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pc pay to play competitions
Title Prize Pool
Call of Duty 4: MWAVE Leagues$1,700
Logitech CGPL Season2 Champio...$800
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Submitted 9:44pm 20/12/14. by oBluezzy-
Submitted 9:43pm 20/12/14. by oBluezzy-
Submitted 6:54pm 19/12/14. by Dreamz.
Submitted 7:03pm 17/12/14. by Yogimantis_
Looking for a 5v5 snd scrim cg ruleset roughly around 8:00 aus time any clan keen? Read more
Submitted 9:14am 15/12/14. by Aurahhh
Submitted 7:41pm 14/12/14. by waspapi
I'm going to give them a big hug and be sure to buy them lots of christmas pressies! Thank you guys for all the effort you guys put in, we all really appreciate it. Read more
Submitted 4:23pm 14/12/14. by Rilnx
Submitted 1:49am 7/12/14. by ItzCorstic
Check it out guys latenight upload, felt bad for no content last month have been very busy with work, school and family means alot Read more
Submitted 5:24pm 3/12/14. by Joshiebro01
hi im looking for a team 4v4 OBJ, BO2,PS3. message me if anyone would like me to join thnx Read more
Submitted 11:15am 30/11/14. by Shadowz_
Submitted 7:28am 29/11/14. by Rilnx
Submitted 4:07pm 29/11/14. by Qwazy
Submitted 10:53pm 26/11/14. by ImPaynehh
Why has the Ps3 CG community gotten so bad i thought it was about having fun. Now if a team loses its because of net or they blatenly abuse you Read more
Submitted 3:02pm 26/11/14. by RichoMan
Submitted 3:05pm 23/11/14. by iRoyalzs
Submitted 12:11am 23/11/14. by Dr___JuMpShoT
Need Team mates for 4v4 OBJ. Ps4 Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Apply here- Thank You. Read more
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