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    Before using the CG Wall please remember:
  • Avoid posting scrim or looking for clan/team/member/scrim topics on the wall. There are forums and the Match Finder for that.
  • Abusive topics/comments aren't tolerated.
  • Don't post 'like for tbh/rate' topics on the wall. Use your personal wall for that.
  • Topics that lack ANY substance (e.g. single word posts, smileys, etc) will be removed. If it's not informative or interesting it won't generate discussion.
  • Don't spam the hashtag system on the wall; it ruins the experience for everyone.
  • Use the search feature before posting to ensure you aren't repeating old content; no one likes a copy-cat.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a strike being given to the offender.
pc pay to play competitions
Title Prize Pool
Logitech CGPL Season 2 Champi...$4,300
Call of Duty 4: MWAVE Leagues$1,700
Logitech CGPL Season2 Champio...$1,100
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Looking for a Scrim Tonight, We have a server running Warmod located in Sydney, NSW Add my Steam and MSG Me Read more
Submitted 14h 32m ago. by xX_Sm0keW33d_Xx
double juan deag, deciding round, last alive, last bullet kill, 1 second on the clock defuse i think this is very ok Read more
Submitted 6:57pm 26/11/14. by AXN
FarCry 4 mouse movement out of the box is downright disgusting, deadzones, accel etc.. This fix essentially makes the mouse movement smooth like FarCry 3, COD etc Read more
Submitted 9:59am 25/11/14. by Foxftw
Submitted 8:47pm 26/11/14. by SGKING99
We are doing a new series of Minecraft (You don't have to record it), we need 2-6 more people to join. What we are going to do is everyone gets their stuff makes a house and gets really good then every now and then we go and raid each other, but we will have r... Read more
Submitted 4:43am 25/11/14. by FM Movies
Submitted 6:51pm 25/11/14. by skirfy
the grand final is about to begin between qlimax and athletico come check it out boys! awp asiimov to be given away Read more
Submitted 7:19pm 20/11/14. by Tehpecks
Submitted 9:25pm 20/11/14. by Foxftw
Submitted 7:43pm 19/11/14. by Aidan
Submitted 3:08am 21/11/14. by FM Movies
Submitted 9:35pm 17/11/14. by legendd
Submitted 5:27pm 18/11/14. by iParadigm
Submitted 8:06am 11/11/14. by bRambiShow
Hey guys what about a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ladder?? Read more
Submitted 11:52pm 11/11/14. by FM Movies
Submitted 3:16am 9/11/14. by dasiths
Submitted 2:31am 8/11/14. by Doyle_
60fps so good $_$ (Google Chrome) Read more
Submitted 10:49pm 9/11/14. by Pleebivore
Hey everyone!! I'm a new gaming channel full of funny and hilarious moments! Please subscribe as I am quite new to the business of entertainment. I play many games like call of duty, tf2 and many many others. Read more
Submitted 6:27am 6/11/14. by aacid
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