (Grand Final) the knife off victors will choose their spawning side for maps one, three and five or map two and four and the losing team will choose the spawns for maps opposite to the choice of the winning team.

The following settings must be used during the knife-off:

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
Time Limit: 5 minutes
Mini-Map Radar: Always On
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Number of Lives: 1
Health: 30%
Map: Fringe

  • The class must be completely bare, meaning no weapons of any kind, fists only
  • You must stay on ground level at all times, meaning no jumping of any kind
  • You cannot enter any buildings.

On behalf of the entire PS COD Admin Team, we would like to wish every team competing in the Final BO3 Season finals the best of luck for the next coming weeks. We expect to see some intense competition, for any question, do not hesitate to ask by either posting in here, or by contacting an admin via Support Ticket.

Many Thanks,
COD Admin Team

CyberGamer CSGO Summer 2016 Information Thread

in PC by CS:GO Admin - Oct 9th 2016

We are back with our final season of 2016 to close out what has been a fantastic year. This season will mirror the prior seasons in most ways with a few new rule changes.

Format & Division sizes

CGp - 12 Teams, Online BO3s (Subject to change after a committee discussion).
CGi - 12 Teams, Online BO3s.
CGm - 12 Teams, Online BO3s.
CGa - Unlimited Teams, Online BO1s.

Click read more for more information.

Site Premium service and entry fees changes

in PC by Asterix - Oct 8th 2016

Hello everyone, we are making some major changes to the way CG premium and entry fees work. This is due to our existing model having long been unsustainable and to allow us to offer better services to you.

Going forward, to compete in all of our leagues (CGa, CGd, CGm, CGi, CGp) you will be required to have an active premium subscription throughout the season.

Further to this, players competing in CGm/CGi/CGp will have an additional entry fee at the start of each season of:
CGm - $10 per player.
CGi - $15 per player.
CGp - $15+ per player, this will vary heavily depending on the game and LAN final details.

Click read more for more information.


in PC: General by Cyanide. - Oct 4th 2016

Hello, NFANs! Our good friends over at Nvidia would like to invite you to an exclusive evening for the latest gaming experiences driven by PASCAL.

GeForce GTX 10-Series GPUs have now come to laptops, powered by the game-changing NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture. This means you can experience unbeatable energy-efficiency, innovative new gaming technologies, and breakthrough VR immersion wherever you game.

[PS4] FIFA 17: Ladder Announcement

in PS by TheRealPhadez - Sep 26th 2016

Welcome all FIFA players!

With a disappointing end to FIFA 16 we look to improve our competitive state here on CyberGamer PS, with the start of FIFA 17 this gives us just the opportunity to do so starting with season 1 of the FIFA 17: H2H ladder! For more information, read below!

As per above, the FIFA 17 ladder is now open for registration and will go live on September the 29th!

FIFA 17 Head-to-Head Ladder:

To register your team, simply click here

From here, click " Create Team " at the top of the page then fill out the details presented to you, and finalize the deal by pressing on the "Create Team" button.

H2H Ladder Registration Opens: September 26th
H2H Ladder Live: September 29th
CGo Season 1 Starts: September 30th

CGo Finals Begin: October 10th
CGo Finals R1: October 17th
CGo Finals R2: October 21st
CGo Finals R3: October 28th
CGo Season 1 End: November 5th
Dates subject to change. Players will be notified.

Moving into FIFA 17 we will have continued support of nightly Tournaments!







[PS4] FIFA 17 : 1v1 H2H

[PS4] FIFA 17 : 1v1 H2H

[PS4] FIFA 17 : 1v1 H2H

[PS4] FIFA 17 : 1v1 H2H

[PS4] FIFA 17 : 1v1 H2H

[PS4] FIFA 17 : 1v1 H2H

[PS4] FIFA 17: 1v1 H2H







All times are displayed in AEST which can be found at the bottom right of the page .

As FIFA is growing more and more every year we have to adapt to it and grow with it, which is why i plan to introduce a Pro Clubs ladder and depending on the interest from the community introduce a Pro Clubs league .

Other plans will include the release of a FUT ladder depending on the response we get from Head to Head during season 1, if we go into FIFA 17 with a boom there will be much much more to come!

Many Thanks
PS Administration Team

Premium Upgrades

in PC, XBOX by Asterix - Sep 23rd 2016

Hello everyone, we're making some changes to CG Premium pricing for the first time in over 7 years.

CG Premium will now cost between $8.95/month and $11.50/month depending on whether you purchase it monthly/quarterly/yearly. With the average being $9.95/month

In addition to the monthly raffle draw and existing offerings, each month of CG premium that you purchase will now provide you with an entry ticket into a monthly final of your choice. Monthly finals typically have a prize pool of $500, but it will depend on the games popularity as we add more. Some existing ones are here:
We'll add an EU/NA version asap

The entry tickets that you receive for the monthly finals can be used at any time and do not expire, even if you lose your premium status. However we do also run various premium only tournaments that do require you to have an active subscription.

Users that win free CG Premium from tournaments and such (without paying for it), will not receive monthly final tickets or be entered into the monthly raffle.

We'll be making some further improvements to CG premium over the coming weeks, but the price change needs to be sorted first.

If you have any suggestions on what you'd like added to premium let me know.


Welcome to CG Version 6

in PC, XBOX, PS by Asterix - Sep 21st 2016

Hello everyone, welcome to version 6 of the CG website. It combines various parts of version 4 and 5 of our site together.

As part of the new site we're bringing back the CG Premium monthly raffle:

The winner each month will receive an iPod Nano. In the future we will likely offer some additional choices for the 1st place prize, plus hopefully a 2nd and 3rd place prize.

If you run into any issues with the new site please post here.


[BO3] 5v5 Leagues Player Ladder - Edition 1

in PS by 'Scutterr - Sep 21st 2016

Welcome to the 1st instalment of the Black Ops 3 5v5 Leagues Player Ladder. Each week the content team will release a weekly and overall player ladder. The ladder will be graded by kills per round (KPR). There will be two different ladders that will change weekly, to be graded in the overall player ladder you must have played 2 games or 4 halves to ensure players who play more games are not being disadvantaged.

Along with the kills per round we also have other stats including Kills, Deaths, Rounds Played (RP), Deaths Per Round (DPR), Kill Death Ratio (K/D) and Games Played (GP)

Top 10 Stronghold

CGp Top 10

CGm Top 10

CGa Top 10

Top 10 Fringe

CGp Top 10

CGm Top 10

CGa Top 10

Top 10 Overall

CGp Top 10

CGm Top 10

CGa Top 10

[BO3] Matches of the Week #3

in PS by Midda_ - Sep 21st 2016

Evening all,

Welcome to another aspect of the Media Team, some of you would have noticed the increased content with videos from the YouTube team, we are now bringing you matches of the week, in both CGp and CGm, which will incude a preview of the highlighted matches that the Media Team believe will be the best to watch. We will also include a stream and/or highlights package to each match for your viewing enjoyment.

So lets get into the first instalment, where we see teams face off on Evac, a very split map where subbies can dominate mid and get into B, but both sides will rely on the AR's to get important picks before bombs can be planted. We are highlighting some of the best slayers with both subbies and AR's from each league this week so we all hope you enjoy the upcoming content!

Match of the Week: CGp


CGp's match of the week is the tale of two different teams, R!OT who post a roster of players who have been teaming together on black ops 3 for the second season, with the addition of the PCA 2015 best player in Zas aswell as Lazz and come into this season with some experience only second to auRa. On the other hand you have fluffy nightmare who created their team days before the close of leagues registration and found themselves in CGp and despite winning their first game, they go into this match as the underdogs but have the fire power in their roster to pack a punch, which they are going to need if they are going to hunt down the current front runners.

With shortened leagues and less time to play games this heavily favours R!OT who can live with a shortened amount of prep time and use that experience to slot another w on the ladder. The underdog story continues to grow for fluffy nightmare as they also happen to play R!OT on Evac one of the few maps where coordinated pushes and g33k nades can play crucial in getting a victory. The only positive I can see for fluffy nightmare heading into this game is out of the few maps that R!OT have lost, Evac is on the list, whether the old saying is true "you learn more from a loss rather than a win" then fluffy nightmare will be going in with this as their confidence booster and looking to make a statement.

One man who will be out on a mission is Ghostlyz who will be looking to bring the heat against his former team and may hold all the cards in how R!OT play, Ghostlyz' team knowledge may expose it and could dreamz' thread Ghostlyz Loan Agreement that could ultimately be the inspiration to draw a big game from Ghostlyz and get fluffy across the line? standing in his way is former team mates dreamz and status who are currently in top form for R!OT but look out for lazz and skcel to have big games for their respective teams as this one will be good.

The match is scheduled for early next week, stay tuned for an announcement from the YouTube team!

Prediction: R!OT 13 - 9 Fluffy Nightmare
Predicted MVP's:Ghostlyz (Fluffy) // Status (R!OT)

Match of the Week: CGm


Round 3 in CGm has definitely built up some anticipation stemming over from Season 2, the last time Inception came across Empyre was back in the Season 2 CGa Semi Final, that resulted in a 2-0 win in favour of Empyre eliminating Inception from finals with Empyre moving on to take out CGa. However this time around both teams have made a few changes the one worth noting is Travalord who after taking out CGa with Empyre and playing a crucial part in the teams success made the switch over to Inception for Season 3. Plinixs' approach leading up to there last encounter included an unhealthy amount of hours spent in theatre mode and trash talking towards the admins on the forums, Jiszmik pulled out the old ban hammer and layed out a lengthy forum ban for Plinixs. Most people understand abusing admins is against the rules but not everyone...

Inception go into this game currently sitting in 3rd place with a win and loss under there belt, and with last seasons final's loss still relatively fresh in the players heads expect Inception to come out strong and look to redeem themselves. One to watch out for will be Infuze who could be dangerous with a VMP, as Evac is a small map with lots of enclosed spaces it definitely suits his play style.

Empyre on the other hand are starting off life in CGm sitting in 6th place, with 2 defeats from their opening 2 games. Knowing they knocked them out of finals is going to be a huge confidence boost and i'm sure they will want to gain their first win and prove to Trav that he made the wrong decision in joining inception. One to watch for Empyre is Plinixs, who i'm sure during his many hours of watching theatre and random scrims he will have a few g33k nades they can use at their disposal and since being banned from posting in the forums, will need to let his performance in game do the talking this time around.

The match is scheduled for early next week, stay tuned for an announcement from the YouTube team!

Predicted MVP's: Infuze (Inception) // TehPhil (Empyre)
Predicted Scores:13-11 (Inception's way)

CyberGamer White Label - start your own gamin...

in PC by Asterix - Sep 16th 2016

Hello everyone, following on from the previous thread. I have almost finished the work required for this and we're looking to start taking initial sign ups.

If you or your organisation is interested in trying out CG's software for your website, find all the information you should need and a free trial sign up page here:

Happy to provide serious groups a 30 day trial. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


CGPS: Peoples Choice Awards 2016

in PS by HerniBrah - Sep 12th 2016


After much anticipation and interest in the community for this to occur, it's that time again for the People Choice Awards! Again this year the awards are towards the end of the year to accommodate for the change in games that occurs around this time every year.

For those who are unfamiliar to the People Choice Awards, or PCA, this is an opportunity for the community to vote upon a number of various categories ranging from all aspects across CGPS whether it be in-game performance, forum posting and even staff.

Voting will be open for 7 days, closing Date 19th September at 11:59PM AEST.

To cast your vote, you will need to fill out the form at the link below and click 'submit'. This will send your votes off for tallying. Please bare in mind that anyone found tampering with results will be disqualified and votes for yourself will be disregarded.

To successfully vote you must fill each of the categories. You can pass on some categories if you do not wish to vote for them / don't know what to vote for. To pass on a category please leave a hyphen ( - ) or slash ( / ) to signal that you are passing. If you leave a category blank you will have to redo your votes.
All votes will remain anonymous!

Voting Categories
  • Best 5v5 Team
  • Best 5v5 Player
  • Best 4v4 Team
  • Best 4v4 Player
  • Best Assault Rifle
  • Best SMG
  • Best Sniper
  • Best Slayer
  • Best Objective Player
  • Best Overall Player
  • Worst Overall Player
  • Most Net Based Player
  • Most Underrated Player
  • Most Underrated Team
  • Most Overrated Player
  • Most Overrated Team
  • Best Match
  • Biggest Upset
  • Biggest Choke

  • Best Admin
  • Best Moderator
  • Most Bias
  • Worst Admin / Staff Member

  • Best Host
  • Best Caster
  • Best Forum Graphics
  • Best Team Graphics
  • Best Forum Poster
  • Funniest Forum Poster
  • Worst Forum Poster
  • Best Thread
  • Worst Thread
  • Biggest Post Booster
  • Longest Posts / Rambler
  • Best Match Write-Up
  • Biggest D-rider
  • Best Bloke
  • Worst Bloke

Feel free to help other users out and post your own recommendations (with links) for whichever categories you like. A lot of us will be stuck on a few of the categories so it's always good to band together and remind each other of the best threads and forum sigs for example.

Best of luck everyone! Get voting. :)
Many Thanks
PS Administration Team